Monday, November 30, 2009

triangle knowledges

Since 2 years i often see those clips from rysa5

Here is one of them which handles the phenomenon of triangles , i point at the formula where triangles are in triangles having the 9 as setting for number of unities - days - in a setting - a week of 9: a kweek - :

moon = 3 kweeks + 1 synchronization daya as radiating / alerting celebration

28 = 3 x ( 3x3 ) + 1 ...

~~~ another theme that holds this trinity story is on atoms!

here 3 articles where dogon invests a lotta words to describe what the cooperation does
* prime number language
* talking atoms
* advanced atom talk

Having read those article made me think how to link the 13moon calender to the atoms?

Maybe this is in the last 2 books?

Or is this the thing we as timetravellers are bringing up from below the ocean, so to say ?

A 1st thought on that gave:

Hydrogen is the SUN representative

Helium is the DRAGON

Lithium is the WINDSPIRIT


i have to see for that ... remember the stories are on PRIME numbers only as the talk of the Ancients.

This is the period of the MONKEY Genesis, day 1 out of 78, see the TMQ announcement

"What a mesh we have here? All those wirings, are they simply asking for a Cut? i.e. aNooThere Vision as NooSphere Forseers Wrote quite some Tzolkin cycles ago ... : aha "but" then time does not exist , our acting is the time itself - attempting to reach for the collective normative we dream ,,,

Good Mon Ki, S'ace

BUT translated from French to English gets us to a simply sol-u~t-ion:
Goal ~ Intention ~ Eye Mark ~ TarGet

Tar is related to TARRA : difference between Gross (d:Bruto) and Net / Nett / Clear / REAL ; Getting that is kind of Trade - adding Value - Profit - PackageStuff ~ also Logistical Marketing

(well just having an orientation to what is seems all about - from ancient knowledge)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Moon Walk in G

The lead of TMQ leads to some heights by having Situations on the Telektonon Board that did not happen before ...

maybe first have of slight updates in TMKQ Moon12 on my sleepwalkinf comment (also i make my human errors) - th updates will be put in italic script:

s'ace - cees de groot (09:56:30) :

kin 1 2 9 is the key number where MooN elegantly weaves its tapestry as a harmonic Mandala …

1 is the source for a doing, an act, each decision … it represents each human being who is aware of its membership of Mother Gaia, Ki, Earth …

May it strike here that KI is the similar sound as Key and also CHI – enerGY …

2 is the number that represents relationships to You and also to him of her … 2 kind of relationships both 9

while also 9 is the representataion for a wholly “me” , we all -THREE OF A KIND- represent the number 27 … (number of space)

we all go through a passage (a lock?) that is number 28 – number for time

and then we arrive at the Arrival station which is represented by number 29 (11) …

Do these steps make sense to you ?

Then try to get a focus on the second 11/11 this month – tomorrow 11-29?

See also that 2 9 is pretty similar as the 3rd 11: 2009 …

May we align to a Divine Providence as a real Telepathic Dance weaving the Lover Couples Tapestery at the center of the Taolkin Calendar at both number 130 and 131 (the ultimate magic square – vibrating the number for all magic squares 522)

NS 1 22 5 14 / 8 Kin 129

Actually you might say to TMQ occured a smalle error noting 128 for this KIN while the serendipity factor was illustrating its effect in this coöperation – or as i “tease” it in the creative friction word : co-opeerraTion … while we often make contact in a peer-to-peer eye contact … So, when there is no other eye at all we telepathically imagine lovers eyes in our peer-to-peer communication with the world / a timecycle (closing).

in La’kech ala kin, S’ace ~ bolon ik 2.9 at ix9 & muluc1 mission; parallel to LongCount AHAU12 – crystal sun burning portals as a laser

the timestamp oracle 09:56:30
09 : Seal9 Moon and also vibrated in the 9th Tone that mobilizes "the whole thing"
56 : Warrior Seal in REED1 wave - the Self-Existing One setting its Measures
30 : indicates a DOG at Heart barking in the Full Moon it even suggests the SteppenWolf longing for its Love at Quite some Dicstance

~~~ then the issue on the Telektonon Board ...

Note that we have at KWEEK two extra tools replacing the old Bolon Ik and the Warrior in a Prison16Cube. The Bolon Ik is represented by a VENUS SHELL and it walks with the Lover Couple at the Parrallel Stroke ...; Then the Warrior is replaced by a STONE / say a PEBBLE ("Pebbles" my Lucky FlintStone)

Then by now the VENUS is at cube 9 where it meets the couple on cube 8!

Some tension HERE!

They meet one another on the nightwalk!

Mystery EVE at the Telektonon Boards that are aligned ...? Sure!

