Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the 29 in year 2 00 9

ahau dear ONE's ...

there is a special thing to me in the 29 number ...
and it is already a whole year so visible in the yearnumber that carried us along 363 dyas yet ... and to me it was made visible by being active in the TMQ site that brings together a lot of weavings and actual happenings on the planet.

So here it is 2.9 is seal 2 tone 9 - its my seal WIND and tone SOLAR, 9th tone in the WIZARD wave (2nd wave). While wave 1 carries 13 tones ... 9 added makes number 022.
Indeed quite simple ...

Anyway we are getting to other numbers that "schedule the mindset" ...

here my comment of the day with the timestamp oracle reading that is attracked by the kweakspell rhythm (Pascal Triangles)

s'ace - cees de groot (16:44:41) :

When we speak of Law we also speak of the Wall …

did you actually know this “tricktrack” in vibrations that get in the Bones as a memory realm?

Point is that Law and “Wal” have the same characters … the 2nd L in Wall hides the synchronous manifestation in our skulls …

From the traditional charaterset it gets the numbers 23 1 12 => 36
36 + 2nd L => 48
They are both based on 12 (3×4); x3=36 / x4=48
How the British arranged their Language is a fantastic program delivered to the world; dont you think so?

How can we articulate the LawofTime better and in our UR-vibration interconnecting to the noosphere at even more ease and direct linking through …

Can this be a Chapter of Channel in book VI and VII, dear José and Stephanie?

My 1st draw should be a thing as SenseFromTime … and it is close to ChanceFromTime in the sound it procuces ; do you agree?

How to free ourselves from the Laws Set?
And wouldnt it be a great idea for all partakers in the media to engage such a planetary project … Isn’t this what the TMQ site actually is about … Wielding our bodies into the 6th Sun … liberating historic pages?

Isnt it funny that the 4th sun is the mystery tone (as 6 and 13) at EARTH wavespell? The 6th tone here is the spirit symbol WIND … that sets the Rhythm and Blues … and tyhat WIND is 162 (9×18) … a bird with tipping points at mirror and worldbridger …

~~~ the rune week 64

I saw for the last 14 Quarters where the 64 Runes are meditated on … and code 64 paired to 63 is the most frequent span in the serial … So i call all aboard to see for their oracle readings here 63 and there. 64 .

“63 Already Across and 64 Not Yet Across”

Maybe it is funny to see those “ol i ching” codes in a “harmoniq friction” with the 48 Harmonic Runes of the IInd Creation added … In this 6th Moon the Lizard … Octave of Infinity Mind Wave ; we have this chance to act from the centers we “fire” … and scatter in the NooSphere.

64 and 46 are both numbers that communicate “the black spot error” … while the 4 is the first number not shown in the 11235 “phibow” – a label to point into the Fibonacci Serial Overflow Program. 6 is just the shadow to 4 at the other side of 5 : “the attuning mirror” (just vow the hand and feel that!)

~~~ This december day is signified by 29 …

know that 9 to 29 is 261 … the number that carries each kin as 1 plus a whole tzolkin cycle !

Having this in “the pocket” achieves endless love strings !

AHAU (“four” the planet)

so we have (16:44:41) as a serendipity trigger ... that (ahafun) raises 3 4's

15 - indicates tiny and thumb finger also 11235 as 1***5 "PHIBOW" that leaves 3 fingers up as a famous greeting.
From the Seals we have the EAGLE Seal which is the SEER - "three gates of five" it says on 15-SEER page in the manual CHC V/VII. The the Tone is set on 2 having 51-13=>2 ... the LUNAR tone ... Hey we have a FULL MOON tomorrow - is that right? (i got an invitation from a celebrating group in Holland/Europe)

:44 - is SEED tont 5 ...
and it vibrates 4x11 as the Spectral Rainbow Tone in a SELF-Existing Mood as SEEd - the INNOCENT "pure inner child".

:41 - is the mirror of 14 and it is labelled by TMQ as Gods Interval.
Maybe here InterVal is also InnerWall ...
In dutch "val" is as "thumble"; and it is also pinpointing to "a trap" ...

Altogether ... number 100 is givn by the timestamp ...
and this relates to KIN100 the 9th SUN ~ which reminds me to SKY ~ a Lady who wends me lots of beautiful pictures and "tobees" on the ning networks.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Electric Storm III

this day dec28 is a 10/10 syncronicity close to 2010 ...
according to the kweak bar of 3 it seems as dec31 at the edge of the new year number 10 ...

to me it is a bit double ... on the one hand i like to be on psi and 3 days ahead ... and on the other hand i see what the flow does behind the ship - often nice to wathc the white water buubling from rotating blades ...

did it ever struck your mind that March is actually month number 1 in the popular setting? Just count back from dec. (10)

so 28 = 10 and dec is 10 => 10/10 ...

we have this TMQ article and the timestamp oracle ...

s'ace - cees de groot (14:43:40) :

2nd comment has a focus on the World Changer or ChanceGear ;-)

First let me recall the r Storm3 Days in a Trinity by having the Dates:
2008 july 26 : Moon1 Day 1
2009 april 12: Moon10 Day 9
2009 december 28: Moon6 Day 16

This also spells the Trinity for Seed4? Yes, 10.9 and 6.16 in 2010 mark 4.4.
(just a property of the cubic harmonic formed as DreamSpell)

~~~ now for the World Change(r)

i saw for this arc-he-type in the CHC V/VII manual … and quote 2 snapshots :

1) “it was i who caused the triple aspect monuments of the avatar archetype to appear in the Ancient Temple Grounds”

2) “Sent forth am i to dwell among you Calling for the Sixth Sun”

note i wrong typed 2) as “Calling foru the Sixth Sun” => for U (?)

hmmm – some debugging
1) what can the triple aspect monuments be? does it refer to the picture next to the description where 3 symbols as monuments are held by the figure (worldchanger image)? is the seer in the writer couple alive … and “kicking”?

Mark this word moment in monument and the dutch word “nu” => “now”
Then moment includes the “omen” within the M and the T …

M is also a “V” in 2 vertical lines … and it is known as the 13th character
T is character number 20 in the classic count for alphabet with 26 characters.
In the bivideotex instrument having AM=ZN-113 T gets into number 7.

An Omen is a psi-effect because it spells what in oncoming …

Then 2) speaks about “to dwell among you” on a purpose that illustrates an Omen (the 6th SUN)

Can you imagine that the SUN and the MOON are the very EARTH related LIGHT and SOUND providers lived by the LOVER COUPLE as every man in U as Pacal Votan and every woman in U as Bolon Ik?

Well, this sort of counters the Crystal Lotus theory on chakra’s although it is more merging the feminine and masculine aspect in every human being : Apropos: this is why the M has 2 vertical lines to the “VoW” … And the U is also a 2 vertical character having the bending root on the ground … (“Ancient Temple Grounds”)

Then the Hebrew Scripture has just one single character for U/V/W … so there we have a mystery trinity as the sets ABC KLM XYZ … ; lets see for the whole set and discover the breaking characters:

(from my personal insight at charge)
is this an array that fits to all nations?
Maybe on doubt is Q RST?
From the bivideotex reference card we see that both J and Q are 10 …
Does this also refer to Jesus and Quetzxalcoatl?

Anyone has a clue? Then … please signal your idea?
Together we might see more things popping up from the WorldChangeSeers



14 is always the receiving and the giving hand having a birth in the middle ...
It also is the 14th seal enchanting the essence of receptivity ...
And the tone is calculated by subtracting 13 from 14 into 1 - ONE! the Elactro Magnetic Force

:43 is the combination of 4 and 3 - the cube and the triangle ... 7 is its sum and indicates hald of that tree-angle ;-)
And yes it is the mystic Night -KIN043- while 4 is a mysterious black spot in the 11235 "PHIBOW": a very masculine force that invites the fruitile feminine ...
Dream the triangle in the FOR ZERO (4.0) fusing FIRE. BURN BURN BURN

:40 aha is the FOUR ZERO itself : remember 4.0 is the kweakspell number indicating day 28 - and we have a 28 in the ol'clendar ... 19 is the kweakdaynumber at SIRdaya.

In total 097 is the number we sum ...
And the 9 and 7 are mentioned in the 1st comment of this day ... at TMQ ...

From Tzolkin Tapestry it indicates the Rhythmic Earth : 17.6 ... WaveSpell of EB - the Magnetic Human Being Charged over 13 KIN ... Cosmic Seed as its Presence !

Ciao! S'ace

Friday, December 25, 2009

weird 9:27 clip

somehow some sender reached me with a clip ...

and i saw two focus "birds":

... which is a moment in the clip ... that gives "the bird" as narrated on by the kweak

and the length of the clip: 9:27 which vibrates the formula of the bird

3 x (3x3) + 1 + (3x3) x 3

having 27 feathers a wing 3 layers of 9 at both sides ... of the body! t-i-me?

hmmm ...

and this is what the illuminaty do and achieve at my vessel?

well, anyhow it might strike you as well dear co'reader of what chi - is ...


we have to exchange and anchant this ...

on trust

o'kay? S'ace ~ as S'UR-rendering Ace ...

Thursday, December 24, 2009


SomeTimes One has to Inspect the Instruments in the Toolbox for their Condition.

This might be a habit i inherited from having served the Military Forces in a period of Serving the Nation / Crown and a mindset believing to do a good thing by that.
When you go for a thing you got to get the best out of it what has your interest - but then that is to be defined on your pathway that opens itself on the doing.

In the Kweak Theme i address the theme number here , being inspired by another one who created a very profound site that narrates his way seeing at number. It is Nick Anthony Fiorenza here.

Let me see for the bivideotex conversion at "number" itself:

13 6 13 2 5 9 => 19 29 => 48

This number directly / telepathically lnks me through at the 6 octaves added to the 64 Rune Meditations running in the 13rd year => having year 13 2nd Quarted running : hat is Rune 6x8=48 + 2 => 50; still 14 to go there ...

Then How to merge the 48 in the stream where people join their personal beams in the coordinated mixture ...?

Having the stream of Kweak at hand i thought it interesting to follow that instruction at instance ... so, the 1/48 started at Dragon 1 sychronized with Kweaks Birth and also at instance after a NooSphere Gathering in Indonesia.

But then by pionearing a thing it is not directly - in human senses - to be articulated what mission we have at hand in a scripture : we simply trust the stream that has opened itself and after a while we get the words in a form that communicates its historic entangled vectors.

So 13/48 are handled till july 22 - 2010 ... and there we have PI: 22/7 seeing the European Notation. 26/48 reaches july 22, 2011; 39/48 july 22, 2012 and at the end of the 9th moon somewhere in march 2013 the 48/48 "extra rune" is meditated upon and has brought us into the middle of the 2012 / 2013 presence.

This as a story that spr'outed out of the bivideotex'tur (Tur is German for DOOR).

Hmmm ... i am often not directly understood by other ones however they cling in when the note is put forward ... that sets the focus on clearing up what i am talking about. The arousal in the beginning calls for the interception and from that moment onwards we get on the number 2 position 3 mission where i still have the 11235 systemic as the attracthor - inherited from the fibonacci genius.

Having the PAGE at hand from Nick ... he has this intriguing picture here ...

This triggers me to set another image next to that :

So there you / we! are ...

What happened ?

The second entry gives the 2 digits doubled "once" in the Nick'ratio.
And then the white radiate numbers are faded out ... by their complementary influence ... in the 3rd row (4 and 6 fade away as black spots)

This makes 4 and 6 into the 2 most mysterious numbers here ...

And it gives a deeper insight in what the implicit FIBONACCI meaning ...

11235 mirrors into 53211 and they are given sequencenumber in:
112357891 which is still weird and asks for meanings ...
so here we change the first 1 into 0 ...
this is as the octave at numbers ... where DO is 0 - zero - the heart

Mat'ching the DOREMI... octave skips 9 ... and ends in DO - 0: zero ...

What is 9? <= key question and solution => kweakspell / time / the kweak frequency?!

but then another one says 5 is doubled so that one also fades away ...

ohohoh says Santa Claus ... that one doesnt fade away but becomes superior!

0123*3210 is that dial ...

