Wednesday, October 28, 2009

QuetzalCoAtL Re~T'UrN

having read again and again a profound writing on 441 here ... (mark the 3.3 label! T'here)
ignited by the very TMQ day ...

the suvuya trip delivered this outcome - to be shared from bivid'eo base:

2553 is the number & frequency at the debug here ...

according kweekspell formula the outside world is 12 based which ignores 0 (-13) as part of the list ... so the other world affirms 0 as a part of the list - which is why it cycles at equalized and rhythms of natural origin. Take i.e. 37 as vajra prime number 13 at the newSTage arrival where the ol'age takes 41 as 13th prime ... and it is not coherent there simply because at the newSTage list the 14th prime is 41 which is coherent while they both vibrate 5 at the numerological equation.

So here it is why 2553 represents number 2552 (while 2553 = 0 the return of Q)

Then we jungle through the historic temple that makes 9 on the glorydaya reign the equation at planetary radiant noodigm ... as a reference for the many - as institutions are living creatures too ...

the first action is as the divine divides
2552 / 2 => 1276

then the tahirih concept declares to subtract half of that ...
( which is another divide by 2 however is digests differently ;-)
1276 -/- 638 => 638

then we add the 0 again in ...
638 + 1 => 639

what is that 9'er?

639 / 9 = 73 ... (10)


Moses had 2 tablets from the Mountain ...
1 with 3 and 1 with 7 commandments ...

Then 73 (10) represents the TZOLKIN measure for 52 yearcycles ...

Concluding => 9 reigns the Future of Humanity on the Planet (?)

Why: well simply while
it carries 3x3 within and 27 as its wing - 2 wings as 27+27+1=> 55 (10)


a QueTzaL is a bird ...
QUETZAL bividdecodes to: 10 6 5 7 1 1 12 => 21+9+12 => 42 = 41+1

41 is the "interval of God" => the altruisic hand ... giving away
+1 is the wave of 13 fractals within each pivotal accomplishment - together

nov 5, 2008 calling kweekspell

just by a reading and a focus opened to merging frequencies as true spells
i discovered that last nov. 5 psi'ed the kweekspell dispensation ...

and it is weird to see no one has yet mediated on the issue - which is a sign of the time we live in ... - to put is straight forward.

"The 5th of November was kin 1, 1 Dragon, the first day of a new 260-day galactic cycle. The last day of the new cycle will occur on 22 July 2009, when it will be 13 Sun once again. On that day will occur the last full solar eclipse prior to 21 December 2012. That day will be the definitive moment of the total eclipse of the old order - and the beginning ascent of the New."

is a snapshot in a greater writing from Valum Votan here which forsees 2009 happenings "). In that regard JULY 23, 2009 is also a DRAGON 1 spice in Dreamspell and is followed on 9/9/9 by the LongCount Magnetic Dragon ...

Then july23 is preceeded by july 18-22 the NooSphere Congress ending at 7/22 (a PI signal! for 22/7 nears PI )
InitiDaya for Kweek: 18-Kin 19-Wind 20-Ur 21-Soul 22-DôME & GloryDaya nr.0-zero
They resonate to the previous 5 resp. Ness-Fa-Moon-Sun-Sir ...
=> SirDaya as GloryDaya guarantee! (or 3xSir guarantees Glory)

The 3 Magnetic Dragons are merged in the KweekSpell Calendric NewSTage that sneakily pulsed itself in the bedrooms of the many dreaming exactly that ...

To me it also relates to a friend of VV who wrote on the Serpent of Light, Drunvalo. I read the book - advento-ur! again - with my lover here in Holland at the Hol'Mes Cutting Spiritual Materialism through all Bank & Insurance Businesses as "ING" does.

It is really happen'ING right now in our timesphere at the peoples goodwill from a given crown - which brings in the Oranges who might be willing to purify the whole scene with "the NEW STage". Mr. Obama might have clarified this scenario with the Prince of the Crown and his mrs. Maxima in a T'ching Party, so to say. Probably with AfreeCan Chocolates.

So a year after nov11, 2008 we have 2 anchors merging in 7 days : nov5 and nov11

In DreamSpell they get : White Lunar Worldbridger for 11/5 , which has a focus on Death (of the OLD) and Opportunity (for the NEW).

11/11 brings up YELLOW SOLAR HUMAN, the mobilizing human factor that affirms its spell by navigating the planets vast goodwill ... by entangled minds in refreshed mindsets.


then kweekspell is on 11/11 on a DôME day : Daya of Moon Experience nr. 10
its code is : ... which sort of vibrates the 144 fractal at TMQ - as a referencial match (dutch "lucifer"). is FAdaya in the VOIDkweek - 3th week out of 3 that form the kweekmoon of 27 days excl. the DôME.

