Thursday, March 4, 2010

Celebreath Jaguar Moon!

Today the Jaguar Moon started 3 days ahead to the DreamSpell Sync on that ...

Kweak "drives" itself in another way of manifesting a 9-driven frequency labelled "KWEAK" ... it is here on a meditation infrastructure

on that bloWWW (WWW as Gee) 3 times in 28 days a kweak is delivered ...
and once a Moon the Daya of Moon Experience might show a PAGE
(dont know yet how it mushrooms)

This blog will end ... and next to the "Kweak in Gee" a KweakWalkTalk blog is installed to facilitate the feedback ...

Probably this blog will die out ... and thereby facilitate the NooRise

Sunday, February 28, 2010

on a schedule ...

here a 2012 line is expressed in paired happenings on the planet ...

One of them is may 10-12 when the solar wind stops its activity ...

But then the Solar Wind rises again as said in February 2010 - igniting EarthQuake Activity ...

Lets See for the DreamSpell Vinal of the third Day may 12, 1999:

Blue Planetary Storm ~KIN179
Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
Earth family- Gateway Clan- Sky

I perfect in order to catalyze
Producing energy
I seal the matrix of self-generation
With the planetary tone of manifestation
I am guided by the power of accomplishment

Being active on the frequency pivot from 7777 into 9991 aka 1999 ...
See the year the Solar Wind stops: 1999
It is just a few months after the Year 2K project (a planetary HOAX).


well what is the target the schedule is leading to ...


in peace at a pace, S"ace

Saturday, February 27, 2010

the Power of the Force at the B'east

strange enough the East talks "from" the West Coast from a Continent

2010 February 27 06:34:14 UTC
they say

2010 is a 3

27 is a 3x9

06:34:14 is a 18 is a 9 is a 3

so what is the conclusion on the analytiQ crowd at a presence? aYe ...

MAULE is biovoidal: 13 1 6 12 5 => 37 = 36+1 (4x9 +1)

Friday, February 19, 2010

urane, shakespeare & kweak

funny ~ a TMQ assisting crew mentioned the relation ship of the 27 moons at urane and our beloved "greatest" moon at earth.

this leads to a direct link with kweakspell having 3x9+1 daya a moon ...

then how can we link the daya of a moon to the moons mentioned / labelled by Shakespearian Characters?

that is a sort of game where our members can pop up suggestions to what is fitting the mind of Shakespeare while he wrote his plays ... (isn't that what telepathy is about? after all ...)

a snapshot from the wiki :

* The Rape of the Lock (a poem by Alexander Pope):
o Ariel, Umbriel, Belinda
* Plays by William Shakespeare:
o A Midsummer Night's Dream: Titania, Oberon, Puck
o The Tempest: (Ariel), Miranda, Caliban, Sycorax, Prospero, Setebos, Stephano, Trinculo, Francisco, Ferdinand
o King Lear: Cordelia
o Hamlet: Ophelia
o The Taming of the Shrew: Bianca
o Troilus and Cressida: Cressida
o Othello: Desdemona
o Romeo and Juliet: Juliet, Mab
o The Merchant of Venice: Portia
o As You Like It: Rosalind
o Much Ado About Nothing: Margaret
o The Winter's Tale: Perdita
o Timon of Athens: Cupid

Some asteroids share names with moons of Uranus: 171 Ophelia, 218 Bianca, 593 Titania, 666 Desdemona, 763 Cupido and 2758 Cordelia.


in a first draw i'ld propose ...
EARTHs MOON is DAYA 28 : Glory Daya aka Daya of Moon Experience

then this range of 9 moons is a set to be assigned to 1 kweak:
Miranda, Caliban, Sycorax, Prospero, Setebos, Stephano, Trinculo, Francisco, Ferdinand

I suppose this is the 3rd kweak ... the VOIDkweak ...

Then the other ones have to be assigned to the LOVEkweak and the LIFEkweak.