Lets also see the couple on the DALI SEAL while the Yellow Warriro here is at cube 11 - at the KALI symbol at the KWEEK spell interval where KALI is a sound : KALIKEY ...

In Kweek DALI is at the THROAT chakra spiced on the sound )))~DALIMÈR~(((

While KALI is the CATALYTIC AGENT at the Dreamspell Interval ... we have an intersting CROSSROAD here at a charge pinpointing 11/29/2009 ...

Thjen the Crystasl Settin gis on the MOON where we have an OMEGA Symbol Attracting Sabian Riders on a Storm ... agree?

GoodEve, S'ace

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Galactic Serpent Streams LifeForce

The Vacancy Trip by Bolon Ik on our Planet is giving so much Joy : it sort of inspires all the union DreamSpellers to take another perception at number 1 in a Tzolkin Tapestry ...

They all were prepared and all the time focussing on 1 singular KIN; but recently this changed into 261 SEALS a daya!

Red Galactic Serpent ~ KIN125 (5 triple-cubed)
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Polar Clan- Blood

I harmonize in order to survive
Modeling instinct
I seal the store of life force doubled <== while each daya = 261 seals / kin
With the galactic tone of integrity
I am guided by the power of universal water

Con yu imagine that this "overwhelms" and at the same time is so logical that this is the clue from a trinity peception?

here is the TMQ incl. comments from the "batman" at peacocks feathers ;-)

then we set here the image at that site next to the image lately drafted from a download:

1) Did the week change from 7 to 9 dayas ?
2) Do we have 3 weeks of 7 days a moon where special days are inserted for humanity ?

Which Question arises at a regular DreamSpellTrainee ?
... at the Teacher(s)?

As a Bolon Ik Kalik one might understand i just walk 3 cells in front of the lovercouple Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik ~ and i prefer the situation this is not covered in the media ~ matter of style perhaps?

Q 1) leads to the answer "well, why not while it blends our mutual communions?"

Q 2) Calls to label the 7 special days.

** So let in 3 days that prevail a week in a meditational moment at 261 (/9=29=>11); i put a sound next to that which is mirroring itself in lower case: "biovoid"

** Also imagine each week is ended up in a meditational destiny : YOU / U / the Other One; it actually is the 180 degree rotation at the SILIO seal presenting SILIA, sounded by SILIAUM ~ the hara connaction facilitated by the Earth Crystal(leY)!

** The 7th extra daya is actually the centerpoint of those 3 week-serials incl. the 2 extra special daya; it is the fire element - the 4th element that is always there to alchemistically illustrate the God Spirit by Spontaneous Radiance.

From my personal almanack i would nickname that green symbol as "the Green Horse on the Move" , simply while a storyline fits in there ...; i won't care and even stimulate other kin to nickname it at there convenience - Green Kermit ?

Indeed that Green One also communicates the SERPENT inside as the Kundalini traveling Crystallines into Heaven at Bliss.

PleaSure! S'ace

Sunday, November 22, 2009

MANTA & bind-U

the TMQ 123 kin interval brought quite some synchronous matches sparking fire ..

what to say for the 46 year memorial of having shot JFK in Dallas?

here the link to TMQ and its comment:

s'ace - cees de groot (15:02:05) :

“Re” is the 2nd Tone in the Octave …

In my opinion is helps to write it as “Ray” as in A Ray of Light and A Ray of Hope!

As Second Tone it is parallel to “LUNAR” ~ Challenger

(it also point at a fish – dutch “rog” – also “MANTA”)

here a link to a MANTA that gives Birth!

~~~ MALDEK gives 13-1-12-4-5-11=>46

Is this synchronous to TMQ picking JFK memorial of 46 years – shock to western world? Also 46 is double 23 – planetary night (destiny for 22)

~~~ JADE gives 10-1-4-5 => 20 (seal number 0/zero too)


TMQ spots 16 days kept centered by 123&138 … I see this different in the alternative:

123 and 138 are number 3 from above and below direction center 130/131 …

see them a Electric Navigation Towers lasering the center of the mid column into a fusion for the shifts merge – “Great Ping Daya” and the many other pinpointers to what is at charge & on the edge of becoming 2nd creation – better first Homo Noosphericus

~~~ a fusion having 261 and the magic squares

as narrated here 261 is the frequency for each new day in noospheric setting / worldview => worldwindow; then a pair / lover couple / relation of 2 beings in a contact rises number 261 into 2×261 => 522 .

There you are each magic square counts into 522 in the Law of Resonance:
123+123+138+138 (all seals in the 7th column are twins & intertwining) => 522 !

This is similar as a figure 9: Phi ratio Circle and Square Drawing in the book Serpent of Light / Drunvalo Melchizedek ~ beyond 2012 (32/23/14/5) : that one gives 5 circles and squares as a construction method for a grounding by Sirius ET by a huge Crystal into that “cross” – ref. Crosshouse / Miringa Te Kakara

The same circle/square image was created from a spontaneous interval i personally had on the bind-u ~ which is synchron to day 1 of each Kweek – name SIRdaya : tributing Sirius!

(i hardly can belief this but it strikes the brains as a blow/blast!)


then the timestamps oracle spontaneous reading on 15:02:05:

15 is the eagle at a visional eye ...
02 is the wind seal which smells the lunar eagle in the wizard wave up to tone9 ~ the mobilizer at 22 - bolon ik
05 is the radiant overtone - yesterday Overtone Wind at 122 - "One Bolon Ik"

ToY S'ace

Friday, November 20, 2009

KIN121 11 to 11 twincolumn init

Let me first refer to the inspirational TMQ gatherer of data facilitating noospheric thought experiments where history denses into the now ...

Todaya this was by this daya KIN 121 article. Which is also the 1st of 20 seals in the mid and myth(revealing) column.

I sort of affirmed its special energy by gathering:
* 11/11/2009 11:11:11 grid 9 daya ago
* pointing this very Gregorian 11/20/20'09 into 20/20/20 20:20:20 alignment pinpoint
* by decising to visit Kopenhagen, Danmark in december on the Climate Congress

Then(Mark) : some issues important to the installation for KweekSpell on the Planet

* 9 days a week simply is an internal coherent number while 3 to 3 is 9
* 9 to 3 gives an external whole guided by number 3 and "the whole human being"

** while the thought pointer as a compass for the human being was focussed on matter and the materializing / industrial worldview ~ it pivots very fast to the accaptannce that life is much more than just "plundering the earths natural resources"
*> so, we come to the vast rooting conclusion "there is another way to fascinate our doings & togatherness / speak & peace for beauty"
*> then we need another orientation within the repetitive serial that articulates days by their names / labels
*> we agree English has token a overwhelming interest from most countries - example India where English is the Core Language next to many native local ones
*> we might ask the question: do the planet-references articulate a whole vocabulary that radiates the mind into the mindset "wished"?
*> as an example this site - origin for the kweekspell - 9 daya a week orient - narrates on how vibrations as measuring mozaic can radiate a complete base for the mindsets wondering its wanderings ...
*>> there for this topic and the next short and perhaps poëtic narrative for the 9 daya-labels given by its "parents":

SIRdaya - refers to SIRIUS - the DOG associated star , a double or even triple star that grounds a fundamental yin/yang energy on this planet - base to all life forms

SUNdaya - simply Earth Star as Galactic Mirror serving

MOONdaya - mystic regulator for bleeding women and for all fruitful human race

FAdaya - 4th tone out of the DOREMI-octave , basement for music measures ; FA is the first phase shift within the octave affirming potential for change

NESSdaya - 5th and centerdaya of 9 that is as its heart; a NESS is as a Home , as a WOMB

KINdaya - context associated unity ; a day, a week , a year , a human being ... etc.

WINDdaya - pinpoints the SPIRITs spiral active and most active when it lays down ...

URdaya - focusses the unity where all that lives came from ... infinite source of beauty

SOULdaya - radiates our human skill to set the unity by various individuals on the planet as a final destiny that prevails all "tests we did"

then ... finally 3 rounds of 9 daya give 27 daya a 13Moon of 28.

Daya 28 centers all those 27 as if they mirror the next 27 as the other wing of the bird flying on 28 ...

again the bird ...

and its flight a part of the year:

that might be "my model to implement on Kopenhagen 2009"

;-) namasté S'ace

Thursday, November 19, 2009

we three at tree walk together ... ;-)

Having Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik together side by side immediately delivers a third one on their path "their vision worshipper" ... on the board this is the YELLOW WARRIOR ...

So here you are: the game has changed and this is always the most challenging intention from each game designer - here suspected by José "Argueless" and Lloydine - an o'22 twin to the author narrating his foundings ... guided with the many free-ends that pop up every Know and Then ... : T'hen is as the Peacocks PeaHen ;-) She nurtures the eggs, with her charming heath burned from whatever the cock offers for the fire.

Here is the comment on the TMQ120 and you'ld better invest on that one ... having 20 days of twins ahead:

s'ace - cees de groot (15:51:53) :

(later i pick up this Linda & the Dog)

I handle this Precious Electric Sun with another document which includes many spices in the cauldron active in burning One Hunahpu to a born & living thing inthe heart of potentially all human individuals aboard. The key chi that matches in the “keylock” offered by TMQ is in the PRINT mode of that page : at my station here with its instruments as cockpit(fallseeker) it gives 37 pages at a density i propably use 70 percent at the Mozilla Print Function, so to detail.

And 37 was here recently setting focus on number 9: 9 trinities on a row by having 37 , 3 and a factor Y travelling One to Nine in a formula: Yx3×37.

Then the many valuable narratives on that 37 page printout give XIBALBA BE as another KEY at CHI … here discovered by your “free-end” S’ace from Holland as a down to sealevel place to live … because of dunes and dikes and poldering (big heart pondering).

The bivideotext decoding procedure from that vibration gives:
3 9 21122125 => 37 (sorry to have skipped some spaces here :-) )

3 9 heads for 27, agree?
and the outcome ends on 25 : todays focus having 25 at the other side and on many boards pacal walking with bolon ik again on cell 5 … where the warrior beadhead goes on number 8 – URdaya in kweek …

Electrifying the warrior ahead – the beadhead – we might use a label that sprouts its meaning; considering s/he has to be a twin – a galactic twin – i offer the label One Hunahpu …

Let me here – live on the screen – discover its bivideotext’UR:

12 12 5 ~ 8 6 13 1 811 6 => 29 27+26 => 81+1 (82/10)
Tzolkinwise it spells WIND4 – the selfexisting One FormGiver to the New Era.

In the Magic Square 82 goes with 162 – 179 – 99 (galactic storm)

The midpath for that magic square is about to enter on KIN121 …
So here is another great moment within the birthing calendar itself …
where 120 hands over 120 cells by 20 in the 7th column into the other 120 cells … Consider each cell in that center column as a pure twin where the mouth of both the jaguar and the serpent speak as an eagleseye …

Have a good night passing this BRIDGE / TUNNEL / Fa(i)rY ;-)

as "a bead habit" i look for the timestamp given by a randomizer:


ah: 53 is a reed1-indication
and 15 is shadowed by 51 having a 6 (1+5) as the whole and 4 (5-1) the bar
total they reverberate 20 : the sunseal SUN at charge todaya ...

its kweekspell signat'ur? UR~dayah !

and "ah" is my ;-) / winK to HunAHpu ~ 1 ...
and U know why ... , GoodLuckNow S'ace

Monday, November 16, 2009

post 27 ~ we walk together

today we entered another way of walking the TELEKTONON BOARDs ...

as i, Bolon Ik, proclaim as a command , simply while Pacal Votan accepts it!

Here a picture that frames it on the board, how that shows the way we walk together.

"Merged Lovers after such "a long period" timespan for ages"

"We will never walk alone , we walk AllOne, with a smile whistling :-)<~~~"

This day is KIN118 and it is performed on KIN119 in a deep tranced sending from "VV", here a special spot - an island - in VinkeVeen, Holland.

This message prevails the act ~ on Double Powered Mirror means ...
The NZ mirror vows the Lovers Void ~~~