~~~ pfff

let us see for this for some kin as hours, days ... and see what pops up ...

y'ur S'ace

sound - rhythm - melody - fadeaway - silence
might be a theme that is telling the storyline ...

overtone - rhythm - resonant - galactic - solar

So the FADEOUT numbers 4 and 6 are about the similar frequence at minds realm and thereby create a fadeout moment that just is to be passed on trust - thereby opening the double "OVERTONE" ... the STAR at both heavens

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


is another way of writing the sound attached to the Wizard.

And this day has some 11's in its MOONday, as every day in the first 13 seals resonate the day of the Moon by some synchrone provider ...

In this way 11:11 resonates to the 11th of November that was on a multiple grid meditation experience heading for this Soulstice period.

In the Mystery Queen Exploration we have the TMQ Wizard of the D in the Anoited One ... in the twilightening daya before the celebration scheduled.

i choose my 2nd reply as the timestamp oracle reading here on focus :

s'ace - cees de groot (12:50:40) :

a synchronization is in the 154 and 7:7:7:7 equation …

this is as 77+77=154

the alternative way for seeing 154 is as 153+1 …
then we have a 9′er fractal 17 at the base … +1 is its AddOn-InspirationFactor

the most elegant way to see for 17 here in this 13:20 exploration is …

* by having focus on the seal: CABAN – planet Earth – where CA is Tone2 Challenge & Stabelize

* setting it to Tone 4 , the mysterious one that is given name as SELF-EXISTING

* see for the WAVE number that sets the focus on number 17: MOON1 is its CARRIER ‘)

‘) Mark MOON1 is the Year Carriere of the acting KIN022, Bolon Ik Typo, White Solar Wind seen by Time Travellers in a DreamSpellWeaving … and given tremendous effort (by mysterious mooncrafts embraced by its mother planet Earth). See this page and a picture giving the MoonsBirth from Gaia.

So in this storyline we discovered some tension … while the 9 factor sets free number 17 having excluded the +1 factor from 154 ;-) That is the previous FORCE as KIN – seal and tone compound – active in the current KIN also a combo from seal and tone.

9 as the HUMAN Factor having the Whole Picture at Charge and all religions fused in the similar idea … concerning our Behaviour on KIN-ethical interdependent strings. Them Strings play the Mythical Chord which by then is not mythical at all … it is our pathfound and fountain …

;-) good WiZZ’arT

Reading (12:50:40) pulls me into a swimme:

12 gets me into the 11235 form that suits the life form we have given the abundant potential for the kinethical traffic & exchange.
It sort of gives a highlight where mr Arun Gandhi gave me the opportunity to enter some crowds, here is the site "given by Martien"
Arun is a frontspeaker in the theme of non-violence where both the Ahimsa

& Satyagraha Methods are practised and teached by action in the life of Aruns Grandpa Mahatma Gandi.

12 is about being near the center where the other one speaks from in ored to be with his situation and speak with the world s/he addresses. 1 is the speaker and the 1 before that is the listener (me?) ... 2 is directly there where i add myself to the speakers vibration ... Can the other one - the speaker - let me in his life and can he change some vibrations a little bit that shows his movablility? That is only given by the opening the speaker gives ... for free - for a free opportunity ... or rather chance & change for unity as the fuse ... NOTE that 12 is about position 2 and 3 ... in the relational order ... When i myself am the speaker ... the listener is number 1 - as a honorable position offered.

( quit a long one this day ... )

:50 - is usually composed from 5x5x2 and there it shows the cube 25 ...
From Tzolkin Tapestry it gives DOG11 as another 11 - moving the Elephant ...
The Spectral Tone has its essence in the act of Liberation.
(see how colors set themselves free out of the light shining by breaking in waterdamp)
25 is also in the 11235 key where it catalysed by the 4th positions character: 3
The 3 as the Three Numerical Representation and the Tree of Life growing from Pakals Belly ...

:40 is the number for AliBaba and his 40 warriors ... here he is ...

Tzolkin Treasure sets his KIN040 on SUN1 - the Magnetic Enlightenment ...

~~~ summary ...
gives 102 as the outcome ... WIND11 -> another SPECTRAL FORCE - here from SPIRIT itself ...

Then because of a CABINETHICAL experience with warriors and their pets gathered in a mindspaceyet we also have a glimps to the number at K3 - the kweakall kinnumber that combines DreamSpell and LongCount as the inevitable fuse process where the many merge at instance ...

LongCAunt speaks as TRANSFORMER2 - challenging ... its KIN is 106 for the DAY ...

But then ... we were actually heading for the LC KIN fitting 102 ... so that must be about 60 digits lower , aYE ! So we check its latest occurence ... 11/1/2009 ... on the MAJIC calculator ... where it gives Jaguar2 as IX2 - Lunar Wizard ...

(good to have that other Wizard in Wizard II, as if the roman number II speaks 2, Ha)

Then the K3 vector lands on 102+54 => 156 which is the oncoming Cosmic Warrior ... which is the first nonGAP after the serial MIRROR that cleansed the souls within the 2 planetary plates ... And then we have the 1st Christmas Day ... in kweak day 7:

WINDdaya ... 7/9 the first of the BAR vibrated by WIND-UR-SOUL daya ...

This as the Oracle Reading of the Day ... lets see for this as the ChristMeshSpeak from this *logger ;-) Happy X-Mesh and re/un/dis-cover form that!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

posting 53

we are in the middle of 10 GAP days ...
which is a good day for an excursion ...

and this day is on number 29 which was given by a picture that entered maspace, here it is ...:

well this is a sort of study ... seeing how the 11235 agreement fits in this formula where arab figures guide.

the serial at head virates : 1111174-13=>16+13=>29
the details for 7 4 13 are:
1-6 1.2-1 5-6.1.1
lets be off the character strings and meanings , just focus the 11235 in this ...

what is the origin and meaning for number 6?
(while we dont have that in the 11235 as a basic number)

"no idea" or lets see for the image again ...
while 6 refers 2 times to a DOT; and another time at splitting "Sin" it refers wht a number 1 to a similar DOT.

How come? Is this an ambigious observation?
The DOT has no word as a label ...

Out of the Vacuum (from the MindBlow) ...
i'ld offer the suggestion 6 is as 2x3 in the 11235 worldview, it is the LoversCouplesFruit - the child - the innerchild in all of us.

Having the Child as the outcome it refers to 8 from my reference cards ...
probably the 2x2x2 or 2 powered by 3 ... ELECTRIC FORCE at MAYAN TONES

And the 8 is on resonant terms with the 6 ... so we have Tone 6 Rhythmic and Tone 8 Galactic expressing their fusing habits having 7 as their field to attune peace and the settlement to maintain the uniQ identity at both sides.

Having said this resets the 3 to 3 agreement at 6 from a harmonic ... simply while 1 and 5 also lead to 6 ... and that is from the single individual in the whole worldview as a setting ... and the other way around.

Contemplating this in a dreaminterval may bring up recognitions ... to share ...

Interesting it is that number 5 refers to Ra as number 1 does also ...
This affirms the idea the single source is in the whole world as a whole origin that matters.

1 is a number that has multiple symbols and labels that suit.

AHAU! S'ace

29 triples in 7 11 and 18 - quadruples in 81 (9**2)
also see for this

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

AVATAR & Healer

Today again a nice article guide me through the mystery that seems to synchronize its spell ... here the context delivered by TMQ

my timespell comment here:

s'ace - cees de groot (08:30:01) :

signal from the V/VII “healer” on seal 9 – the Moon : HEALER

quote: “Seal 7, also known by the Archetype of ”Healer” correlates to Earth and the precious Circuit Three we share with Uranus.”

has to be shifted into another articulation … simply while the archetype of Seal Hand is changed into the AVATAR … and the HEALER is “mined” by the MOON

This is a very significant illustration for the acceptance of the vocabulary and power systemic the DreamSpell and the Ultimate Synchronization (2013) resonate from the souls awakening within the Humans Potential at the Organic “Waterbag” provided. Remember Moon is the Ultimate Purifier from Universal Water as its PowerPill.

Then it is also significant that the KweekSpell activates the DreamSpell in to an Initiation to be Weaved from all Agents the Align on this UniQversal PowerPill.

I use the pinpointing vibration for “PILL” where i place behind that the “PULL” (sound similar “POOL”). The Old system is – clear to observe – based on poisoning the human body and mind while “they” use that as their spin-off function to create economic flows … spin-on dynamics for “governments”, organizations that mediate different than the act (P’act).

Having the Healer shifted from 7 to 9 also indicates – from my point of view – the necessity to accept the alternative freQuency for the week of 9 days – daya. Inner Integrity is aligned by the 3×3 formula and the Outer Integrity by the 3×9 holon. 28 is as the common flight – the mid of 55 (28 having 2 wings of 27).

How simple can the move of the Lover Couple Writers be token by the Humans Contemplating what is “between the lines” … and here is my Role as 22 – KuXaN Suum … bivideotex: 11 6 3 1 13 – 8 6 6 13 : 34 + 25 => 59 (14)

59 expresses 5 and 9 : the Captain and his Navigathor