Remember the VOIDkweak has a CIRCULAR orient; the LOVE a SPIRAL; the LIFE a LINEAIR.

we will see what comes up as reasonable and making sense as "EURE~KA"
have pleas'UR

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

20 seals to place ...

from the ol'cabinet i took a sheet:

then most visitors here will be familiar with the 20 tzolkin seals ...

and the question came to me whether we can cover 20 seals perfectly on those 4x5 entities ...

well ~ when you have a match - think about sharing this one here?

thX :: mixing NRG

Saturday, January 30, 2010

pre-casting jan31 - daynr 22 in moon 7 (PI daya)

the O5 is about to (c)enter the cabin tomorrow ...

we have to get an angle on the entrance as a people in a mood :: grace ...

so here the result of the oracle reading by a dutch oracle diplomat given the implicit rules on pionearing procedures executed on the peaceplan(eth) ;-) winK


so the O5 exactly spells Quetzalcoatls Sign according deliverance ;-))

… and we cannot stop it nor spot it while it is a divine star navigating earth …

Then what is the total CAB’in number having embraced the 5 as ONE?
432+1353 => 1785 => -1560 => 225 (9!) => SELF EXISTENT SERPENT

hmmm … LifeForceShapingForm-by-Measuring … (WHAT)

this all ignites the night channeling :: an inspection ...
including signals picked up from human media inter/trans/...-connected

see U over-come the ego-frust as ::casted :: solong
;-) Y'ur S'ace on OrangeGlowTrustBaseMentality

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"unity in variety" link

here the linked article/site in dutch

with all respect to the writers / authors over there ...

a parallel discovery ...


the artificial Dreamspell combined with the LongCount Clendar ,,, give a Educatonal Friction that Orients Men / Human Beings in the Whole of What it means to be Human ...

That Co*POUND is ts labelled here as the 3K: TreeKweak ...
which is base on 3 KWEAK an MOON and a Day out of Moon similar as the Artificial DooT - Day out of Time ... which actually is a YearCycle Tribute ...

Giving Experience status to at least 3 special dates we formulate Time for what it is meaning in the Natural Frequency ...

Daya of Moon Experi3ence

Daya of YearCycle Experience

Dayan of Time Experience

all three bound one another in each Moon Experience as a factor of 3x9 = 3x3x3

that simplicity is illustrated by this symbol ... (and other ones)

this spoken on IK13 - IX4 - CIB4 - :: (the mystery number as 13)


here another fig'ur on motion ... showing "TIME as KWEAK":

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3K IX2 -> combines IMIX12 & BEN3

the title is given by a cab'IN of 5 human beings (1+4 & 4+1)
who share a daily affirmation that is uniQ although a compound from 2 TimeSpelling Agencies : DreamSpell and LongCount. The latter is the Ancient One; the other is a remedy for humankind into the original time program which is given to the planet and the plainnet. Plainnet is a pointer to the original energetic supplier at the human specie as a cosmic phenomenon.

then this ...

"Argüelles claims that the Thirteen Moon Calendar is synchronized with the calendar round. Clearly, it is not."[8]"

Let me state my vision here, as a genius diplomat or a you are me, and i am as you.

1. The word "CLEARLY" is a claiming statement from a speaker and from a formula (belief/system).
1a. What is the belief system?
1b. Which formula is active?
1c. When the Dreamspell is a remedy is it clear that it takes a little bit of the behavior from the to be corrected system to heal it into a whole system (healed from the ol')

2. A system can only be labelled as a system when it guarantees its for-said outcome.
2a. a thing called a system that does not work could never have been labeled as a system. When it was, then it is to be corrected in a better label: a game
2b. when a thing is a game we promote the idea to have mutual players at the table and a rule-set that respects some limits considering the fact each one is a human being learning how to play the game.

