Sunday, November 22, 2009

MANTA & bind-U

the TMQ 123 kin interval brought quite some synchronous matches sparking fire ..

what to say for the 46 year memorial of having shot JFK in Dallas?

here the link to TMQ and its comment:

s'ace - cees de groot (15:02:05) :

“Re” is the 2nd Tone in the Octave …

In my opinion is helps to write it as “Ray” as in A Ray of Light and A Ray of Hope!

As Second Tone it is parallel to “LUNAR” ~ Challenger

(it also point at a fish – dutch “rog” – also “MANTA”)

here a link to a MANTA that gives Birth!

~~~ MALDEK gives 13-1-12-4-5-11=>46

Is this synchronous to TMQ picking JFK memorial of 46 years – shock to western world? Also 46 is double 23 – planetary night (destiny for 22)

~~~ JADE gives 10-1-4-5 => 20 (seal number 0/zero too)


TMQ spots 16 days kept centered by 123&138 … I see this different in the alternative:

123 and 138 are number 3 from above and below direction center 130/131 …

see them a Electric Navigation Towers lasering the center of the mid column into a fusion for the shifts merge – “Great Ping Daya” and the many other pinpointers to what is at charge & on the edge of becoming 2nd creation – better first Homo Noosphericus

~~~ a fusion having 261 and the magic squares

as narrated here 261 is the frequency for each new day in noospheric setting / worldview => worldwindow; then a pair / lover couple / relation of 2 beings in a contact rises number 261 into 2×261 => 522 .

There you are each magic square counts into 522 in the Law of Resonance:
123+123+138+138 (all seals in the 7th column are twins & intertwining) => 522 !

This is similar as a figure 9: Phi ratio Circle and Square Drawing in the book Serpent of Light / Drunvalo Melchizedek ~ beyond 2012 (32/23/14/5) : that one gives 5 circles and squares as a construction method for a grounding by Sirius ET by a huge Crystal into that “cross” – ref. Crosshouse / Miringa Te Kakara

The same circle/square image was created from a spontaneous interval i personally had on the bind-u ~ which is synchron to day 1 of each Kweek – name SIRdaya : tributing Sirius!

(i hardly can belief this but it strikes the brains as a blow/blast!)


then the timestamps oracle spontaneous reading on 15:02:05:

15 is the eagle at a visional eye ...
02 is the wind seal which smells the lunar eagle in the wizard wave up to tone9 ~ the mobilizer at 22 - bolon ik
05 is the radiant overtone - yesterday Overtone Wind at 122 - "One Bolon Ik"

ToY S'ace

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