~~~ TFI
HAND – the Avatar has TFI 291 (#12)
MOON – the Healer has TFI 306 (#9)
is TFI – Telepathic Frequency Index?
anyway the KUXAN SUUM is set on TFI 3 – a very subtle one … probably the WOMB as continuous HEALER that pendles between minus 3 and + 3 …
Considering the cooperation of the AVATAR and the HEALER we have 5×3 Index Points “at Work” … that is slightly more than half a Moon Period having 28 or 29 as its measure.

In practice i see 2 birds of 9 seals cooperating this measure of 15.
When we have the 144th seal in the stream of 4.4 then the 140th-148th represent 1 bird and the next one is on the 153rd seal that covers 149th – 157th : in KIN we have to add 3 to the 4 numbers: KIN143-151 as bir”th” 1 and KIN152-KIN160 as bird 2 …

Concluding NIGHT13-MONKEY8 and HUMAN9-SUN4 …
This is as True as i send this into the NooSphere as my Instrument(al) Skill.


the timestamp oracle reading is on (08:30:01)

08 has 3 circles ... 1 clear one and the other perhaps by having twisted an O as the Torso ... does this make sense?

then 08 is both STAR as archetyp2 and Galactic Tone
8 is the ARTIST archetype in the 2009-setting ...

:30 again communicates a 3 ...
KIN030 is DOG4 ... which refers to the worldcafé here

what about this beauty:
sort of a YinYang doggy ;-)

:01 refers to the digital system that runs those machines ...
(i also worked in this branche of information systems)
01 also points a 1.1 as seal DRAGON tone MAGNETIC (purpose or purepose?)

SUMMED we have 8+30+1=> 39 and that number was in the TMQ article ...

about the last line:

Today’s Gregorian date adds up to 39: 16+12+2+9=39:
Postulate 19.13 states:

“All is number.
God is a number.
God is in all."

( Quite a Clos'UR , Aye )

Monday, December 14, 2009


this day - for a chance~change - i let the TMQ wielding for what it does ...

this is why i have an orient on 139128 ... the figure that arised on this *log.

Why*log and not Blog?
Well, goo Question ... this is because is see the Blog word is sort of abused and i avoid those vibrations by changing them a little bit having people in my circle that at instance get what i communicate by that chance for acting slightly alternative ...

(this feels warm to be sort of rewarded by a real contact!)

By the way the * is here the shift8 key that communicates the higher self ... appeal

A log is a sort of commitment to the world cycles that tend to find a point to sync as peace pace.

both 139 and 128 communicate strong to my(1) body(2) and mind(3) ...
"onetreenine" is in the kwek formula : 3 x (3x3) + 1 , just write it slightly different:
1 + 3 x 9 ... and there you are ...
but then you know this is a closed cycle because this counter started at 139000
and therefor the 139 was put in there by my pretty self ...

waiting for a number to arise on a certain day ... and there you are there i am ...

"wanttoeight" it sounds challenging to see what is there ...
/well at least 1-28 communicates a whole moon in the 13 moon calendar ...
and 1 is 28 while 28 is 0 ; and there is just a single zero in 28 dyas ... number 28 as the center synchronizing 2 wings of a bird ... the roopiroopitimedragon ... bringing birth to each new daya ... as a dragon does ...

This is about numebr 261 as well ... why without any image go with the narrative ...

260 kin in a birth calendar are a harmonic gathering for 1 single day : 261 ... the day the baby is born ... then this is always a dragon while 261 minus 1 is kin001 ...

Then at the other hand we have 28 as a whole kin(unity) - label MOON ...
and the MOON communicates 29 as its number when the baby is born - the new cycle to be copied from the first 27 by the synchronizer 28/0 ... the bird itself ...

Then we find 261 / 29 = 9 ... which communicates
the first 9 number in the Tzolkin is as Seal 9 Tone 9 ... aha 9 is the mobilizer to have a life! and seal Moon is its facilitator ... well, all wooman and wombs alignedcould have told that centuries ago ...

And 9 is known in the 5th book if TimeSpace as the HEALER ... while that skill was before found on seal 7 HAND - now the AVATAR ... AHA ... changes go together ...