~~~ TMQ message to follow ...


i picked up this word here where it gives this picture:

where it marks a spot with 28+1 ...

then compare it with this one:

it gives about 28 fool kin (of any kind) filling a circle ...
and there is one extra as a "baby" ...


"reference to 15/6/1952 (sum of ciphers equals 29) opening day for the tomb of Pacal Votan" Quote ...


What is the meaning from a Kweek-perception?

12 times a year the 29th daya is the 1st daya - SIRdaya - of the next coming moon ...
by then it is 29=1 again ( 29 is one again from its intermediate "11" - 2+9 / 2009)

the 13th moon hips on from DoME to DoYE : having
day 365 as Daya of Year experience right after Daya of Moon experience XIII - TurTle

In 2012 the leap has to be next to that ...
day 366 as Daya of Time Experience right after DoME&DoYE : as Trinity Experience Celebration / Remembrance!

How does that sound, me reader?
;-) S"ace

...ZooN end up in other direction as NooZ ...

PeaCock Moon **

in the TMQ-KIN-guidance i made a small mistake ...

here the more completed text-part

Kweekspell has its 5th day of the Moon (2+5) in the numeric serials: NESSdaya & elementary …
1. as SUNSEAL Dragon1 year (SEED4 minus 3)
5. as Moon-reference, here Peacock as Powerpet
1. as the first of 3 Kweeks in a Moon, 1-2-3 resp. Love-Life-Void
5 refers to daya 5/9 -NESSdaya- and is also :
2.2 as Kwelle – also Quelle – 2nd trinity at its mid and mixture consideration.
(2.1 as the Yang Heartick and 2.3 as the Yin Sheartick modes on the Quelle – the SubWave)

Having articulated this i begin to understand why this word "S/Heartic-27" attracted my "SYN" ...