3. The Dreamspell Vision of Arguelles can be seen in a formula when it refrains from the 7777 ratio in the 13 Moon - said boldly: get into the 9991 ratio:
3a. KWEAK is the term that points to a week of 9 days - daya - and instaslls the 3 kweak moon within the 13moon calender.
3b. the extended label to this formula is

1 Time / 4 Years / 13 Moon / 3 Kweak / 1 DôME

3c. 1 DôME is a pointer to the sky, to the heaven, to the cosmic guardian ... and it can be seen as a code for "Daya of Moon Experience" - this is the Emotional Intelligence Realm that binds all human beings, all virtual polar types.

3d. 1 Time is in the formula the LEAPYEAR phenomenon that actually binds the whole as a celebration daya given by ... / provided by circumstance & gratitude (Daya of Time Experience - DôTE)

3e 4 Years are simply manifested by 4 DooT days in ol' 13Moon setup - in the new formula it perfectly goes with the DôTE and DôME ... Daya of "YearCycle Experience"

4. installing KWEAK saves the planet from quite some buzz / bizz without a learning.

5. KWEAK is a gift from DS022, LC220, 3K242 - Coöperationing Waves: Wizard, Moon, Eagle ; resp. Receptivity, Flow, Mind on the powers of Timelessness, Universal-Water - Vision.

S'ace aka Cees de G'root living near the North S'ea

pionearing / integral director Waternet Foundation
hon. advisor World Unity & Peace Education

tributing IX2 - Lunar Wizard, 3K perspective in Time

CIMI - the worldbridger: signals the opportunity at charge and edge
guiding the KIN centered

CHICCHAN - the serpent: is in harmony with the seed - antipode and year seal at :: (4 - the ultimate mystery number)

KAN - the seed: targets the flowering power which wields awareness in all our hearts

MANIK - the HAND: is the AVATAR archetype that heals from within, from every new cell that grows in the body itself as a messanger of love - life - void ...

WIZARD is enchanting in a ZEN state of being - timeless quality at a CRYSTAL CLEAR HAND ')

') while CIMI CHICCHAN KAN are all TONE 2 ... HAND is 12 - according the DreamSpell rule-set: that one is synchrone with IMIX12 ... the BIRD and BIRTH "affirmed"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

i re ne

recently we were focussing on the royal4

and the enterpride cathedral brought us the thumb ...

irene and her foundation

so we add her to the tabel and table of the knights who say "pi":

173 107 020 Beatrix
171 102 013 Claus (passed 121/071/192)
184 125 049 Willem Alexander
104 046 150 Maxima
204 137 081 Irene

irene ("peace")
dreamspell : solar seed - birth year WIZARD 12 : Enchants Crystal Clearance
& it is in the 9th tone in the WARRIOR WAVE (intelligence force)
longcount : galactic mirror - MONKEY WAVE - Integrity tone
treekweak : electric dragon - STORM WAVE - Service tone

I also have to correct the Numbers at Beatrix spell (bold).
So her 3K changed into RESONANT SUN - attuning enlightenment!

As a "bad habit" we see for the summed values ... (see what it triggers)

Dreamspell sum 836: 3x260=780+076 -> 3CIB11 -> WARRIOR11
Longcount sum 517: 1x260=260+257 -> 1CABAN10 -> EARTH10
Treekweak sum 313: 1x260=260+053 -> 1BEN1 -> SKYWALKER1

More to Calculate as a Numeric Spell?

What emerges from this spell is that the 5 vibrate QuetzalCoatles Number at 053 ... (known as REED ONE)
considering the KWEAK as a Spell on the Edge of Becoming ...

third Tzolkin round at CIB11 promises a SERVING WARRIOr at the Tone of the RAINBOW BRIDGE: Spectral! => 11 => Liberating Essentiality

First Tzolkin round at Longcount and Kweak signifies the DRAGONic Role ... ON.