Elemental Expression for that KweekDaya is ( which vibrates a countdown :)

~~~ GoodDaya s'ace ~ bivideos'

") a sound that reverberates its origin at "2009, Year of the Great Divide" is "2009, Year of the Great bivid~eo" :-)) HaHaHaH

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

peter "the w'ormhole"

is a page within this clip ...

what is 1 and what is 22 leading to ... from what formula?

to me 22 is as 21 + 1 ... 0-21 marks 22 entries starter and end on 0 - zero (=22)

0-21 is as 0:21 - which gives way to 1:22 2:22 3:22

1:22 is a 22 at a higher level of understanding (deeper interval)
and so 2:22 is another step higher as 3:22 is the highest human level ...
which ignites its "return" as "closure".

in numerical = densed understanding this means ...
1:22 merges on 23
2:22 merges on 25
3:22 merges on 27

which allows 28 to be the closure 0 / zero point ...

and this synchrnizes with 13Moon Calender set-up which facilitates all human unity at the mind level which synchronizes the Human Soul as the greater contact for what we cooperate on at our given planet ... and its weaving radiance on fielding realms , as to pronounce moon, sun, co-plenets, galaxy, cosmos ...

this may be guidelines which articulate the need for kweek-interval ...

all the best, in amity, in fusing time as anchor and choir ...

s'ace ~ a bivideo

post scriptûr ... the rock is as 21 ~ the black jack "fooling a round"
then the "oc" in the rock is the white dog ~ inner child ~ the fool whistling ...
that is the first experience in higher self realm <= not to be mixed up ! with egoic

22 is the inner self which arises from 21 as the 3 to 7 interval

3 more experiences as add-ons complete the whole human as a musical entity ...
remember uniQverse is still an essential fractal of a whole song ...
healing bodies entering the noodigm which is a geometric ration for noosphere

kweek as can be ;-) - the wormwhole

Monday, October 26, 2009

9 days a week practical benefit #0001

a way to see the implecation/effect of changing to kweek , 9 daya "a week" here:

consider a habit of having 5 workdays and 2 days of leisure
we can see the 1 day of leisure as get down from the workweek and the other day as loadup for the next workweek as a rhythm ... that does not provide and guarantee the space a man needs to have its speak with intimates ... its speak given interval by time and space and origin human speak.

does this make sense?

so having 7777 as the frequency rate for a 13moon of 28 days is totallyt different from 9991 , okay?

(last ones meaning 3 kweeks a moon of 27 days + an extra leisure day - to fill)

"calculating the measure" gives

4x5 workdays relate by then to 3x6 workdays in a planetary ratio for what work contents : time, life, learning, speak and awareness?

from 20 days as a maximum to 18 days as a maximum delivers organisational space to divide the work in the people as a mass wanting to share energy ...

here a clue comes that we go from 4x2 to 3x3+1 leisure days a 13moon: 8 => 10 that is 25 percent growth and potentially over 20 percent decline in moving from a to be considering both weekend and leisure spot - pied a terre ...

in service of capital public affairs & crowns destiny

Sunday, October 25, 2009

11 : 11 : 11 gate

merging the new dispensensation in our pivotal pintime ...

this densed image is recommended / commanded from BI~video Foc'us:

to day is in kweekspell / queekspell ...

it is vibrated in English Language as

1 Magnetic Dragon Kin1 out of 260 in DreamSpell
.4 Owl Moon / Self Existing Intelligence by Self Generation Pulse
.2 LifeKweek, 2nd out of 3, sequenced from 1st to 7th chakra
.2 Sundaya, 2nd out of 9 => it is Self Existing Eagle

also described this on most elemental terms

Having this adjusted and affirmed in the warriors in the noogrid ...
makes it fusing higher aimed perspectives from void-cleared mindsets in a commanded mission ~ where we have been waiting for (::=for=four=self existing)

Mark Galactic Human in the Tzolkin Crossing ...
it is in the GAP Magnetic Square of 109-149-152-112 (522)

So Galactic Human november 11 is controlled by Resonant Moon ..., its vinal:

Red Rythmic Moon
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Gateway Clan- Blood
Galactic Activation Portal

I organize in order to purify
Balancing flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the rythmic tone of equality
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a galactic activation portal
enter me

then by having this preview on what has to be done/achieved ...