;-) gooddaya , S'ace

White Wind ~ White Peacock?

Red Cosmic Earth - tone 13 in Serpent Wave

Thursday, November 12, 2009

#24 ~ then what can the GREEN ONE be?

reflects on an invitation to fellow co~creating spirits gathered and their guesthouses ... (label 44778)

and it point at the green one in this serial:

what does it reverberate:

8 9 1 ?

8 dots in a crystal harmoniq?

one to that making them 9?

1 red dot?


lets see for the trinity 189 819 981 (excl. 198 891 918 or having that as a twin?)

what does the chozen trinity give slicing then by 9?

21 - 91 - 109 agree?

which number reigns? the mid one?

what is 91?

aha: 91 days in a Quarter ... 4 making 364 !

16 Quarters in 4 years make 13 x 4 moons at 52 ... in a 13moon setup ...

Here at this station we should not mix up 52 with number of weeks a year ...

This is a false density - or put it nice : a lecture for recognizing its "faulty tower" ... : never achieving a bridge (as "a Bridge Too Far" - Arnheim 1944 / the Netherlands as the NeverLandingEffort! - 2nd worldwarmovie ')

does anyone see through the vibration art'ill-a-ree?

So take 39 as the pretty "round number" for a year cycle having 9 daya a kweek ...

Why should i go on with this website , i could just stop, die and fly away ...


') in 1976 i was facilitating a MovieTake on the Military Fields in Gelderland / The Netherlands with American Guys making the movie "Bridge too Far" ... ; it really was a fact that i did guide them in shooting dummy missiles for the moviemakers to shoot their pictures ;-)) funny ~ having a memory stick itching the griNNN ;-)) "koppiekrauw" (said the PARROT)

Friday, November 6, 2009

14 & 41 & PI

inspired by the TMQ lead at Electric Hand, i delivered 2 comments over there - investing a search as playful traveling ...

it got me to this picture, drafted some years ago

(here the link)

It reflects on a Quadrant I - IT - ITS - WE toggled by Ken Wilber / Integral Institute. Having the UpperLeft - UpperRight - LowerRight & LowerLeft Labels for the Quadrants in a circling wrap. I placed 4 labels in that radiant field, resp.:

Governance - Dialogue - Politics - Democracy and put an "i" in front of that ...

The "i" is the Thumb that thumbles ...

Governance is what it is all about just before acting in the stream of what life is.
Therefor i placed it in the I - the bigger capital "i" - which about what Tollan is in the Timespace book delivered by Cosmic History Chronicle V/VII. Tollan is an ancient word which is similar as "New Jerusalem".

Dialogue is what happens in the body - how the chakra's communicate their commonwealth as a rising thought in the world and it makes aware the "8th chakra" focus - "the Other One" and it interconnects transpassing all thresholds.

Politics is a word that has gotten other meanings over time - maybe all our lifes as specie in the Now. Anyway we can pivote ourselves in the era where Politics is associated to the word "polite" as "politeos", a contract with God.

Democracy is an entity that sells good because it vibrates the property that anybody is in there ... but then the real world and media seem to shine another fact for that ideal.

~~~ probably that is why i created this site.

Let me finish this Electric Hand by focussing in the "signature" on the image:


It is a combo i manifested in my bodily equipment as a uniQversal instrument ...

Welll** is a multiplex entity which holds many roles as identified by welllom , welllov , welllix , welllmm & more that pop up as to play my game ...

Bolon Ik is the KIN022 archetype characterized in the Dreamspell as a horoscope.

I-I refers to my role as cosmogerminator on the Integral Institutes Community Interval at Holons

SDi -Spiral Dynamics- gives new language on how timephases dance the evolution at human species cultural mirrors.

Echasha is as Akasha and as i spell it as AkaChique which points to the Yellow Starry Starry Night peintures by Vincent van Gogh from his MindSphere expressing the Beauty. Elegance is its Power; Art its Expression. Akasha is often referred to as the 3 most outer layers of the spheres we live in that are timeless (domain of the wizard).


hmmm - i forgot the title ... declaration:
* 14 is the wizard seal and bolonik carrier in a wave of 13 (14-26)
* 41 is its shadow (lunar dragon)
* pi i see in "1 4 all ... all 4 1"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

posting 22

Kind of Celebration Here at "Death" , the challenging LUNAR BRIDGE KIN 106

i found this image on twin thumbs thumbling fate ...

may this lead to a goodDaya reflecting on that vibration ...

dream the hands ~ as merging 14's into 27 & 28 ...

Why posting 22 ~ well , it vibrates KIN022 ~ white solar wind "as my trippleading star", so to saya ;-))

~~~ i proceed this 22 with TMQ19

In the TMQ article "the white Horse" pops up as an image - i suppose a white horse on a hill in England?