CABAN10 is the "planetary earth" : navigation manifested

BEN1 is the "magnetic skywalker" : exploring the purpose

Three tones count up to 22 ... Bolon Ik's number merging 9 and 13 and double 11 too.

see for the timestamp oracle in the comments
ciao s'ace

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Here 2 forms of illustrating the TZOLKIN

The KWEAK provides a serial of 9 TZOLKIN rounds as a UNIQversal Method to Mature each Being ... where the KWEAKspell runs as its freQuency as a "week of 9 kin" within a 13Moon setup. Each Moon provides 3 bio-vital approaches within a variance of kweaks considering the Melodies that Attract Us Human Beings.

In this way the kweak refines the 260 KIN into 2340 KIN as UNIQ birds refined into Homo NooSpericus as targetted by DreamSpell and LongCount visions. They both are sort of merged as fruitile concepts in Kweak Solutions serving Mankind on planet Earth, VelaTropa 24.3.

S'ace ~ Avatar and a Prophet


the 9 rounds by the tzolkincycle behold the inner strenght from the double trinity as 3x3 spells and maintains just that as the inner integrity modus. The outer integrity modus is guaranteed by the outer integrity modus 3x9=27 ... which perfectly signals the 13Moon Experience which is meditated upon the 28th day, also the zero daya that weaves 2 Moons as wielding the mystery survival act.

In this way 55 symbolizes 2x27 days and the zero day => 27+27+1 => 55;
and 57 symbolizes the trinity span of 3 zero-daya ... where the outer ones function as tipping points for the bird itself ... time and human specie; where the human is a tipping point for evolutions and the God / Divine Spark ...

In 57 both the Christ and the Muhammad fuse their Buddha Avatar as seen by Pacal Votan: 3x19 => 57
Pacal Votan is completed by the act of Bolon Ik, who's number is there: 3+19=> 22

While 22 is the Fool it is also the Buddha Tree => 0 as 1

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

exercise 1 - einstein qquotes

the given thing here is a selection from einstein quotes ...

Melovia selected 13 Quotes and as an exercise for feeling what Tzolkin Seal was here at prime core, chord & court according my state of seeing ... i put the seals applicable to the Quotes.

I tried to avoid double seals to get a smooth WAVE respecting Melovia's choice ..

To attract yourself it is advised to put your own choices first ...
(but then i consider you might be on a hurry, so then you are served ...)

S'ace List (text below seal power/archetype and an vision)

1. "People do not grow old no matter how long we live.
We never cease to stand like curious children
before the great Mystery into which we were born."

DEATH ~ Hierophant
Every day your mind is born again from a Great Ping Moment
:{ sudden death is as implicit as sudden life }:

2. "Not everything that counts can be counted,
and not everything that can be counted counts."

The fitting in for the healing leaves some spare parts and a residu
:{counting is an administration way of dying the time as a belief MED'}:
MED is a VOID from MEDication and MEDitaton (fabricate or nature)

3. "The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Curiosity has its own reason for existing."

The Questioning is a SOUND from a SOURCE, a living SOURCE on a SEARCH
:{ Before accepting a role in a Questionaire ask yourself whether you either inter- or transconnect }:

4. "The aim of education must be the training of independently acting and thinking individuals, who, however, can see in the service to the community their highest achievement."

FLOWERING ~ Innocent One
The seed is both independent as interdependent in a mutual act
:{ The Awareness within the SEED is a multiplex inherited }:

5. "It's a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.
The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."

LIFE-FORCE ~ Serpent Initiate
All personal learning is about initating ones uniQ add-on
:{ Survival is from the spine where your prime ground for being roots }:

6. "The gift of fantasy has meant more to me
than my talent or absorbing positive knowledge."

Fantasy sprouts from the unplanned space where the mystery wields
:{ Intuition is the wired uniQverse }:

7. "We should take care not to make the intellect our god,
it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality."