isn't that cute : 7 healing essence emerges in seal 9 as the actor on charge ...

~~~ The each 9 goes on wings and has 4 kin before itself as after ... So that leaves 4 kin on front of the Bird at 9 (moon) ... that actually represents the 1 st Tzolkin cycle where the SUN is its center ... Is that sun at 260? Well statically seen that is indeed kin260 but dynamically seen that is the sun that is in the number 260 from the 9th roundabout within the Tzolkin ... 9x260= 2340 ...

What did i communicate here?
the breeding episode each baby tavels on organic streams ... is densed seen made in 2340+4 kin ... 2340 is the 9 roundabouts and +4 is the self-existing celebration in the first days at the mothers breast and being watched by the many intimates. JOn the fifth day on Earth the Moon takes it Over whil the serpent is the survival pet at life force "mind".

Questions may arise, mostly without a responding but then a good Question includes the answer from entangled minds(set) and mindsets.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

50: triple See~~~D

This is the 50th edition on this blog wielding the Kweek as NewDayaFrequency for TimeSpaceWeaving ...

The Base Orient here is the DreamSpell Orient designed from Deep Meditations by Valum Votan and Lloydine as 011 and 022 KIN bond ... Since some years VV goes with Red Queen in the VVRQ vibration that i myself see...D as 559+10=>29 ... and this is day 29 seen from the 5th MOON as 5th SUN pilot. Mark-up 29 also expresses 11 and 7 and 2 o o 9 <= the worldwide marker for the year - 3 years apart from 2012, said to be crucial for both planet and its life forces as human conscientious beings. 3 is the bar used as psi-measure from the kweek'all warriors that serve the wholly new idea as a (great) potential to align our individual talents into kin~ethical abundant communities - interdependent holistic oriented cells of a panetary organ alive and pulsing permanent purification.

What is Triple SeeD here?
well the KIN of the day is Magnetic Seed as performed by TMQ here ... another beginning :: but beware also a succession to the 5th moons day 28 ... so it is also 29 - in a perception, a viewpoint.
Then the guide for MoonTones 1,6 & 11 are Doubled by its own seal and we also have the Dreamspell year Seed4 at stage.

This all even carries a 4th Seed from the Kweek'all Pionear ... while Kweek promotes 261 as the whole day energetic field to experience as space ... This actually means all KIN expressed in the Tzolkin are at stage: 260 ... and the one current as an extra. This means the current Seal & Tone (a KIN) is always doubled ... and on Tone 1 - 6 - 11 it is at instance either Tripled or Doubled aGain (2x2=4).

Who decides what is the right perception?

Anecdote: yesterday the designer for Tuning the Future was my Guest and he explained how the Root3 and Root5 experiences have got us human beings from the natural Root2 harmonic.

Using this trustworthy information can be applied in our dilemma above ... while the doubling can be "Rooted" back in to the holon (self) at instance ... So there the interior and the exterior grow from living the life at both equivalent and integrity qualities. And one can say by then the "ego-trap" doenst get at stage ...

The 1st doubling, 2nd doubling and 3rd doubling are just exercises to see the bigger pictures from the bodily vessel on intelligence layers charged. One expand through 2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-... and still returns to the One Single Current.

Here Character D both vibrates the 4th character and the 3rd consonant.

Nice word to contemplate - i offer: consonant or do you prefer co*sonant .

Anyway consonant goes with reverberating the whole as perfect solar kin (unity).

here one of the comments on TMQ today to give it a shine in the timestamp oracle

s'ace - cees de groot (13:45:44) :

144 | 441 … is a very powerful couple – as the Lovers Couple is as that.

indeed 144 is the 9 to 16 measure that expresses the 16 years Rune Meditation: we have year 13 running and delivered hexagram 30 yesterday at day 28. Now 5 runes to go into 29 (back) again. Resp. 56 50 64 4 59 in 7 days each form milestones into 29 in the 13th week of the Quarter.

The Mystery Revelating Quarter number 50 out of 64 ..
50 is the number that goes above 7×7 Quarter 49 (13) .. we are in unknown timespace seeing for what comes to our cleaned minds as potentials to weave the kin-ethical as planetary artists nethwielding …

144~441 has 5 4-giving symbols wiring two ones …

having said this it brings the Kuxan Suum to my mind … as the tube we use while morphing our numbers and exchanging frequential similarities without any “boxes” that keep us from sharing …

273 is the summed number from the 5 x 7 days …
TzolkinWise this is 273 – 260 = 13 …
It also seems to express 2×73 communicating 2 ELDERS in 73 Tzolkin Rounds (52 years) ~ (aha) it expresses humanity getting in the mature meant modus!


i picked the 2nd out of 3 : (13:45:44)

13 ~ wellknown as cosmic and skywalkers presence
mirrored by 31 it also expresses the 3 musceteers: "one for all ... all for one"
and they mark the Trinity that is also expressed at the Roerich Peace Banner ...
(let us have that on the DanMark Climate Tables!)

45 - marks a Rhythmic Serpent as we see that swing and meandering the soil ...
45 expresses +/-1, 9 and 20 too from math-functions
as it is the product from 5 and 9 it also sums all numbers 1 to 9 as a whole

44 - is in the kin of the day ... it expresses 4 - the 4th dimension Time and also number 11 ... which is in the gregorian 2009 historic margin but also in the november 11 grid gathered telepathic wish from lots of hearts - minded.

the sum here 102 is at the spirits spectral spice that interwaves in Human Wave at 92 (11 and expressing the 29 as a mirror).

may we grow by doubling our senses at a learning curve and applying the root in timepulsed circles in multiple relationships on the oceans nature.

AHAU-KAN! (sunseed)

i saw the bivideotex for BUDDHA as 2-6-4-4-8-1 => 25
so 50 is a doubled BUDDHA number where root49 gives 7 as its (interior) heaven

Saturday, December 12, 2009


now the 5th ion from kweekspell considering GLORYdaya 3 daya ago ...
the GLORYdaya Happening is Born "from SKY" as a Mother of Invention

i cannot illustrate the details here but this is how the noosphere works ...
and the most valuable acts are - as i observe - illustrated by the women on Earth, but beware "the women" are the "very special women" that go often one step further than a man ... this is actually why babies are born from all woman.

GLORYdaya is both interconnected to number 28 as to the center of 55 (28).
This illustrates the bird flying that illustrates what time actually does ...

See the 2 x 27 kin at here body as wings with tipping points that function as radar love to the space it slices ...

again the bird with circles as feathers:

At this very celebration the bird exchanges the left wings information to the right side as history - the patterns of the old fade away in the left wing however some memory narrates the story for the future ...

This is how the 27 formation includes both the interior as the exterior ...

The interior is the 3x3 formula in each kweek (9) as the exterior formulates as 2x3x9 cells as a densed formation giving a memory lane for the exterior world contemplating the solar ion when it arises ... by natural exposure.

here the TMQ of the day , including the Starry Starry Night from Vincent (a true knight) ...

One of the Comments:

s'ace - cees de groot (03:49:47) : As a Dutchman it is Entangling to see the Painting of “Our Painter” Vincent van Gogh. I didn’t know he is an Activation Portal … and see he is “sort of psi-on” at the KweekSpellBird that works with a wingspan of 9 seals bruto, 7 days netto (the outer 2 are (Dutch) “tarra” – (English) tare – “tareget” <= tradewind.

From Wind seen WorldBridger is the RightTipping Point ; 1 seal further it is in the range of the 7 seals content – the packaged energetic body of today. Storm "at" Hand "are" the "taregot" tippingpoints.

Did you know a famous artist here in Holland was related to the Van Gogh family and was shot on november 2, 2004?

That day was Mirror7:

White Resonant Mirror
White Northern Castle of Crossing
Earth family- Signal Clan- Sky

I channel in order to reflect
Inspiring order
I seal the matrix of endlessness
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of heart

I think it good to show his birthday too, here – it is pretty aligned to the Kweekspell i sense while that one started last KIN001 – same as Theo:

Red Magnetic Dragon
Red Eastern Castle of Turning
Earth family- Cardinal Clan- Fire
Galactic Activation Portal

I unify in order to nurture
Attracting being
I seal the input of birth
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

While my own seal is KIN022 it is related to MIRROR while that is my Guide (at 9 – Intention). And then TMQ is MIRROR too at 8 – Integrity. I spice those two with the Purpose expressed by the DRAGON1 – "the ultimate Baby of this Whole".

Quoting Elisabeth Sahtouris:

Intelligence means
being able to see the many levels of the whole
in space and time
and taking them into account
when making a decision …

It's all about context.

The larger your context is,
the more intelligent your decisions will be.
It's about being able to think
at different levels of reality
at the same time."

I see this is exactly the thing on stage by TMQ giving some structure of the journey at NooSphere "vocabulary".

Have a Good Night, Knights ;-)

That marks (03:49:47) for the timestamp oracle reading:

03 ~ is both Nights Abundance as the Server "Ion" electrifying the bodymind ...

49 ~ always fuses 13 and 7 to 7
but then it also includes the MOON while that is Planetary Universal Water Power ...

47 ~ vibrates number 11 as well as the Tzolkin Hand at Galactic Tone ...

alltogether they sum into 105 , the Magnetic Serpent : purpose power pet for the wholly operation ... now on 1212 grid exercising the ultimate 1221 mirrorfall ...

Gooddaya, S'ace

Friday, December 11, 2009

On the Edge of the 5th DôME daya ...

to day we have a KIN142 guiding at the departure station done by TMQ.

When interested in the story and question put forward on URANE, the also see Comment1

Here i pinpoint Comment2 which is getting focus to the twilightzônes edging the layover between 27 and 28 - the Moon5 daynumbers current in a shift.

s'ace - cees de groot (13:01:33) :

2 comment of 142 ~ NooSphere as “New Sirius~Q″

i mark the O here with a ~ (wave) while the wave is an ion that represents the Kuxan Suum which actually is at the Solar Plexus Centre #6/7 … LIMI as plasma symbol attracts the Centre and represents 2 vertical beings guided by a horizontal wave. This is a function of the noosphere – van Allen Plate – to convert the Cosmic Ray into a spheric one that is token by the bodies as a horizontal one. This is also why Kweek’all pivotes the LIMI and SILIO seal at the other side of the tunnel we at mass still are in as imprisoned. This is a call to telepathically empower the pivotal process at 6 and 7 …

Know that the GAMMA seal is the center here that will keep its position.

DALI : 7 => 5 ; KALI : 2 => 7 ; ALPHA : 5 => 1 ; SELI : 1 => 2

Just exercise this and intend to be on a dynamic taskforce that is meant to guide from the old into the new …

Know that some other SEALs guide this whole process from 3 stations:

BIOVOID as the meditation gathering,
SILIAUM as the other one centered in the organic gravitational body-center – “the hara”
KAMUTHY as the MOON representative at number 28 (tomorrow 5.28 – the SPIRIT TOWER)

Notify your experiences and share them when the right word are digested from an inner storyline … . Apply the Warrior to put Questions Forward (foUr worthy words).

~~~ Getting focus on this Training Script …
we see today on the Expieriemental Telektonon Board how the Warrior Turtle has met the travelling Venus Shell: shea is right on that shell psi-force from the 2 Venus Transitions that Guide us into the “last 3 years” at a mass telepath convergence into noosphere pace and peace.

Then getting wider perspective from the seal-formations within the Tzolkin Setting … we see how WIND spreads its wings across 7 seals from STORM to SERPENT and is tipping point for MIRROR as “left” and WORLDBRIDGER at right.
This 9 seals tipped or crossed-over represent the JAGUAR at 9 (MOON9).

Then at the same time the other 11 seals form another formation at the soil – from HAND to EARTH (Gods Hand Claying?) in order to communicate with the JAGUAR as SERPENT (MOON11).

Lent from the Kweek’all pionear the DreamSpellers aligned can cooperate on the first DôME daya expierience on 12/12 … (is this synchronizing?)

IK’AHAU on a Flight Tipped by ETZNAB and CIMI …
from “3rd SOULdaya into GLORYdaya”

the timestamp oracle on (13:01:33)

13 expresses all tones that are always active in the complex multiplex ...
(See complex as the exterior and multiplex as the interior experience of both worlds)
Both the Cosmic Tone and the Skywalker are on the 2 strikes and 3 dots expressing 13.

