Thursday, March 24, 2011

Valum Votan Passed Awaya

the AVATAR from Jose Arguelles ...
seems to have passed away to another realm ...

here a more informed medium / contact

my personal initiation on his work was passed over by Geronimo
this happened in April 2003 when he informed me on the Mayan Calendar Tzolkin

this was also a crucial happening that inspired me to investigate and invest time and space and energy in informational weavings ...

what to say at this moment of "Tollan" ...

but what this newest blog said ... by itself just a few hours ago ...

sorry beste Nederlanders, dat dit inhet Engels ging ...
ik hoop op uw gunsten ...

S'ace aka Cees de Groot 022 in de DreamSpell van José aka Valum Votan

from a fellow kinship:

“Everyone is an Artist”

“Everyone’s an artist,looking for an outlet
Everyone’s a healer,trying to make it whole
Everyone’s a lover,looking for a cause
Everyone’s a leader,sitting on a goal

The skies are turning crimson,the seas are riding high
The prophecies are comin’ round,it’s now-it’s do or die
The last one who will tell you,is yourself,my gentle friend
The first one who will know,is the first to go beyond the End

Everyone’s an artist,looking for an outlet
Everyone’s a healer trying to make it whole

The prophecies have come around,the future couldn’t wait
It’s up to you to make it true,to break the seal on Heaven’s gate
Just past the last horizon,the dragon twists and turns
Genesis he calls it,Mama waiting our return

Everyone’s an artist,making real the endless song
Everyone’s a healer,knowing light’s the right for wrong
Everyone’s a lover,making every moment count
Everyone’s a leader,drinking from the sacred fount

Yes,Everyone’s an artist,and the outlet’s through your heart
Yes,Everyone’s a healer,ending war by making art”