ENDLESSNESS ~ Yogi / Yogini
The mirror is as the sword with mysterious powers cutting clear
:{ Order is a given thing within the Chaos that surrounds us culturally, from natural & dynamic perceptions merging revelations }:

8. "You cannot love a car the way you love a horse."

MAGIC ~ Magician
Still most people have a car i.s.o. a carriage
:{ AUTO }:

9. "We can't solve problems
by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Thinking Modes and Phases can be skilled from practice and evaluation (energy meta morph)
:{ When(ever) Solving Problems became a Fixed Fabric how to Close that Down }:

10. ”After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved,
science and art tend to coalesce in aesthetics, plasticity and form.
The greatest scientists are always artists as well."

The artist is the nigger of economy
:{ The Feminine Attraction we inherit from all mothers of invention (ZAPPA) }:

11. "It would be possible to describe everything scientifically,
but it would make no sense...
as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure."

SPIRIT ~ High Priestess
Pressure is the process that facilitates the Speaking
:{ Pinpointing a Bible in 3 words is quite an art of articulating }:

12. "Everything should be made as simple as possible,
but not simpler."

Every Child looks a simple as most Possible at Awe
:{ RED, YELLOW and BLUEs' }:

13. "The life of the individual has meaning only insofar
as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful.
Life is sacred;
that is to say,
it is the supreme value to which all other values are subordinate."

Consider the hierarchical fall where values inherit other values
:{ Let the LIFE of all your ENLIGHTENED ONES in }:

Then ... having contemplated the quotes and the seal chosen ...
you reader might question the choice or offer an alternative ...
in this way your teammate can question his choice ...
and give a motive in the co*versation.

So , feel well-come well-beings ;-) s'ace

Monday, January 11, 2010

4 fine-gears enter the cab'in

A signal from TMQ of today at DS KIN 173 passed over a signal to gather 4 entities from human births at the 3K oracle rea'chings ...

173 071 244 Beatrix
171 102 013 Claus (passed 121/071/192)
184 125 049 Willem Alexander
104 046 150 Maxima

Deep Digging the Starroot delivers 3 MOON years for the last 3 (and a SEED10 year for the first entity) examined.

Resp. tone 12 - 13 & 4 are charged and give 29 -> 3 as their merged spice.

29 always indicvates : the new daya / the future density that is spoken by facts

3 is pointing the dream, the dreamer and the electricity tone - also kweaks prime spice ...

(well, the kweak'all speaker is mostly focussed on manifestating its essence ...)

When we look at the 3 spells we find those seals on a row:

DS: Skywalker - Monkey - Seed - Seed

LC: Hand - Wind - Serpent - Worldbridger

3K: Seed - Skywalker - Moon - Dog

This is very interesting to get it in a narrative ...

Seed is the trinity here ... activated in the SEED4 year by the Mexican Visit by the 3 SEED Entities guided by 3K Skywalker "daddy cool", the 4th musketeer typo inspired by AfreeCan Inheritance and Nazi remedy from practiced awareness exercises (Claus).
The Young Ones were also at the Aztec Stone Visit to feel and listen to the Universe as a Musical Chord ...

Having the LC Serpent on the Dutch Oncoming King alignes with the story of Alexandria which is in his destiny by his 2nd name - probably a choice addicted to him because of his Father will and Wisdom Call. Will-i-am is a Traditional INheritance from William of Orange, the tribes keyholder from the ancient where Mary Stuart practiced her feminine will on his feelings.

Good to see they both, WA & Maxima, are on Moon and Dog in the 3K ...