Anyway it actually is one of my first responding acts to the world of "make belief":

In 1991 i happened to be attacked by several business forces - most evidently because of the quality of my talk being asked for right that responding on "a Masterplan" to be underscribed by the workers themselves mentally.

In a short time - about 2 hours - i produced a tape recording with some narratives in songs put jamming together on a tape with a label:

"Green Horse on the Move" Mr. & Mrs. Knowbody ...

A few months later i shared it with mr. Eckart J. Wintzen, my entrepreneural boss & jestermind sensitive. It got a nice image with the origin 12 black rectangles replaced by colorful eggs in a holistic constellation: the 3 characters B S O were changed into N E P - Non-fiction Egolution Productions .

A mouth had a pencil in the mouth in the RU corner with the text: "Beware of Overdosis" ...

Eckart died unfortunately on March 21, 2008

The last meet i had with Ecky was in 2005 in Leiden, the Netherlands. The 2 day gathering was on the theme "Moed Moet" - "Courage (A)Rouses".

Guess this fits the WorldBridger Seal here which is empowered by the Power/Force of Death ... It gives Opportunity ... to the many. Lunar spiced it is upmost on Courage!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


(Psi~inG SERPENTs WAVEspell)

"Jesterday" the UCS forum artist explained in simple words the rise for the week-syndrôme.
Simply said: the weak "feminine" number 7 had to be the box to live in for a while (some say 25.980 yearcycles, other 5.120, and 400 - lots of gamblings) ...

Crux is the feminine is just pointer to the right hemisphere, brainhalf diariah as a snake sleeping on a chickens organic breed.