01 expresses the kin where all things come together into a unique situation to deal with or let go ... : GREAT DECISION as a SOLAR * (* = wild card for the SEAL TOKEN) or - similar - to the HUNAB'KU, number 21 (0.0) that is described in book V/VII timespace on ALPHA (throat chakra at the "old" ; root at the "new")
"Let us speak with ONE VOICE and express the UNIFYING RAINBOW"

33 expresses the RESONANT SKYWALKER - 20 seals away from the 13 at pos. 1 ...
It expresses 13+20 as a pressed 260 ... plus the 1 in the middle

(quite a timestamp for this moment, hey Jupiter!)

The total figure here is 13+33+1 => 47 - the Galactic Hand - numerically 11
47 = 7777 the base request for another infrastructure at 9 => 9991

Namasté S'ace

Thursday, December 10, 2009

why 10 is 9 ...

we just left the tzolkin 7th -midway- column of myth arriving at 141 Reed Spectreal Dragon (including 2 comic e's as add-ons)

this sort of challenges the 10 / tenth : both seal and tone :
planetary doggy as The Heart of Perfection ...

let us see for this image at Both Hand(s):

:{ suggest'ion: imagine a lemniscate among the thumbs ?! }:

We see the 14 & 41 formations as the whole circle from thumb through the fingers to thumb again ... 10 stations ...

and to that thought we simply get the thumbs to getter as a luck-crossing gesture to the worldcycle as closure and 6sun as a phoenix - ix11 in about 13 days - an intermediate wave from CRYSTAL WIND as a dynamic starter having this Dragon as the 0-zero. Can you reader - known with the tzolkin knowledge book and its hidden message arising - project this in your dream? as a focus having december 23 as the high SOLSTice KIN at HAND ... See how tiny finger and thumb show 3 fingers in the mid (the 2 - 3 formation centering the manytheme a kin can hand'le)

here the affirmation:

White Spectral Wizard ~ KIN154
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Gateway Clan- Truth
Galactic Activation Portal

I dissolve in order to enchant
Releasing receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the spectral tone of liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

154 is formally 10 ... and on a creative view it is also 1 9 (4+5) - ONE NINE

this is the wizz'art talk fusing things and keep on the values at charge ...

on can then understand 9 1 as 1 too ...
one situation shamanically fusing all people into one thought (at 911)

why this is linked to this figure of 141 may become visable when we see the three digits in a circle - getting a step out of the centre does pop up the 4 behind the middle number ... AHA ... we have here


which is a pretty familiar number intertwining 144 and 441 ...

this is a gift from the Norwegian Breen as a Planetary Brain, i'ld say

namasté S'ace

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yantra as Healers Mantra

being open for a transmission at the YantrA symbol ...
can be experienced here in some clips in a serial ...

to me this YantrA symbol vibrates 4+5 triangles ...
also 4 to 5 => 20 as Tzolkin seals in a formation and in a structure ...

then 4**4 is as 16 to 16 giving 256 entries + the 5th 4 makes 260 - exactly the number also given by 13 to 20: 260

Each Yantra is as a Whole Human being - the + 1 factor delivering the change as a contribution that sparks the human being from the deep inside integer.

(this arose today and i accept it by having shared it here)

9 triangles give 9 to 3 perceptions at the sharp arrow as bow ...

))) s'ace

GLORYdaya 140 : "One Fo(U)r Zero"

In kweekspell - the revelating topic lived on this *logspot, we have:

daya 28 of the 5th moon ... projected from DreamSpell its 25 plus the UR-measure of 3 as a psi-bar agreed upon , which synchronizes by telepathic art on number 28.

Functionally spoken we have the DôMEdaya as current ...
where DôME is fully described as Daya of Moon Experience.
Its function is to trans pass and make transparent all energy handled in One Moon into the Other One - see the one Moon as a Wing with information that dies in the other wing and leaves the receiving wing for the New Moon. The whole moon Info as Intelligent Vibration did thereby materialize the Moon that LEft Us All.
In the DôME each of 27 daya - 3x9 daya - centers its densed charge.

Technically spoken we mark this Current Daya as (and a more detail one to explain later ...) and the more human commontalk vibration GLORYdaya.
While we have KIN140 - Planetary Sun - we see the rhyme in both 40 & 4.0 !

~~~ Questions ? Does this make sense?

1 4 0 - : One For Zero" is a good sound which makes this a Peoples GoodDaya.
Then i should excuse myself for not acting in Copenhagen , DenMark, Europe according the self-generative dialogues i could have there with all people having their best effort in settling an -interdependent- agreement which expresses simultaneous moves at country levels regarding all themes that weave our peoples interests as today and currency as Current See(r).

"Then Mark!" is the sound that is parallel to the Scandinavian County that organizes the gathering which is a succeeding one considering Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South Americ and Kyoto, Japan, Asia .

From this station i send with all my heart the sound which is guiding the 4.0 GLORYdaya and that is )))* KAMUTHY *(((

May i ask readers here to express that sound 3 times?
I am also your ListenEar ~ on telepathic trust.

Tzolkin gives Dragon as Seal for 1 ...
i sense the first 1 (1-4) seals are all addressed by the SUN ... as a catalyzer from the Hunab'Ku - the Cosmis Central SUN - which makes me address them as SUNDRAGON SUNWIND SUNNIGHT & SUNSEED ... and at the same time the comic address arises by regarding S'UNDRAGON S'UNWIND S'UNNIGHT & S'UNSEED as their "4 musceteers" {the 3 actually were 4 - pinpointing 4 as the 4th DIMENSION: TIME (element FIRE)}.

Let us address this into the 4 kin coming - in Dreamspell 26-27-28 & 29 (the new ONE in MOON 6 as 6th SUN psi-address). see for the TMQ article of the day 140.

I hint at the possibility to take 9 kin above and 9 kin below as our mega-lens:
this can be token as a Magna Magic Square:

above 101-121-141
below 120-140-160

then above as 2 columns: 102-103-104 and 142-143-144
below as 2 column: 117-118-119 and 157-158-159

In total we have a formation of 18 kin worshipers guigin the last 5 kin into GAPdaya of DEATH as an ultimate opportunity at the ELECTRIC WORLDBRIDGER KIN146 ...

(the serpent in between has its own way to survive at instinct talents)

In La'kech ala KIN
Bolon Ik - Ix9 - MuLucK1 }}*|*{{ (lets vow)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today we have number 139 and a sort of remembrance to Diana & Dodi - see how TMQ articulates this within the storyline that her articles target:

Exploring the 13:20 codes so we may prepare for 2013 Synchronization

s'ace - cees de groot (14:47:00) :

Another Alternative Vision arises from another Game that is within the Telektonon Game as a Perfect Design from 11 & 22 ArcheThypes.

Maybe it is in the mood for the Olympic Games on the Mind level. This Mind level is the popular theme for where we here at the DreamSpellStation accept 3 Plasma Seals in the Telepathic Realm: Alpha – Limi – Silio.

What does the Alternative 2009BornBaby purge?

Crucial Board positions are the Lovers on position 24 (4×6 & 3×8)
Then the Warrior Turtle is on 27 – 3 positions ahead as Pionears know their Offer by fulfilling a mission as a Whole Team Purging.
And we introduced the Venus Shells ( 2 contra formed shells that match the Dome of the mollusc ‘) ) at the opposite number 5 – the House of Shang.

Then we can see better(?) -on a new way- what is on the Alternative – slightly creative friction arousing – Field of Power.

Seeing 1 turtle on 27 and 2 turtles on 24 symbolize the Dragon and the Wind that are in the 1st Chromatic with Night and Seed , 3 & 4, as a whole spice representing both number 4, number 10 and number … 3

Why 3 , well see for the form which represents a 3angle / triangle that holds all transmissions in a flightposition … and this is the only day that this triangle happens (when will this happen again? in 28 days, yes but not at number 139)

While we have encountered this special gift from the House of Shang we may request for a wish to express … this wish is in the beginning of this comment as number 3 and 8 … because they also symbolize the day of 24 hours at a trinity experience. It also matches very well with the bird at position 27 while that number holds 1×3x9 =the product= in itself …

This all is a postbirthdaya offer to Diana & also to her Lover Dodi.

Then what does the bivideotex conversion from their names give?
Diana => 4 9 1 13 1 => 28
Dodi => 4 12 4 9 => 29

From a kweek’all perspective this makes Diana as the Protector for day 28 as a Planetary Gathering on a Grid Intention Field (binding Time as Joining 2 MoonPeriods)
Dodi is as the SEED which is always Tomorrow and here the Day we long for to come … and because we long for it ~ it suddenly happens and fuses all that purges at “sudden death” / “instance”.

the myth building venus shells

‘) mollust in dutch is “weekdier” – translating that would be “weekanimal”
see this wonderfull composition

Then as an "anymeal" flying over this mosaic of powers working together ... i land in the timestamp oracle as a final break:


14 is as the hand receiving left and passing it over right ...
it is also the wizard - see its seal:

it expresses 3 and the chakra colors and a THIRD EYE "BULL at the BLUE SKY" (U2)

Then we have 47 (11) which vibrates 7777 (28)
Anecdote: my mother used this brand "4711" (a history recall by perfume)
47 is at HAND (14) as Tzolkin pinpoints it as Galactic Hand (of Hunab'Ku)

then 28 is also expressing 7 chromatic of 4 seals as a whole team bond.

00 is not in the Tzolkin at vision ... (some say it is 260 - cosmic sun)
maybe this symbolizes the unity of two EGGS as the story above is about Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik walking the field of honor exchanging what is (to be) transmitted

from my insight given by my godgiven life i'ld say 00 expresses 261 - every new day as we wish this world as a synchronized timecycle at pace and peace.



Monday, December 7, 2009

KIN daya

todaya - URdaya - we have the 8th day in kweekmoon 5 - 3 kin frontier of dreamspell at 23 - kweek at 26 (8th daya of 3rd kweek - the voidkweek)

and TMQ has kinday with Vernadsky !

s'ace - cees de groot (22:56:09) :

on topic at this special day remembring Vernadsky – one of the NooSphere Pioneers – is this spice to me: “… the entire radially infinite Mirror universe of infinite Galactic Brains and World Systems.’

then i see it electrified / ignited by number 23 here ( .5.23 )

this because it fuses with its complementary DREAM theme from the North at the South – the 2nd day of the last 7 days of the 20th week still having 7 days a week from the ancient or do we have to say modern way of thinking?

what is the difference in modern and ancient … is this resp. cultural and natural?