As a matter of fact your pretty agent here works in the Dutch/World Water Affairs to realize the Human Factor at the Awakening Planetary Consciousness level aimed by the F'light workers Alliancee (although not everyone might be in-formed - due to telepath obvious reasonings)

So here the Noo'Sphere is as Quick as Possible on the Disposal of the M'any :-))

Saturday, January 9, 2010

3 perceptions on body alignment

here i describe the 3 different weavingtypes in the body/mind.

i use this picture (left half) as a reference.

lets label the perceptions how they travel, traveltype: spiral, lineair, circular

the lineair one is used to number according to chakra's + 3 extra ref's

According to the numbering we can set those in a sequence per traveltype:

spiral: 0 7 1 6 2 5 3 4 8 (9)

lineair: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (9)

circular: 0 4 1 5 2 6 3 7 8 (9)

Special types are 0-8-9

0 is a meditational focus to allow the deepest entrance in a serial/session
it is linked to the sound ))) ~ B I O V O I D ~ (((

8 is the other one, the other way around thinking as if i were you in your position ... this allows me to listen most open to what is articulated from your mind ...
The symbol is 180 degrees from SILIO symbol 6 which is the KUXAN SUUM / SOLAR PLEXUS associated PLASMIC SEAL at the DESTINY (according KWEAK)
This PLASMA is born mid february on the planet Earth given my data ...

9 is the nearing (3 times) for the GLORYdaya which is scheduled for each 28th daya in the 28 daya moon concept ... as a pattern that facilitates dynamic intervals upmost considering the timespace we've entered together.

9 is in brackets because it is 3 times almost there ... and indeed the 3rd time it follows that date ... the 27th daya in the serial within a MOON.

Sometimes a 28th MOON has no FULL MOON experience - this is because its experienced timespan is over 29 daya ...

The 28 daya moon is not exactly in sync with the full moon in order to facilitate the creative friction factor eachhuman appreciates in its life. (important to know this way of thinking to promote the portant life itself as a por-tale)

Then por-tale is not meant to be poor tale but pour-tale ... Note those facts as babelonic dis-understandings in our language given itself by "bad passings" (to overcome in due time by now - 2010).

this ... as a guiding message from ...


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


today is for me the 6th moon and the 18th SOULdaya considering the KWEAK as a spell.
this is while every moon has 3 SOULdaya in its configuration ... (see the banner)

Tomorrow is the 6th GLORYdaya ...

I commented this in the TMQ of the DAY / HAND11:

s'ace - cees de groot (13:48:02) :

toDaya we have SOULdaya 24+3 => 27
in fact it is numbered as in kweak …
this means tomorrow we have – a foUr ZERO celebration day …
it is also the day for the 3 Kings from the East in a famous tradition.

in these times people are longing for their own storyline …

n fact i work in the waternet affairs and pioneared a gathering on “writing our own crisismesh story” autumn 2003 … this was guided by the alphabet we have here. How? well the 1st 3 issues were serendipitous and from the 4th Letter the Theme was titled by D till 26 Z. “They” soon hired me for 7 days a week 24 hours a day till Spring2014.

In fact i sort of am engaged to 3 ladies who work on the KweaK to see for its Health – which is quite thrilling to experience.

The Announcement to make comes from considering “my act here” as having performed 4 whole moons about tomorrow having the 4th GLORYdaya on day 28 in the Kweak; day 25 in DreamSpell/13Moon.

So tomorrow will be my last contribution here – consideing the regular basis …
(maybe now and then a pop-up). “Give Way …” might be the credo.

maybe good to have a look at the Roerich Flag?

here it is …:

3 triangles and a gathering center that fires …

as 9 9 9 1 …


13 => 4 => mystery number in 11235 (PHIBOW) ...
in fact 4 and 3 give 12 (3) and relates to the CLOCK : 2x12=24 hours / day
7777 also breaths 4 were KWEAK pivotes this mode into 9991 (also 4 numbers) which breaths 3 and unity ... as its firing force.
13 Moons a year is the grandmother for kweak ... where a moon is its mother ...
The Father is at hand in 4 Days of Yera Experience and 1 Day of Tiem Experience ... as its Self-Existing Seed and Innocent One. Of course the 1 in 9991 is also a SEED and FIRE celebration ... The 27 other days breed the SEED.