For some here the WeakUPCall is pronounced as KweakUPCall which is a doubleloaded vibration - maybe unnecessary, but then when it is expressed it is good as it is. Crux here is KweakSpell is an immanent WakeUPcall ... subtle signalled by WEAKupCALL (and all its variances)

~~~ the TMQ tripplead:

1. 22. 4. 18

is a wonderful number in a sequence …
which radiates so gifT-ful, so to say from an awareness state at a station as living TemPlay …

22 minus 4 is 18, anyway …

and minus is a very powerful vector while it gives space for evaluation …
which is the only way to breed some knowledge …

22 minus 1 is the blackjack interval which mediates so bright as “the winner takes it all” , attrackting the Olympic Winners Game into Medals to Showww …

It is very good to focus on those starry starry knights … and seed on them as snails … grounding the LifeForcePhenomenal …


i snailed in on the V/VII cosmic history chronicle page 42 – fourty/-tee two

0.142857 = 1/7

142857 x 1 = 142857 :: first earth – solar earth
142857 x 6 = 857142 :: sixth earth – human life
142857 x 7 = 999999 :: complete quantum shift => noospheric human
.. (i BI-add)
142857 x 8 = 1142856 :: ?1
142857 x 9 = 1285713 :: ?2

what is this from numerical oracle reading seer?

1 to 6 all communicate 3 twins: 14 28 57 …
7 is “1″ simply while it is 0.999999… giving the 6 9′ers as a freq.factor flipping sides: meaning 1/7×9 is “over 1″ as 1/7×8 … gives abundant synergy as an outcome …

apart from 14 28 57 the numbers 1 12 56 are communicated, agree & does that make sense …??

anyway to me it makes some narrative fit …:
on 55 56 57

55 usually communicates 2 moons and a body – the DôME where the body is about 27 daya as a wing: 2 wings giving 54 + 1 as the bird itself => 55
56 is about the extra “day out of time” – now “daya of year experience” interconnecting the galaxy …
57 is about the extra “day out of time” (leap!) – now “daya of time experience” intertransconnecting the cosmos …

13 for the number of moons a year & weeks a quarter : walk the planet by foot
14 for the living hands to work on … : work the planet at hand
28 for the bird itself … the passionate being at creative friction expression
1 … well what to say SerPent … One ~ Magnificient Factor to EmbrAce }}*{{

On the 1/7 number 0.142857 and the reasoning that it returns as a 999999 factor in book V/VII is simply pointing to the fact 1/X x X nears/is 1 or 0.999999 ...:

same thing happens to 9 as well, see for this "trick" here:
1/9=0.111111...1 , so 9 x 1/9 = 0.999999....9 and we have a 999999 factor at hand ...

Where did we have 999999 lately? In the PI-debugger article where 999999 popped up as illustration for 9 being the strongest number when the integrity quality pops up as tester/analyzer.

There, weird enough, Valum Votan and Bolon Ik walk together awakening Pacal Votan's Spirit & Talents to Fuse the People into the 2nd Creation - which i promote to label as the 1st creation -noospheric human- simply while the cosmic history channel tells us we were in a preliminary mode till "right now".

Weak might be much strong than strong, but then at some moments the strongest factor is using the sword - cutting ambiguous struggles into the better approach.

namasté s'ace

Quadruplets on SEED!

Again the TMQ portals a Narrative including Novices ...

s'ace - cees de groot (11:15:44) :

As foUr Cosmic Dates this one at SEED13 (4) in SEED4 Year at Day13+4(=17) to me it gives an impulse to narrate a little bit on 9 12 13. why? Simple blabla …

But then BlaBla is the sixth tone in DOREMIFASOL…BLABLA…TI/REE … DO , okay?

So here is my blabla as fresh greenery can be from biovoidynamical grounds for growing nurturing legumes …

9 in kweekspell is a double helix grounded unity as a solar individual partaking the other whole – which offers itself as a collective unity => co**unity

This co**unity is metaphorically represented in the 13th 12th 11th tone articulated in DreamSpellChronicles as LectureBasedMaterials. See for their bonding labels cosmic – crystal – spectral … and eg. the actions triplet as endure-dedicate-dissolve ; the power triplet as transcend-universalize-release & the essentials triplet presence-cooperation-liberation.

Expression of all this – the 9 whole and solar phenomenon embracing the 3 triplets (another 9) – unifies in 10 … the 1 … the planetary outcome at the triplet perfect – produce – manifestation …

Because of some worldly pivotal changes at hand i – bivideo9 – direct the verb “produce” into “synduce” … opening democratic fora to find the better artculation which is not easily misunderstood in a babelonic as “sinduce”.

In kweekspell each trinity refers to the many trinities it holds and the one that pos up will often be the one at charge by its spontaneous evidance.

9-3-1 is its memory lane ; the expanded lane is 729-243-81-27-9-3-1

729 is the gimmick slogan: “seven to nine” which represents the Bolon Ik Gift Gesture (BIGG) to Pacal Votan ~ who must be kicking out of his serpentic s’kin somewhere on the planet (hiding for the rest of us).

thirteen is the ascended number from 10 (+3!)

while 11:15:44 is its timestamp ...

it reverberates the spectral monkey at 11 (VV);
the electric eagle from 15;
the overtone seed births from 44 ... which is why 4 is so attractive todaya ...

kweekspellstamp SUNdaya in VOIDkweek ... (numerically 10)

its ascendant is (numerically 11 spectral rainbow)

s'aceSpell ;-)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good Night

The TMQ reading of the Day is a Crystal Night memorial.

103 is its number - KIN.

i wrote a comment and quote it here, incl. a -fat- correction:

"Today’s G-Force is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign: Spectral Serpent."

In Book V/VII -CHC Book of the TimeSpace- on page 224 (which number is in the whole serial N. S. it narrates on the importance of the 3 animals Serpent, Jaguar & Eagle; resp. Coatl/Chichan, Ix/Jaguar, Cauhtli/Eagle.

The Trinity they represent reflect to Water, Earth & Air as in Love, Life & Void they work together in various receipts, one of them i like to articulate is the trinity spiral, sequence & vision. Why? Well i see the Spiral as the Vertical Way to near Themes, the Sequence is the Horizontal River that flows & the Vision is the crossing of diagonals as in X ("ix") and Y ("why").

The 3 are the 3 elements represented by the 3 toes on the foot that have 3 bones ...