december 21, 2009 pops up as most dramatic from emotional perspective ...
which goes together with a great cleansing moment unifying people at the pivot ...
Yellow Solar Human => Mobilizer for Wisdom at Solstice Daya :

Yellow Solar Human
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Core Clan- Truth
Galactic Activation Portal

I pulse in order to influence
Realizing wisdom
I seal the process of free will
With the solar tone of intention
I am guided by the power of elegance
I am a galactic activation portal
enter me

PSI - activating all this is planned on November 8, Overtone Moon:

Red Overtone Moon
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Gateway Clan- Blood
Galactic Activation Portal

I empower in order to purify
Commanding flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of navigation
I am a galactic activation portal
enter me

Finally we get the sharp mirrored view on 11:11 itself in Galactic Human which Cuts the Spiritual Materialism as Painless as can Be !

Yellow Galactic Human
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Core Clan- Truth
Galactic Activation Portal

I harmonize in order to influence
Modeling wisdom
I seal the process of free will
With the galactic tone of integrity
I am guided by the power of intelligence
I am a galactic activation portal
enter me

Thanks to the service given by StarRoot Playa which experience also said 11/9 is within the PSI-track : Rhythmic Dog and 11/10 Resonant Monkey ... (Quite a GoodSpell to UnderTake in FormaTion)

Gooddaya, S'ace ~ BI~video (a keyword sampling its Spell by Searching Tools at Disposal)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

HolMes & Great Ping Daya

it seems to me this blog is as a notebook to note highlights from the memory lane that seems to me as worthwhile to share with fellow humans in similar creations ...

2 pin points here in the title ...

HolMes was a link through by TMQ ...

"She" inspires my debug talents on numeric vibrations from that inspected word - here HOLMES: "The letters of Holmes add up to 72" ...

I often use the bivid-decodex AM-ZN-1-13 converter for a vowed number as densed spark.

HOLMES : 8 12 12 13 5 8 => 45+13 => 58 (last to numbers in itself)

A Great Ping Code while 45 = 0123456789 summed ; 58 = +/- 3 / 13 / 40
And 58 is 13 again ; in Tzolkin its Kin058 is a MIRROR ... RHYTHMIC and Galactic activation Portal

Then on HOL-MES the bext spark shines the meaning that HOL=HOLzLAND=HOLLAND=the Netherlends ... key courty for the planetary communication where it as a its free will - out of dominant control sectors - who are out since the the obamarama rise ...

MES is dutch for KNIVE : sing Satchmo's Mack the Knive again?

Did you like that? I do ... ;-))

On topic we refer to the mayan calender as a frequency adjusting tool where KNIFE is pointing at a specific DEAL ... which is ETZNAB => MIRROR

So Holland, the dutch people living in and all associated by some means to the communication theme on the planet is - since Holmes - experiencing the MIRROR and its effective outcome : ORDERING ... but then ORDERING WHAT dear mr. and mrs. DreamWatcher?

Catching the DREAM? is what my mate dogoning does ... here. And he is guided by a guy named Fred too, there.


Great Ping Daya is about a trigger put on that UCS forum lately ...
What was its date/seal?
here it is ...

and its imaginary "buzzyness":


enoguh said here ... gooddaya ; it is Sìrdaya in Lifekweek ...
it has the fingear at the switch where iching 21 flipped into 29 ...

XÍ KĂN ~ The teachings of danger

I like this word Tea Ching in the I/eye Ching ...

seems to merge worlds that were seperated for so long ...

As XI KAN does: XI is as CHI and also complement toward IX - the mayan wizard => wizz'art

KAN is as SEED - refer to the masculine power spiced in DreamSpell: Self-Existing SEED


Finally here it is interesting to see how MIRROR is the GUIDE of the day -nov24/2009- in DREAMSPELL to the Electric Wizard - tone tree - in Magnetic Human Wave ... Crusial anchors are also Serpent at the Analogue Side; Seed as the Antipode and Hand Occult (dec21, 2012 LightHouse)

this about the moment that liberates some notions ...
S'ace ~ BI~video launched by many fellow humans in their talent relating to "maya"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

carreering catch022

s'ace - cees de groot (15:21:09) :

well, maybe time to tell a little bit of my life on Earth and the work i am given to accomplish by the Oranges , so to k’eye …

in 1975 i was called to Breda to Serve & Save the Queen …
in 1977 i jobbed in “The Value Transports”