~~~ the meandering …

ignites the Question … what kweek number is this “actually”?
well it is the last kweek of the 5th moon and tomorrow is “daya 24+3=27″ … which gives SOULdaya – last daya in 15th kweek …

And 15 resonates on 30 … here the i-ching number for rune meditation …
(factor 2 refers to both challenging tone 2 and spiritual sealing wind)

let me see to the 29/30 theme again with the ones interested in that “study” … – rich illustation i sense …

then … digesting the reading at 29/30 orient … the next “star” gets my focus(glass):

“The meanings of li include both dependent and independent. The fire depends on the wood. But when it burns, it makes your mind independent. Shining far beyond its reach, or kindling new fires in others.”


Well i was unaware of the vibration “li” for quite some time and now it pops up as a mushroom that enchants my lineration for mighty cosmo … simply while it is a syllable in KAliKEY … the sound of the daya from kweek perspective …
(a sync?)

Last weekend i had some conversations with a chinese woman born n indonesia living in the Netherlands , quite a merge … who wrote a book on interdependent economy … and there you are … dependent, independent and interdependent … a trinity and how to classify in normatives that germinate in minds and mindsets linked~in.

a first draw initiative on that classification as a cosmopolitan?

hmmm … crucuf~Y me on sensoric – telepathic – agency !

“Li: a bird and a bird net” and a “networ~shipper” ;-)

Having said enough on the TMQ comments ... i stick to my dream for the night oncoming switching to my complentary STHORM ... by a timestamp oracle read ...


22 ... what to say about this - those 2 swans?

56 is double 28 indicating the D^ME days on wednessday - GLORYdaya
And 56 indiccates 11 as the numerical 2 within each human being from the 2 hemispheres at the head intracommunicating our beauty spark ... as each artist
(welcome to the artist joining the blog !)

09 is about deal moon - birthyear moon1 at this 22's side and in-sight
it is also the SOLAR Tone and the Ultimate Number from 9th Lord of Time Jardin ...

together they sum into 87 (15) ... 3x29 ~how elegant while 9x29 trembles at 261 the Tzolkin number Bolon Ik assigned to each daya in kweek dream interval ...

i will sleep as Thorn Rosario - the sleeping Beauty ...
GoodNeight |-{

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Ha , (T)here in the Netherlands we have a traditional celebration day ... labelled "Sinterklaas" and i changed it a little bit in the title here ... with a cause (and that is not a reason!)

The cause actually is simply "i love myself because of its origin resource reverberating life" ... and this does not call for a wordpress in any vibration ...

The only purge for typing this is that i simply love to express from my bones through my flesh and what ever articulates that bond into a timestamp oracle reading after giving clearance for 1 comment on a medium that vibrated "something else that just anything" ...

it may be pointed at as the resonance for a kin - say unity as a 24 hour period (period as continious realm or as a sync - U decide)

here the 2nd column of the day:

s'ace - cees de groot (14:59:51) :

2nd co**enth ;-)

in the 1st ONE i influenced attention onto the last GAP …
then here i urge attention to the 1st GAP oncoming:

White Electric World-Bridger
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Cardinal Clan- Blood
Galactic Activation Portal

I activate in order to equalize
Bonding opportunity
I seal the store of death
With the electric tone of service
I am guided by the power of heart
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

Why do i pull/push/pulse/purge attention to that GAP?

anecdôte of my mo(u)rning: today in the Netherlands we have a celebration day for “SinterKlaas” who is said to be the pre-SantaClaus Celebrity …
By having his Birthday Celebration we “all” are educated to honor that Santa and buy presents for one another intimates on december 5. And december 6 is “his” worldorder birthday in our Dutch Minds Set. The Holly Man is surrounded by Black Knights who are all serving Santa.
This was affecting my personal standing up this morning writing the 1st comment; after that i felt so liberated that i longed for another sleepy hour with my lover YaniQ – Eb13 (also suspected as Chuen12). After some minutes she prepared Breakfast and i claimed some dreamy minutes to be waked up by sandwiches in the oven ~ can you smell that?
This all was the sphere that awakened my thought on the 1st comment and what it alerted: the 17 seal in the 7th column is also the 22nd kin in the range of 30! … and then it is also the 9th from the other side … !

So … this got me into seeing it from the “South” (Stephanie?) …

Anyway we have both number 22 and number 9 meeting one another on this “Santa~daya” … And Resonant Earth is about the Heath on the Planet on a pivotal moment … as the Omega accomplishing the AlphA … where the A is about the KaliKey Plasmic Symbol … Reverberated by 6 other ones in a Womb as the Kuxan Suum intercommunicates this as a Galactic Wire(set).

And communication purges 2 other plasmic seals whereever they come from – it simply fuses in both stations in contact … of whatever quality in words describing the fusing merge. 1+6+2 => 9

~~~ KIN074 can be accomplish-set by 2 other numbers

Having said this makes any number available to join with another one to fuse in an 074 frequency …

Why 074?

My Story here: 022 + 052 => 074 ~ White Solar Wizard
and White is popular Transparent as Crystal is meant for that …

Its Wave is Worldbridger as the next GAP …
And then Resonant Earth here is its 9th “introspective portal” within the serial of 30 kin preparing that GAP + 9 following that one … (theme “death” & “giving oppor-T-unity”)

While the first co**menth is the Bolon Ik Catalysing one … this Worldbridger can be seen as the one from the “Awakeneth Pacal Votan” morphing Galactic Species in a Healing Weave … .

Let us be patient without feeling as a patient but as a worshipper … having a laydown and stand laying down our missions “ion” …


‘) on Omega this Insight: Mega is from Wega (aka Vega) and is a Lyra Spice in Lyric Phenomenons

“) destiny? dedicated goal? hmmm … “let us write another Christmesh Story in the remains for the days serving all generations te come …”

so the randomizer gives (14:59:51)

14 as the 1 4 all credo of the 3 musceteers ...
and shadowed planetary realm by 41 ... the interval of G O D
In dreamspell we know this as either the Wizard or the 1 Dragon while 14 minus 13 : 1

59 is also 14 numerically spoken and then also 5
In dreamspell we know that figure as Storm7 - Resonant Storm attuning Realm Chaotic Behaviour into an Evening ...
Beware of the Magic Square where Storm is merchandizing with Wind : KIN 42 202 219 and 59 go in the 522 as sum (always a 261+261 X as crossing over)
Interesting is being aware of the 4 Dynamics at this Magic Oneness: resp. Electric Resonant Spectral Resonant (3 7 11 7)

51 (3x17) is the only trinity here at 17: the Earth Seal (today, the Navigattor - Jupiter)
In dreamspell this goes with the MonKi animal as anymeal ... a magic paradigm that sttles the self as KingKong , the silverback(gammon)

As a sum oracle numbear ... 124 sounds ...
and this strikes whole 124 is the companion of 137 seen from a magic carpet ride perspective ...

Have a Dream!
Y'ur Sace


Friday, December 4, 2009

VOID kweek

Do you know that changes on Earth happens to be fueled from the Noosphere where anymind resides at a focus from clear and transcending thinking?

When you doubt this ~ just try to imagine how scientists can find words and pictures in your body ... ; simply rely on the law of resonance and accomplishment of the force behind it all ?(!)

In this theme of frequency we have the pivotal shift of time at charge in a very simple transformation , i.e. 7777 into 9991 from a 28daya 13moon perspective ...

This means the whole shift is in a pair , a lovely couple to be metaphorically filled by all individuals themselves ... and to be promoted in relationships.

This Topic - VOID kweek

is on the third weeklabel given in the serie of 3 kweeks of 9 daya.

The trinity-serie? LOVEkweek - LIFEkweek - VOIDkweek

And then it goes on mixed observations for what is behind this unity trinity and we will never be able what is the dominant one , simply because sender and receiver are mostly educated to be attracted to polar consciousness "icons".

Advise just hug them neither or both - let me examplify this:

LOVE - KWEEK - VOID is aligned to SPIRAL - SEQUENCE - BLINDMAN ways to express the road of the flow ...

Lets frame the sequence by ABCDEFG ... then this expresses the midway.
Having labelled hubs on the map ... how succeed the first and the last roads?

SPIRAL is about GAFBECD - can you imagine that, try the way out: DCEBFAG (GEE!)

BLINDMAN is about DAEBGCG , sort of an elevator trip ;-) based on the soundway as universe is a sound theme ').

here an article on VOID as a theme

Actually we have 3 stations more than the 7 in the "old-way" example ...

We go step by step and phase by phase ... together ... gathered, okay ;-)

This is actually whe the 3 kweeks have 3 alternative tracks that support the skill-board at all students / mature-ones. And a mature one is always a student when it pops up as a moment to listen to the "universe", mostly offered by "another one speaking/acting". Even "bosses" are open media ... you know.

Why is the VOID the third one ?

Good Question, here ...
Then ... did you experience the kweek for say 3 moons?
Yes? then you can tell your tryout motivation, do you?
No ... well, see you later ... and have a good exercise.

Right After the VOID we have the 28th daya, zero and synchonizing daya from a 2 moon interexchanging perspective.

gooddaya! S'ace

a picture how Blindman moves throught the 7 chakra mainports:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

22 year later

older ones than about 30 may have experienced this :

ref. here

And this is about the Quetzalcoatl Supernova in 1987, the year of the Harmonic Convergence, which makes our hearts tick at a more and more unifying resonance where we cling all together ... seizing the spiritual factor at heart and solar plexus.

Somehow i suspect the TMQ Self-Existing Wizard being a Special Spark of this Phenomenon, or do i articulate this effect as a Cosmic Intervention?

The comments are also at that TMQ site ...

What i like to see for is the timestamp oracle reading at (05:02:37)

05 is the number announced for tomorrow "many 5's";
it refers both serpent and overtone; as well as the 5th wave which starts on 53 - which actually is REED1 and a Quetzalcoatl reference ... by repeating telepathic vibrations as beads

02 is trippled in wind - lunar - wizard (wave)
Two is in the T symbol where it splits 180 degrees in opposite directions ...
the Y symbol also splits but then it is more like a "wichelroede" , a "divining rod" which can trace watertracks ... - the Y is also famous as the tongue of the serpent / snake which is elegantly known as the talk of the wise man who attracts the student ... (but who offers himself as a student who wants to learn a thing from a wise man)

37 is known by the formula Y to 3 to 37 ...
this aligns to the 9 trinities: 111 222 333 444 555 666 777 888 999

all together (now) they give 44 ... which is 4x11 as the fractal product
44+1 is the pulse at 45 which is the sum of the first 9 numbers:
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9
numeric 44=8 & 45=9 and they represent the Inner Child and its Outer Exponent

22 years later ... resonates number 22 at 2 oo 9 ...
2.9 = white solar wind = kin022 = kino'22

may i see a smile?
:-)) s'ace

here the YoKe(R) as a JesterDaysSuperNovum?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

flower of life & yantra combo

earlier this year 2 oo 9 i could see 2 extra petals on the flower of lifes 7:

then see through this clip ...

an see the yantra symbol flying by ...

and notice the yantra communicates 4+5 triangels , total 9.

this is about the transition we are passing through ultimate half february ...

we all here hope all stations merge at this great unification process ...

Have a nice "Santa Closure" ;-) y'ur pal is real hot