48 is a 4x12 number, also 3x16 ...
the last one matches the 16 cubes and 4x16 runes in 16 years is vibrated.
New to be explored are the 48 Harmoni Curnes of the Second Creation.
See page 216 (9) in The Cosmic History Chronicle * Volume V - CHANNEL 13 Alphabets of the New TimeSpace

02 referes to 2 lovers ... a relationship ... als each friendship ...
SEALwise it is the WINDspirit
TONEwise it refers to the CHALLENGING LUNAR tone that stabilizes through time

All summed we get 63 (7x9) ...
where nine and seven come together in a mixture at HAND
63 counts to 9 and has a bar of 3 => pretty elegant number breathing KWEAK!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Spark of Life


i just was informed on a YI oracle measure where 3 and 4 speak ... it is in the comment formulated at the TMQ site - which is here uesed as a trigger speak from VVRQ - the messengears couple for the many that grow on the mass predicted.

while 3 is on position 4 in the 11235 PHIBOW we have identified the mystery number 4 and can immediately see why the Wilber Quadrants keep the scholars going on the search and never get synchronized (again) - simply because this is the tricktrack nicknack tit::tat compendium game ... to(o) follow ... in the mon'eye game for the selected lucky ones ... (i should gain on trusting them!)

here is the comment on TMQ KIN166 (a 13 numeric as 4) ...

s'ace - cees de groot (16:04:05) :

Testerday we entered the First Codon in the 1st Decade regarding the Gragorian Calendar Set Up as a Mind Influencing Program from HieroPhants within Emperor Typos … so to saya …

The Codon for Week 24 of the Self-Existing Seed Year is: “Codon 4; Listen Again: Tree Shapes Space” … is stated on the SERPENT GAP DAYA as we contemplated this all receivers from the lectures given …

Let us repeat this line:

Tree Shapes Space

Tree Shapes Space

Tree Shapes Space

And it is on iChing number 4 ~ the mystic number given by Bolon Ik MindSet …

But then when was this Bolon IK mindset set?
Is this the time and place to reveal that?
and who is it that decides that?

Too many Questions … lets listen to the UniQversal Ignition? OkaY?

here is the YI reading that might give an impulse within a time-BAR that is COSMICally given?

The combination with iChing number 3 might give the context where 4 lives a Quality …

Shortly noted … the not knowing at 4 might indicate the Spark of Life …

Keep On True Notes Tracking Ones Track as the needle of a Pick-Up …

;-) ch…ease

the oracle reading (irregular act given by the personal agenda) on timestamp


16 indicates the warrior seal, also PathFinder in CHC V/VII
it vibrates both 5 and 7 , resp. 6-1 ; 1+6.
and it is a cube having 4x4 and also 2x2x2x2 (2**4)
At the Tonal interval it vibrates 16-13=>3 the electric tone that creates magnetic overflow (4 as 1 group) => the mystic position in the 11235 PHIBOW BOX.

04 is as the 4th day in the newyeargear ...
internet free communication vibes give notion of a crucial year ...
as Dreamspellers we see the axis oncoming about july 25 and 3 moons before that as a psi-given reasoning. And the preparation entries given before that (moon 7-9).
And moon 10 is the catalyzing MooN ... PowerPet : The Dog ... Maybe Dog4 Energy?

05 is the fifth position at 11235 and it is the vow of 9 / NINE and NINO
it is the gathering postoffice in service for the navigathors command ...
together with 4 it is both 9, 1 and 20 : resp. 4+5, 5-4 and 4x5.

Summed the numbers given resonate 25 - a Mars number ...
Again the sum rises to 7 , as in 16 ;
the difference is 3 => similar to the yearnumber : 2+0+1+0=>3

about 3 to go to end 2012; and 4 "zero" as the "equalizer"

Friday, January 1, 2010

29 parallel experience?

this newyearsday gives me a page that also is based on a 29er list ...

here i just get the keylabels from there and see how they fit the 29'ers at kweak ... (the page inspires for a glance from kweak-all perspective - am i a copy?)