in 1979 i flew in the pionearing airline company here in Europe
in 1985 i switched into deeper investigations spying various societies
in 1990 i was entering the political groundwater affairs next to “the Origin”
in 1992 i – pretty lunatiQ – achieved some Sabbathical Years working the Home
in 1995 i finished some studies in the Environmental Curare
in 1998 i entered the Public Pride of Dutch Wateraffairs in the Capital City
in 2000 i was called and honored by the Democratic Procedures to (Re)Present
in 2003 the nominee for Managear of the Year honored me by Feathers
in 2003 the Dr-ea-M~spell crew arrested me for having Pleasûr at Catch022
in 2006 the Lucknow Mission on “Awakening Planetary Consciousness” ignited
in 2008 the Central Justice Affairs pulls my hammers and teeth at T’ching 21
in 2009 a Jewish YitZhaQ flamed my Bride & by that my Bright Mind
in … (the coming yEArs) i’m off duty ~ maybe i finish an ur~tide ;-) )

so why this legenDa?

hmmm , i have not the slightest idea … although … I MAG INE does …

gooDdaya s’ace ~ BI~video biovoid’inG

This clip linked in the stuff popped up by my friend Yitzhaq who wrote a book on the switch in history recalls on Jesus and Judas. It gathers information that clarifies on a mass hypnosis in religion affairs and organising builders (Magnus Opus & Agnus Dei Rooms in Light & Bright Conscious States consulting 13Moon permutation table on intratime connected events ; which is a memory lane/ref. for all free people)

The above clip is on my behalf about the 8th chakra which i label by SILIAh ... which is the SILIO Plasmic Seal 180 degrees turnaround to make clear communication is a mutual affairs having goodwill from both sides to see one anothers position from a clear speak lending ones ears to listen "on a void mood"; i.e. loosing ego and thereby egoic protective tendencies enduring the process alive.
This SILIAh spot is according my state of the inspectation resided at "the hara" which is the bodily centerpoint where all natural strength gathers and has its root interconnected with the planet as a whole. It is just below the navel - between sacral and solar plexus chakra centres. SSSo thaqt differs from the clip given.
Still i like the clip as a appetizer ;-)

week 13/13 accomplishing 13

(some editions are not finished -yet- cause : cosmos speed)

In the inspiring waves at charge guided by TMQ some clues seem to merge fast and vast ...

sometimes i cover the spells to quarantee their expressions in different ships moving on the oceans with storm and thundear to overcome ...

comment 3 and 4 are resp. here

s'ace - cees de groot (10:54:07) :

A Magic Monkey Flight on the EnLighten’inG WINGS of Q … Reed1 …

Inspired by TMQ – for quite some KIN – and on a mutual nooGuided Way the number 21 is linked to number 53 as well and 13 …

This is what i happened to find in my chaotic files: BI~phasic matrix …

What is BI – is it just 2 creatures in a relationship?
And does it fit with BI as Bolon Ik and the BI~video acronym manifested in recent comments?

Anyhow it goes with this guiding reference for the weekly meditations created by a Russian Wind ~ a boy of about 13 years say 8 years ago (21 by now? :-) )

The image shows the number 13 for the week of the Quarter 1/4 in Seed Self-existing, the last week that builds the Hexagram Number 21.
This I Ching reference of Lisa Heyboer is one of my favourite.

On number 21 we read the headlines:

” Hexagram 21 – SHÌ KÈ – Biting through
Biting through, expansion ; Harvest: benefit of lawsuit
The great image says: Thunder and lightning: Biting through
The ancient kings made the penalties clear to enforce the law ”

On the BI-Phasic Matrix Sheet the number 53 pops up as the cell which makes 13+53 into 66 which is the maps cross-check by Harmonic Inverse.
Linking this number 53 to Reed1 – the Feathered Serpent – is immediately there while it was also “Day out of Time” in 2006 (8) , similar as 5+3=8 => symbol that activated the Inner Child’s Intuition now for more than 3 years active and having roots developed in the Earth Crystal.

On the Harmonic Index (backside of the BI-phasic Matrix) the tones 1-2-3-4 go with seals MOON – DOG – MONKEY – HUMAN : meaning SOUND expressed by the Universal Water Power at MOON1 (birthkin BI~video) – RHYTHM embedding the SOUND by the LUNAR DOGGY HEART – MELODY danced by the MONKEY MAGIC at the PARTY HOUR – FREE WILL POWER accomplishing the COMMON(key) WEALTH at SELF-EXISTING HUMAN …

Which spells the next wave ignited by MAGNETIC HUMAN 92 – ninetytwo (to oneness). That daya in kweekspell is URdaya. And we know what UR is, agree?

