Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quadruplets on SEED!

Again the TMQ portals a Narrative including Novices ...

s'ace - cees de groot (11:15:44) :

As foUr Cosmic Dates this one at SEED13 (4) in SEED4 Year at Day13+4(=17) to me it gives an impulse to narrate a little bit on 9 12 13. why? Simple blabla …

But then BlaBla is the sixth tone in DOREMIFASOL…BLABLA…TI/REE … DO , okay?

So here is my blabla as fresh greenery can be from biovoidynamical grounds for growing nurturing legumes …

9 in kweekspell is a double helix grounded unity as a solar individual partaking the other whole – which offers itself as a collective unity => co**unity

This co**unity is metaphorically represented in the 13th 12th 11th tone articulated in DreamSpellChronicles as LectureBasedMaterials. See for their bonding labels cosmic – crystal – spectral … and eg. the actions triplet as endure-dedicate-dissolve ; the power triplet as transcend-universalize-release & the essentials triplet presence-cooperation-liberation.

Expression of all this – the 9 whole and solar phenomenon embracing the 3 triplets (another 9) – unifies in 10 … the 1 … the planetary outcome at the triplet perfect – produce – manifestation …

Because of some worldly pivotal changes at hand i – bivideo9 – direct the verb “produce” into “synduce” … opening democratic fora to find the better artculation which is not easily misunderstood in a babelonic as “sinduce”.

In kweekspell each trinity refers to the many trinities it holds and the one that pos up will often be the one at charge by its spontaneous evidance.

9-3-1 is its memory lane ; the expanded lane is 729-243-81-27-9-3-1

729 is the gimmick slogan: “seven to nine” which represents the Bolon Ik Gift Gesture (BIGG) to Pacal Votan ~ who must be kicking out of his serpentic s’kin somewhere on the planet (hiding for the rest of us).

thirteen is the ascended number from 10 (+3!)

while 11:15:44 is its timestamp ...

it reverberates the spectral monkey at 11 (VV);
the electric eagle from 15;
the overtone seed births from 44 ... which is why 4 is so attractive todaya ...

kweekspellstamp SUNdaya in VOIDkweek ... (numerically 10)

its ascendant is (numerically 11 spectral rainbow)

s'aceSpell ;-)

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