Note - the 3 dots ... indicate some kin to insert from mushrooms that pop up some'thought ;-)>~~~ ; CHANNEL9 refers to Cosmic History Chronicle Chapter9 "Meet the Galactic Archetypes"

~ ))) ~ BIOVOID ~ (((
seeing the baby born fuses with silence as heavenly music
CHANNEL9 :: Primal Force

~ ))) ~ KALIKEY ~ (((
Burns a fusing thing in the world we accept as a giving thing; a common pure thought
CHANNEL9 :: High Priestess

~ ))) ~ ALPHOENIX ~ (((
This is the meaning minds set on the phenomenon that leads a way ...
CHANNEL9 :: Dreamer

~ ))) ~ GAMMAYA ~ (((
Each Source for the received thought has primal routes for getting the storyline - which is the innocent way of building an image and a guideline for its travelin'
CHANNEL9 :: Innocent One

~ ))) ~ SELINOO ~ (((
The tongue gets a fork as a radar love tool to experience its talents as a true gift
CHANNEL9 :: Serpent Initiate

~ ))) ~ DALIMÈR ~ (((
(useful to see be-tele-G-use is 1000 bigger than our beloved sun?)
The + symbol DALI caries is about articulating our VOICE in relational exchanges of energy ~ tended to unify on mutual dreams in peace at a pace
CHANNEL9 :: Hierophant

~ ))) ~ SILIOHM ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: Avatar

~ ))) ~ LIMIMAH ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: Artist

~ ))) ~ SILIAUM ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: Healer

~ ))) ~ BIOVOID ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: Compassionate One

11S PLEAIDES Acceptance of the Dark Side.
~ ))) ~ ALPHOENIX ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: Magician

~ ))) ~ SELINOO ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: Sage

~ ))) ~ SILIOHM ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: Prophet

~ ))) ~ LIMIMAH ~ (((
(Reminds me directly to VEGA , a miracle in my xD lifeform(s) ...)
While LIMI is the heart spot in KweekSpell this is (as) AMOR's arrow as aBow
CHANNEL9 :: Wizard

~ ))) ~ DALIMÈR ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: Seer

~ ))) ~ GAMMAYA ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: Pathfinder

~ ))) ~ KALIKEY ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: Navigator

~ ))) ~ SILIAUM ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: Yogi / Yogini

~ ))) ~ BIOVOID ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: World-Changer

~ ))) ~ LIMIMAH ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: Enlightened One

~ ))) ~ ALPHOENIX ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: Hunab Ku

~ ))) ~ DALIMÈR ~ (((
Throat Speaks from Dolphins and Whales
CHANNEL9 :: Kuxan Suum

~ ))) ~ SELINOO ~ (((

~ ))) ~ GAMMAYA ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: (MOON flower)

~ ))) ~ SILIOHM ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: (SUN flower)

~ ))) ~ KALIKEY ~ (((

27S SCULPTORIS - Sculptor
~ ))) ~ SILIAUM ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: (Echinacea)

28S Eltanin -the Dragon's head in Drago
~ ))) ~ KAMUTHY ~ (((
CHANNEL9 :: (Mushroom)

Quoting the site at a fusing thought: "Eltanin speaks "I am the fire that comes from the core of my soul, the spirit of fire is ignited with my song, the light of the universe is created through my breath."

NEWdaya (ONE a'gain)
~ ))) ~ BIOVOID ~ (((
29 x 9 => 261 as every daya in the timecrux we follow ...

29 represents the left wing passing the the right wing where it leave a blueprint for the new moon to build on ... having a maze as orientation

Having the 22 CHANNELs from Cosmic History Chronicle gives an option to enterprise the 6+1 remaining references up to 29B ... I chose the 5 flower chakra references, the mushroom and the void of space and silence - say NATURsVOID as a given option.