~~~ (i really like this spell that crushed my mind for some minutes)

TeoTiHuACan … is to me as DeoTiHuAhKan … catalyzing 5 entities in a whole Temple Manifest for what we all have to accomplish in our lifetime given:

Deo … is as GOD ~ “Galaxy of Dynamics”
Ti … is as the 7th sound just above the Head and within the Crown Chakra
Hu … is Spirit ~ “Holy Universe”
Ah … is the Heart sound that lives the common wealth
Kan … is Seed ~ the Yellow Phase of the Input / Information as Intelligent Spice


In Amity ~ S’ace aka BI~video , eh … BI~viTeo ;-)


s'ace - cees de groot (12:09:09) :

for those biters in codes and decodes adventure this comment may be interesting to share …

we see for the hexagram 21 on Lisa’s page here (and remember Mona Lisa! as Amon’s Lover)

i had a focus from the The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines :
Above 9 corresponds to h 19: A forest fire quenched
6 at 5 corresponds to f 19: Pelicans moving their habitat
9 at 4 corresponds to d 19: A gang of robbers in hiding
6 at 3 corresponds to b 19: A houseboat party
Joy on the surface, carried by deep mystery: food for the heart.
6 at 2 corresponds to ` 19: A large archaic volume
Initial 9 corresponds to ^ 19: The magic carpet

As a number oriented mind number 19 receives the attention, also because … day 19 of a yang moon is the reason why the Sabian Symbols refer to 19 … (a closure mark)

What is the meaning of the symbols preceding 19: h f d b ` ^ ?
Or do we look at them from ^ upwards (Right to Left)? Seems obvious given ^ …

In numbers bdfh equals 2468 … 4 even numbers and referring to seals:
wind-seed-worldbridger-star …

But then what is ` in this perspective … that line spells:
“A large archaic volume” ‘)

Any Idea New Zealand?

Back to “Down Upper” ;-) Y’ur S’húMan

‘) a wild card guess?
hmmm … the whole planet earth in a pivotal shift, maybe? “)

“) i sort of base this wildcardguess on this daya in kweek: WINDdaya which matches the Solar Wind at Charge in a Self-Existing Moon in the Lovekweek … and because t(w)o(o)morrow the Human Wave starts at URdaya … (with a large Arc’aiQ Volume Value from Un~clés Arc’thoros)

Lots of thing seem to merge ... and fit pretty well in - my - mind ...

10:54:07 and 12:09:09 are the 2 time provided ora~cles ...

a wild guess again from 1998 Oracle Developer of The Crown Company Waternet / A'dam / Europe ;-) :

10 ~ OC - the power of the Heart and She'art , so to say
54 ~ IX - Roman number Nine and also the Wizz'art Seal (challenging wizard)
07 ~ MANIK - the hand as prime external body language 14 and 41 ... (for one)

12 ~ HUMAN ~ okay : 13 kin charged from monkey 13, dog 12 and moon11 (spectrum)
09 ~ MULUC ~ sounds as MYLUCK too, aint it ...
09 ~ SOLAR ~ the 9 as MOONTONE mobilizing T'he Whole Bunch ... (any idea LLL)

namasté ~ good fair motions'
;-{ ... }-:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the SILIO card mystery

this page is linked to day 28 of moon3 (although it is 1 in moon4 already)

i also link it to a phenomenon that gives 27 petroglyph photos to view. i sort of owe this to my telefriend fred, at least to his auric field that radiates a spell, maybe american human spell - so to say.

i will deliver the card here (later)

anyhow i connect it already to this part 14/16 which we prepare on collective mode right now ... while we are in a bi/tri/multi-lateral convers(n)ation ... . It is about 0, 8 and then 9 ...

bivid, 8 plasmic seals and a ninth ... as heaven on earth ...