~~~~ post inG"
i commented on a TMQ comment from Marij - here the snapshot:

having read the velatropa dreamspell storylines i met one line that is sort of “out of outer space” :

“Slechts de 13:260 ratio van Tijdschip Aarde kon de verbinding tussen Aarde en Uranus herstellen.”

to serve the english readers here:

“Only the 13:260 ratio of TimeShip Earth could restore the connection between Earth and Urane”

Let’s simply state this is true: the technical manifestation for the connection is restored by the 13:260 …

But then what we are aiming for is the functional connection with the cosmos … so what module do we have to implement there?

That is i sense my Quest where i use this Bolon Ik Year 2 oh oh 9 as my fulfillment of the pledge – as you know Bolon Ik ’s code is as well 2.9 from the wavespellnumber two tone 9, as well as the seal code 2 and its number 9

which is about the swans: 22 or this image i once drafted the hearth of swans :

then remember my ancient “kweek” that has january and february 2010 as 2009 reservation moons …

i wrote this also here , while another rhyme felt into me from 29 - 20 9 - twenty nine: that is ... 20 is very well known as product from 4 and 5; 5 to 4 giving 20 ...

so there 29 is also a mirror in itself -the interior- as a mirror in the exterior ...

29 is -so to say- the number for the new moon - and from a 28moon perspective it is always number ONE of the new moon where we refer to it ...

Remember here a FOOL MOON is all the time drifting between the 28 days of a MOON period of 28 days ... even a moon might have no fool moon : simple while it ends at day 28 of MOONx and comes again at Moonx+2 => telling MOONx+1 did not have a FOOL MOON Experience. Crux of such an experience is meaningful for people to get meaning from !

for the moment(ality) "cheese" , s'ace

collaborating on CHC VI/VII ~ LIMI

This adventure with TMQ leads to a burning wire in the noosp'here ... (and i see the comment number is 280 <= mark that frequency!)

here is my 2nd comment of the daya that is pretty uncovering and pointing at the greater mission we aligned one can experience this eve and all days after as a rehearsal(e).

(i also looked for some small misticks! the pretty ones will not be changed.)

s'ace - cees de groot (12:17:33) :

I read the double Votan/South and then i experience a twisting ion that gets me in a mood!

Wouldnt that be either Arguëlles/South or Votan/Queen , agree TMQ?

Anyway the twist has always been an attraction for me personally to see for its “secret”.

Here i ask you first to see for the LIMI symbol (3rd one from right above) while i am pretty aware of the fact that this VI/VII Book of The Cosmic History Chronicle is written NOW. Why look for LIMI ? Anyone who has a responding line to that , please come in and share that Sirius’ly ;-) My initiating (BI, 2.9) vision?

LIMI is Solar Plexus positioned in the Padmasambhava 7 at the departure and gathering training center for “the WorldShift on Human MindSet”. Looking at the symbol you see the chord above 2 vertical slightly bending lines : aka U and me . So there is the suggestion to be a part of the mission that the 2 partnear writers are “executing” right now.
The 2nd idea here is added by the fulfilling of the pledge by Bolon Ik: "shea" forsees the alignment of the plasm'ik seals at the arrival/destiny station. And there we see how the LIMI and SILIO seal changed position. LIMI is by then at the heart and many warriors can be telepathically at the heart where the writers accomplish their high needed work fulfilling their once in a universal time mission …

But then here the play that sort of fuses what BI forsees …

Getting the reference for Votan/South better can bring up 2 shorties:

JA/SS & VV/RQ (RQ is Red Queen)

no clue yet ~ but then i executed my bivideotex ') conversion to that:
10-1/8-8 & 5-5/9-10 => 27 & 29 …
so what makes 29 & 27 relate?
see this in 28+1/28-1 … and 28 is the number of a Moon as Full Moon tonight sort of burns this into out collaborating Hearts.

27 is about 3 Kweeks a Moon : 3×9 or 3x(3×3)
28 is about the Moonly Griddaya that celebrates our beloved planet Earth/Ki/Gaya – Velatropa 24.3
29 is about the hope we each moment express in all our doings / acts / words, you name is “God is a Verb”.

9 to 29 => 261 as the frequency for each daya : 260+1 : expression where all kin matter each daya and the current one doubles itself. This also means the expression at Tone 1, 6, 11 that a Seals Power Triples itself (or even Quadruples when it is experienced as 2×2 iso 2+1)

I will radiate the current full moon to knights :-)

the timestamp oracle read: 12:17:33

12 vibrates EB/Human seal while 17 is on CABAN/Earth ...
Human and Earth ... that is quite a combo, aint it?
Then what gives 33 (a God number?) from the similar reference card: Resonant Skywalker; Ha that is pretty in line with the current daya: BEN3
Skywalker Explores Space pulsing Wakefulness as ite essentiality ... to manifest from each living creat'ur.

Then mark this: 12 is in Dragon Wave - Tone Crystal; 17 is in Wizard Wave - Tone Self-Existing; 33 is in Hand-wave - Tone 7: Resonant "Healing Weaver" ...

Altogether the number 62 pops up at WIND10 - the Planetary Communication Ion - which simply indicates the return of the spirit at all stations open for that in-come.

