Monday, November 16, 2009

PeaCock Moon **

in the TMQ-KIN-guidance i made a small mistake ...

here the more completed text-part

Kweekspell has its 5th day of the Moon (2+5) in the numeric serials: NESSdaya & elementary …
1. as SUNSEAL Dragon1 year (SEED4 minus 3)
5. as Moon-reference, here Peacock as Powerpet
1. as the first of 3 Kweeks in a Moon, 1-2-3 resp. Love-Life-Void
5 refers to daya 5/9 -NESSdaya- and is also :
2.2 as Kwelle – also Quelle – 2nd trinity at its mid and mixture consideration.
(2.1 as the Yang Heartick and 2.3 as the Yin Sheartick modes on the Quelle – the SubWave)

Having articulated this i begin to understand why this word "S/Heartic-27" attracted my "SYN" ...

;-) gooddaya , S'ace

White Wind ~ White Peacock?

Red Cosmic Earth - tone 13 in Serpent Wave

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