i will deliver the card here (still later while life current takes time)

~~~ october26 update
still this silio card is pending to be narrated on; i just have it now on the home base so the cards formation is not at hand ...

today is october26 - Warrior5 - 96 ; Moondaya ~ SELINOO ; SILIOHM is tomorrow at FAdaya and then i have 4 days retraîte in HellenDoorn.
I will see what is at stage ...

11-11-2009 seems to be 5+11=16 days away: 6+9+1 which means:
6 daya for this kweek - the lifekweek;
9 daya for the 3rd kweek - the voidkweek;
1 daya for DôME daya 11-11-2009 , the 4th DôME daya from july 23 when kweekspell was ignited from pivotal channels gethered ...

Also GLORYdaya is a pointer to this 28th day of a 13Moon , it is the axis daya which holds 2 wings of 27 daya : 3x9 ... outer and inner bondings attached and affirmed ...

january 31 is 81 days later: 28 + 28 + 25 make a WINDdaya on januari 31;
that one vertically aligns DôMEdaya number 7 on february 3, 2010.
intermediate are : december 9, 2009 & january 6, 2010 (3kingsday)

the intend of january 31 is that over 20 million warriors on the planet practice kweekspell as the better slice through time and space by human attuning spell / believer of the androgyn talent aboard ... . Androgyn as a reference to attune both given talents as brain hemispheres and chest board (R-hear True; L-heart)


Friday, October 16, 2009

the LIMI card mystery

hmmm that card044 felt as a good experience ...

so shadowing the last 3 dayas of the Dreamspell 26 27 28 seems at charge here ...

here the LIMI card :

As the previous ALPHA narrative ... A B C are the labels for the left cards from top to bottom; they represent the first half of a year (11 years from this current 20~09/10)

Then what seals do we have together on the card?

Where we give Northsided figures top-down A B C , we see they appear at the South as C A B .

Then we see them from Center Right Left Bottom Top … here (different approach as ALPHA):




C: STORM is as THOR -sthorm- which is in THURSDAY as a GOD reference.
In Kweekspell the GODS are out as principle, simply because they are GODS they need no ICON nor iconizing linguistic approach in a "monument". One might say a natural GOD principle is in UR which is in URdaya - daya8 in a kweek.

In a narrative the storm comes over with an eye that lasers over the earth while the sun comes after that and burns the water to damp while the moon stimulates the cold night to damp the earth from the air ... the wind spreads the cleaned damp over the living elements while the eagle envisions the bigger picture - the lesson - from distance.

Mark A and B as wholes while they start and end in the same seal! NB-this is because the Moon6 seal indicates that double effect of Moon at the Rhythm Tone. why this is also happening on the Skywalker Seal below is Quest to be Responded.


Moon represents the universal water power which also constitutes the Dog body where loyalty to another being that feeds the heart of the animal sparks its trustfield which is connected by the high sky eagle messenger to the sunlight which feedbacks the moon for illuminating in cycles of about 28 days / indeed an extra about 24 hour more to make each 28th day a dynamic orientation on the cycles at charge. Being too precise on natural phenomenal would die out the effect people gathered can create with their minds in a co-creation. Red is about initiation and about the Blood Running Around the whole Vessel as a memorybox.


Given the Question at A on gives Moontone 1 6 11 as being current on this constellation.
Clue can be REED1 - Quetzalcoatl KIN053 ; REED6=KIN253 REED11=KIN193 ; possibly those 3 KIN are all represented in this card? 1+6+11=18/3=6 ? makes it rhythmic spice ...

Wakefulness by Rhythm -SKYWALKER6- is as in a musical stream open to embrace a dissonant sound. This is the opportunity spoken by the WORLDBRIDGER catalyst as an agent bridging sensoric realm and telepathic realm. The Night is nurtured by this Dissonant Spice while Abundance signals the Intuition Mode into the Starlights Elegance to handle the Creative Factor which feedbacks the Exploration Sense at the bodyvessel that pionears the Space Intelligence -Skywalker typo- Informing the Divine Factor through many principles to vibrate in words.

numbers for C A B at the right side , traveling center-right-left-bottom-top:

C: 19 0 9 2 15 : 45 in gaps (19-9-7-13) or ') (1-9-7-7)
') here the gaps are below 10, taking 0=20

A: 9 10 19 12 9 : 59 (in gaps 1-9-7-3)

B: 13 6 3 8 13 : 43 (in gaps 7-3-5-5)

sum 45 59 43 makes 147 seal Hand4 - self existing in SEED~wave

Maybe 59 and 43 are prime numbers that might be questioned on their prime position in the prime number map (where 1 is 1 of 0?)

Where the "hand of God" guides from mystery planes the gaps notation gives a clue here: where 7-3 is in both A and B serials that leaves 1955 - my birth-year as Bolin Ik, but also - year that passed "icons" as Theilhard de Chardin and Albert Einstein. 73 is matching 52 years on the planet ... . Question that arises is can more spirits enter an entity that is in the womb of a mother?