The Ability to "decide" upon a token way to partake in "the Dream" is the passionate spice of life we refer to as The Fire. That one is represented by the tiny toe , a "thumb" typo with 2 bones. Fire at hand has become 1 of the fingears where a gear is at hand to regulate ones speed in a stream (it even has a mode to get/fly back!). The 4 fingears at Hand represent the 4 Elements.

The "left" 4 Thumbs represent the Ether, the Field coördinating the whole vessel as in Tzolkin the last 4 seals Earth, Mirror, Storm & Sun represent that "Radar Love, Affection & Gratitude" to be receptive to that what is brought by any New Day in Abundance.

Whole Hands Joined represent the Glory to Surrender into Liberation ; the 4 elements all are as the fingers on the Hand - both Hands are as Wings passing the Time.

224 is a clear Bolon Ik signature by the 22 number which is here affirmed by its sum into 4 - the signature of self-existing triumph from self-generation having digested the bigger picture into creations and the fulfilling of a true pledge where Pacal Votan & Bolon Ik walk together & talk to gather : always having the feet on the ground respecting the Y which represents the Trinity Factor and Opening Hands offering the X - the Intelligence Factor at Passionate Charge when the Situation is at Hand to Act upon That.

Apart from 224 "N. S." vibrates the 1 as Oneness.
16 as the cube of 4 (which is a cube) - 16 is also the number of seals that work together from the 3 Navigation Towers -Earth, Mirror, Storm- at "the Thumbs" where the Sun articulates the overall motion - mostly just a regular breathing while change appears & radiates.

16 is also the number of years where Planetary Art Networkers envision the 64 D.N.A. codons in 4 Quarters a Year. Right now we are in the second week of 13 where Quarter 2 in the 13th Year at the 13th Table is performed & transformed.

Its label is (translated from Dutch into English) the Heart-Moon Crystal (see it is "CrystalNight" todaya!) and its pointer is "Space Circulates Cosmic Awareness" empowered by the Bridge Transformed Rune Triplet. Its I Ching number is 29 in the whole year serial 21-29-37-45. So the 4th Quarter is number 45 - the number that results from the sum of all 10 numbers 0-1-2-3...-9 ... . Its spell is "Ocean of Presence" with the outcome "Dynamic Structuring Liberates in Time".

Here a way to see for I Ching number 29/64. (Lisa Heyboer is 1 of 4/5 wifes married to the late Artist Anton Heyboer)

Good "N'eight Zaigone" :-)

november 2, 2009 - in kweekspell SÌRdaya - first daya of week 3, the VOIDkweek, (also


today is 2.11 - a 22 vibration radiates this responding peace on TMQlane ..

i pinpoint it here while i forsee some details have to be declared more intensive right here (later) ...

s'ace - cees de groot (11:28:27) :

2nd comment on 11/1/2009 ~ ( 2.11 ~ KIN102

in kweekspell we have a SOULdaya ~ 9th & final daya of a kweek
its number is ; elemental identification:

this last approach may need the systemic area (map) where the element is a part of, simply while 4 can be sliced into 2×2 where 9 is sliced into 3×3 …
in kweek i consider it of crucial function to have the both expressions and next to one another; the first one moderates speaking language and the world at a ratio level; the elemental approach facilitates the seeing inside that accomodates the memorylane as an integrity base for decision making – that what life is all about (most preferable on a spontaneous -intellectual teamwork- stream).

In a systemic map the number can look as:

1/260 represents the cycle of the tzolkin based on 20×13, clear here
4/13 represents the 4th moon out of 13; ‘) remark here is this is a kind of manitou weaving which may need a layout to accomodate the presentation of that complex multiplex. => then having the kweek at charge we see the Quarters disappear from the scene in a setting of 39 kweeks : by then we have 3 Triplets of 13 kweeks ! (i – as bivideo in KIN022 kinethical suvuya – would toggle the word “tripleads” for that!)

this part "disapeared:

2/3 indicates the current kweek out of 3 kweektypes; 1/3 indicates the lovekweek; 2/3 the lifekweek and 3/3 the voidkweek : MARK each has a principle at work interconnecting the "tones" and the "keyboard" as a body, a medium interconnected.

3/3 and 3/3 indicate the kwell at charge having combinations interfusing universal sounds ... as if louis armstrongs breath plays together with just 3 buttons to press in a string and on parallel combis. See the cubes below here ...

(in the meantime i changed the title from TripLeads into TripPLeads; simply while that is what is at charge ... the triplead, so to say, leaded into that spell "tripPLeads").

What about the complex - multiplex?

What is the difference in complex and multiplex?

A complex is a compounded theme/topic that needs a narrative in a methodic way to explain its actions, powers & essences in the whole systemic observed. Crucial might be the judgemental core which decides what is relevant and a real working element for "the board as a team" that is decisive and of decisive factor for the outcome.

A multiplex is as a mega theater where a single source experience parallel worlds.

The combination can be horrible for a single person when all listeners "play dummy" - which is as a cartel, a trust.But then it is good to consider your position as active player in the cartel which is a trusted base(ment) for community.

Here the magic box how 123 and 123 work in the combo of multiplex and complex ...

here we focus on the presentation of nessdaya and winddaya in elemental form:

While the rhythm and rhyme is disturbed in the presentation of the cube on the bottom, that one is harder to listen to ... by a listener or observer begetting the story narrated on. But then, a trained listener that applies the skills still can listen to the story told while the memory lane is working its workload on the job, so to say.

This is a given thing for a professional hired to do a job; which characterizes them from amateurs ... ; but then amateurs on spontaneous intelligence still can perform better than professionals who can be "framed" in other networking interests at "a charge" in their economic "egoic?/carreer?/influent?" multiplex; active in complexifying the whole scene for "the one trippleading".

hmmm ~ might help us ...