When you are a frequent reader of this "BI-spells", will you assign yourself as a "True" Follower? I am looking forward to many more Human Followers of "the Ring": anyone matters ... In that sense i got this clip yesterday:

Namasté , In La'kech ala kin, i am another you as you are me ... S'ace

') bivideotex claims the 26 character and popular alphabet as a VOW ...
this means it is not just a sequence but more a harmonic ... (exercise beyond the script)
numerically we know the positions of the characters as 1-26 but then the value of the characters can have other numbers! in this videotex the author simply uses the formula A-M=Z-N=1-13 ... (allow simplicity in all the U-turns!)

~~~ here the 3rd comment this special 133:

s'ace - cees de groot (13:54:55) :

Readers here might be interested in how i shadowww this TMQ force at another wire – they can go here where i narrate on this “collaboration” …

In that intertranstwining function i practice the teachings which i often inhale as T’chings … T as a symbol for the T-shell that spirals by body as a corkscrew does opening a bottle of wine … “good wine doesn’t need a crown” they say here in my country partly below sealevel – as here behind the dunes.

In the reference card i weaved by instant mission i’m-possible another frequency for dealing with a moon of 28 days came in my sighT:

this delivered 9 different labels for referring to the days in a week, or what i point at as a kweek for it has 9 days … as the body has 7 chakra’s plus an upper crown and a beneath root … interconnected to … noosphere alliance.

In that KweekSpell we have 3 days ahead of the DreamSpell Weaving that is today on number 18 : N.S. 1. 22. 5. 18 /12 Kin 133
This implies Kweek is on daya 18+3 => 21 … which vibrates as MOONdaya.

Pretty Good Spell at this december 2 , 2009 where 2.9 = white solar wind aka bolon ik ~ Pacal Votans lover/parTnear all the year that is now in its last moon. But then – hey- i say we have 2 months longer at least into february 15 while … December is pointing at 10 , January is 11 and February is 12 and that moon is also to be considered as the SEEDMOON 0 – ZERO . Realize that february 15 is just over half that moon while it is the time-keeper on our planet.

its spell from a dreamspell reference card:

Yellow Cosmic Star
Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
Earth family- Signal Clan- Blood

I endure in order to beautify
Transcending art
I seal the store of elegance
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of free will

its KIN is 208 – exacty 4/5 th of the 260 kin!
in notation is gives 8.13 as well as 16.13 (warrior waves presence)

this all means MOON1 is at pinpointwizzartry at february 16 …
(MULUCK1 is my birthyear – spiced about 3+ years ago ;-)

“Lucknow” is my base for a role as advisor for world unity and peace education – the City Montessori School over there is executing the 10th Global Justice Conference and parallel the 6th Global Democracy Symposium. I probably should have been there – but some spirits simply said to stay at home … so this is why i promote that gathering from here. Maybe next year the 7th Global Democracy Event would fit better (by then the LIMI book is available!)


another timestamp oracle reading?

13:54:55 - 13 is this seals position within 20 sunseals: skywalker
54 is the lunar "wizzart" destiny for 53 - REED1 : QuetZalCoatL
55 is "my birthyear" - but then it is also the Electric Eagle giving the Vision

:-{ ... }-:

total? 122 : ONE ... twentytwo ;-))

Monday, November 30, 2009

triangle knowledges

Since 2 years i often see those clips from rysa5

Here is one of them which handles the phenomenon of triangles , i point at the formula where triangles are in triangles having the 9 as setting for number of unities - days - in a setting - a week of 9: a kweek - :

moon = 3 kweeks + 1 synchronization daya as radiating / alerting celebration

28 = 3 x ( 3x3 ) + 1 ...

~~~ another theme that holds this trinity story is on atoms!

here 3 articles where dogon invests a lotta words to describe what the cooperation does
* prime number language
* talking atoms
* advanced atom talk

Having read those article made me think how to link the 13moon calender to the atoms?

Maybe this is in the last 2 books?

Or is this the thing we as timetravellers are bringing up from below the ocean, so to say ?

A 1st thought on that gave:

Hydrogen is the SUN representative

Helium is the DRAGON

Lithium is the WINDSPIRIT


i have to see for that ... remember the stories are on PRIME numbers only as the talk of the Ancients.

This is the period of the MONKEY Genesis, day 1 out of 78, see the TMQ announcement

"What a mesh we have here? All those wirings, are they simply asking for a Cut? i.e. aNooThere Vision as NooSphere Forseers Wrote quite some Tzolkin cycles ago ... : aha "but" then time does not exist , our acting is the time itself - attempting to reach for the collective normative we dream ,,,

Good Mon Ki, S'ace

BUT translated from French to English gets us to a simply sol-u~t-ion:
Goal ~ Intention ~ Eye Mark ~ TarGet

Tar is related to TARRA : difference between Gross (d:Bruto) and Net / Nett / Clear / REAL ; Getting that is kind of Trade - adding Value - Profit - PackageStuff ~ also Logistical Marketing

(well just having an orientation to what is seems all about - from ancient knowledge)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Moon Walk in G

The lead of TMQ leads to some heights by having Situations on the Telektonon Board that did not happen before ...

maybe first have of slight updates in TMKQ Moon12 on my sleepwalkinf comment (also i make my human errors) - th updates will be put in italic script:

s'ace - cees de groot (09:56:30) :

kin 1 2 9 is the key number where MooN elegantly weaves its tapestry as a harmonic Mandala …

1 is the source for a doing, an act, each decision … it represents each human being who is aware of its membership of Mother Gaia, Ki, Earth …

May it strike here that KI is the similar sound as Key and also CHI – enerGY …

2 is the number that represents relationships to You and also to him of her … 2 kind of relationships both 9

while also 9 is the representataion for a wholly “me” , we all -THREE OF A KIND- represent the number 27 … (number of space)

we all go through a passage (a lock?) that is number 28 – number for time

and then we arrive at the Arrival station which is represented by number 29 (11) …

Do these steps make sense to you ?

Then try to get a focus on the second 11/11 this month – tomorrow 11-29?

See also that 2 9 is pretty similar as the 3rd 11: 2009 …

May we align to a Divine Providence as a real Telepathic Dance weaving the Lover Couples Tapestery at the center of the Taolkin Calendar at both number 130 and 131 (the ultimate magic square – vibrating the number for all magic squares 522)

NS 1 22 5 14 / 8 Kin 129

Actually you might say to TMQ occured a smalle error noting 128 for this KIN while the serendipity factor was illustrating its effect in this coöperation – or as i “tease” it in the creative friction word : co-opeerraTion … while we often make contact in a peer-to-peer eye contact … So, when there is no other eye at all we telepathically imagine lovers eyes in our peer-to-peer communication with the world / a timecycle (closing).

in La’kech ala kin, S’ace ~ bolon ik 2.9 at ix9 & muluc1 mission; parallel to LongCount AHAU12 – crystal sun burning portals as a laser

the timestamp oracle 09:56:30
09 : Seal9 Moon and also vibrated in the 9th Tone that mobilizes "the whole thing"
56 : Warrior Seal in REED1 wave - the Self-Existing One setting its Measures
30 : indicates a DOG at Heart barking in the Full Moon it even suggests the SteppenWolf longing for its Love at Quite some Dicstance

~~~ then the issue on the Telektonon Board ...

Note that we have at KWEEK two extra tools replacing the old Bolon Ik and the Warrior in a Prison16Cube. The Bolon Ik is represented by a VENUS SHELL and it walks with the Lover Couple at the Parrallel Stroke ...; Then the Warrior is replaced by a STONE / say a PEBBLE ("Pebbles" my Lucky FlintStone)

Then by now the VENUS is at cube 9 where it meets the couple on cube 8!

Some tension HERE!

They meet one another on the nightwalk!

Mystery EVE at the Telektonon Boards that are aligned ...? Sure!

Lets also see the couple on the DALI SEAL while the Yellow Warriro here is at cube 11 - at the KALI symbol at the KWEEK spell interval where KALI is a sound : KALIKEY ...

In Kweek DALI is at the THROAT chakra spiced on the sound )))~DALIMÈR~(((

While KALI is the CATALYTIC AGENT at the Dreamspell Interval ... we have an intersting CROSSROAD here at a charge pinpointing 11/29/2009 ...

Thjen the Crystasl Settin gis on the MOON where we have an OMEGA Symbol Attracting Sabian Riders on a Storm ... agree?

GoodEve, S'ace

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Galactic Serpent Streams LifeForce

The Vacancy Trip by Bolon Ik on our Planet is giving so much Joy : it sort of inspires all the union DreamSpellers to take another perception at number 1 in a Tzolkin Tapestry ...

They all were prepared and all the time focussing on 1 singular KIN; but recently this changed into 261 SEALS a daya!

Red Galactic Serpent ~ KIN125 (5 triple-cubed)
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Polar Clan- Blood

I harmonize in order to survive
Modeling instinct
I seal the store of life force doubled <== while each daya = 261 seals / kin
With the galactic tone of integrity
I am guided by the power of universal water

Con yu imagine that this "overwhelms" and at the same time is so logical that this is the clue from a trinity peception?

here is the TMQ incl. comments from the "batman" at peacocks feathers ;-)

then we set here the image at that site next to the image lately drafted from a download:

1) Did the week change from 7 to 9 dayas ?
2) Do we have 3 weeks of 7 days a moon where special days are inserted for humanity ?

Which Question arises at a regular DreamSpellTrainee ?
... at the Teacher(s)?

As a Bolon Ik Kalik one might understand i just walk 3 cells in front of the lovercouple Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik ~ and i prefer the situation this is not covered in the media ~ matter of style perhaps?

Q 1) leads to the answer "well, why not while it blends our mutual communions?"

Q 2) Calls to label the 7 special days.

** So let in 3 days that prevail a week in a meditational moment at 261 (/9=29=>11); i put a sound next to that which is mirroring itself in lower case: "biovoid"

** Also imagine each week is ended up in a meditational destiny : YOU / U / the Other One; it actually is the 180 degree rotation at the SILIO seal presenting SILIA, sounded by SILIAUM ~ the hara connaction facilitated by the Earth Crystal(leY)!

** The 7th extra daya is actually the centerpoint of those 3 week-serials incl. the 2 extra special daya; it is the fire element - the 4th element that is always there to alchemistically illustrate the God Spirit by Spontaneous Radiance.

From my personal almanack i would nickname that green symbol as "the Green Horse on the Move" , simply while a storyline fits in there ...; i won't care and even stimulate other kin to nickname it at there convenience - Green Kermit ?

Indeed that Green One also communicates the SERPENT inside as the Kundalini traveling Crystallines into Heaven at Bliss.

PleaSure! S'ace