Note : this may sound selfish - excuse for that - i just have to clean up multiple spirits talking to me in "an apartheid systemic" which is just a merging process that occurs in open societies and many sounds to be filtered by the human decisive skill to maintain the clairvoyant talent. Okay? (Indeed this points to the effect of media to fill up the mind till chaos-states. As Dutch DSBank-director Scheringa today -monday october 19, Spectral Moon, NESSdaya - spoke in terms of a horror-scenario how a bank is psychological food for institutions that do not show their face when the quest for that arises. That is what it is all about, ain't it? He is CEO of the Year 2008)

45 is a clear 9 number ; it is also the whole range 0-9 summed.
It covers 4 numbers: +1, -1, 9 and 20.
If functionally weaves the 4 tribes in 5 rounds where Input - Store - Process - Output facilitate the whole "THUMB" at the Matrix - Womb for Building the Child.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

the ALPHA card mystery

(Updated Monday October 19 12:00 +2GMT)

~ Lately i was invited to see for the daily gathered fractals from quite a story related to the Mayan Calendar and a messenger. This is today pointing to TMQ's day 26 in Moon3 which is also announced as a Galactic Activation Portal. (52 out of 260 cells are GAP weavers)

So today, being sirdaya - day 1 of 1st kweek - lovekweek - out of 3 in kweekspell, this day in dreamspell is spiced with ALPHA. Which is also my Birthday Plasmic Seal from Telektonon Perspectives. Missing the 7 Plasma cards for a while, i found them yesterdaya ~ Glorydaya ~ and took an extra focused glimps on that today - just as the task i had to accomplish today ...

Here is the card which at the other side shows the heptagonon of mind (7 plasma seals in a cube formation - SILIO at hearth position) and the text below:

"fifth lost generation : white electric mirror"

is this moon 4 the mirror of number 3 ? is my thought

i worked this out in a description and put in some pop-ups ...

here we see for the ALPHA cards BackBone
- a Telektonon OracleCard

First let us read the Header in 2 columns N/S (North / South Planet Halves)
N to S spells “Victory Releases”
S to N spells “A Cosmic Race Once Again”

The first half goes from 13Moon1.1 which alignes to Gregorian july 26 1997 – KIN044 – Overtone Seed

The second half starts at 13Moon7.15 – Gregorian january 24, 1998 (AD – KIN 226 – Overtone Worldbridger)

Densed North Seed spells flowering awareness where South Worldbridger spells the death and opportunity.

Flowering is a plants way to survive its eternal death; it is a way to prepare the seeds and give opportunity to the dynamic and sower to sow the unknown race to rise from that germinator. The opportunity is there given by serendipitious dynamics working in an accomplishing dance to end it as elegant as can be. The artist dream fulfilled.

Overtone Doubled here on the (364/2=)182 cells further alignment at january 24 is exactly moon7 cell 15 which is in line with 14 for all moondays double in themselves as a 29 summary (1-28, 2-27, … 13-16, 14-15).

Mark: from this perspective 13MOON-1.1 - KIN004 , july 26, 2009 - is covered / doubled by 13MOON-13.28, KIN107 july 24, 2010. Electric HAND3 is exercised in MOON4 ; this is a standard measure in 13MOON setup: the KIN target from a VOW is Day20 in MOON4. In the figures 20 and 4 both 5 and 16 are visable. 104 is the number where 364 and 260 break, siply while 364-104=260 a whole tzolkin wrap.

Then what seals do we have together on the card?

Where we give Northsided figures top-down A B C , we see they appear at the South as C A B .

Then we see them from Center Down Left Right Above … here:




“C is the leader where the South takes over from the North”
(right half of the card shows sequence C A B)

This makes the MIRROR the style figure leading the way where WIND is the GUIDE, DRAGON Analogue, STAR Antipode and NIGHT (the dream) the OCCULT Partner.

They are validated as the NEW SOUND to be DIGESTED at the SOULS aligned for the LIFE FORCE at CHARGE.

A) shows that the crystal (earth pulsar) is still on the seal of HUMAN being, the action of influence that is charged by Free Will into a vibration of WISDOM that can germinate in all beings here, now, and in a knowledge quantum that sparks as a bright star leading all the way … beyond the nagging and ignoring selves as “shellfish”.

The second weaving –A- at the South – ARRIVAL station – the Right side shows how the SEED has received the SOUND (C) and can get it in its equalizing RHYTHM – a new frequency (?!) – with the occult power of EARTH – (evolve) navigation for synchronicity – guided by the antipodal WIZARD’s spice – (enchant) timelessness for receptivity; the analogue EAGLE’s spice – (create) Vision for a Minded Body; the guide as a guarantee for HUMAN’s outcome by (Influencing) Free-Will into the Wisdom Dynamics. That is why the crystal is here; that is also why this spell/narrative is created right now:

4th Moon is started in KweekSpell which spells a GloryDaya on November 11 2009 (“a 9 11 doubled”) - KIN112 (84+28) is Day25 in 13Moon4 KALIK - the agent catalyzing.

The third weaving –B- at the South, the Right side, spells the STAR’s elegance at charge while the rhythm achieved the fertilizing ions to the SEED and it got rooted in the earth as a catalyser for new breed. It has help by grouped force at various talents: SKYWALKER at the Occult Powered side which Explores Space as a Alert and Wakelful State; MIRROR (2nd appearance in the whole setting) delivers Antipodal references Reflecting Endlessness to Settle Order; MONKEY plays the Magic Tunes that weave the Illusions to a U topic Wish; all guided in the WARRIOR’s pace at peace Questioning Intelligence without Fear on a Mood string for Walktalk at Courageous Effort.

When this Warrior sings and whistles the joyfull tunes …. then we all are in a pleasure state as a dynamic energy illustrating its outcome from the seeds cosmic weaving … wondering why this all excites the senses on nerves.

then what do the seals gathered tell by number?

A 4-17-14-15-12 make 62 by summary ;
the gaps make 13-3-1-3 : 20

B 8-13-18-11-16 make 66 by summary ;
the gaps make 5-5-7-5 : 22

C 18-3-8-1-2 make 32 by summary ;
the gaps make 15-5-7-1 : 28

Getting labels to A B C from the blind deliver from the kweekweek names as labels LOVE-LIFE-VOID

so we get:

Then from kweekspell sounds those spell "):
at A : ))) ~ K a l i K e y ~ ((
at B : ))) ~ d a l i m è r ~ ((
at C : ))) ~ K a m u t h y ~ ((

and then get that - this Soundmap - to the sphere where you are right now ?!

The 3 K’s of the KweeKspell Soundmap merge into one choir ')

Does this final outcome make sense to you, reader?
Can you sleep on it – some nights- as a knight?

in peace at a pace, S'ace

') 3 K’s of the KweeKspell => resonates 11:11 11:11:11 while K=11th character
i note this here because of a UCS call from dogon

") 20 is 2nd daya sound in voidkweek; 22 is 4th daya sound in voidkweek; 28 indicastes DôME daya = Glorydaya with the accomplishing sound KamuthY ...; so actually the void label at that spot is "from void" which indicates divine order synchronizing "the bird/birth"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kweeks Eye Pulses Bastille Omega Point

hi you, me, all here in a sphere ~ but then what sphere this is?

anyway this is the third DôME as narrated on the initiating / igniting TMQ pages guiding a Blue Galactic Spectrum to clean up the meshes. ... and the Human Beings who Gather in this SparkDaya.

SparkDaya affirms the FIRE mode trained in all warriors that affirm the KALIK seal at the Departure Station which takes in ChaosPilots who understand the word Chaos as a true Galactic Order that heals its Temple from the Source Awakened at that individual address at instant fruitile ion(s).

here the 3 quotes at the guiding new zealandian contraspiders weaving from dutch "ghostgrounds" ')

s'ace - cees de groot (06:08:46) :
“Today we mentally construct the Back of the Cube.”

fits in the previous SEED – Crystal Seed 064 - edition of this sites mission where we focus the banner: “Exploring the 13:20 codes so we may prepare for 2013 Synchronization”.
To be on a mission is about expression its credo day-by-day and focus that within each energy variation that sprouts a vector from the seed by earth crystal awakening: DNA coded magic, so to say.

While we see the obvious 5 to 5 formula out of 25, the kweekspell formation teaches another method for having this number “talking to you”. Here kweekspell speaks about the +1 factor which is explicit expressed in its base formula: 3 x (3×3) + 1 aka 3×9+1 … = 27+1 = 28 which is occuring for the 3rd time in its being on this planet: Daya of Moon Experience aka Glorydaya.

Then 25 is also 3×8+1 = 25 ; or 3×2**3+1 = 25 where the 2 stars express a true relationship for Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik!
2 stars are expressed again from the alternative formula – that is how we evolve in accepting a slightly complex formula as a better way to express our values. Maybe 25 was only affirming the pentagram double – which is also in the affirmation for tone 6 (as in 1 and 11):

“I am guided by my own power doubled”

When we see the alternative formula 3×2**3+1 = 25
then we see that the power of 2 – the challenge – is Tripled
And being Tripled is within “T” which is both Deer and Wind from Mayan interpretation – which doubles the power of WIND – SEAL 2 – where Deer is 3 …

(Hmmm ~ this has to be made aware in the genius couple writing CHC, do you agree TMQ?)

Then 3 is also a double figure in the formula, once as a base and once as a power : which makes 3 here as a Divine Interval. And that occurs actually every 3th daya regarding its more general formula – sent by Bolon Ik as prophesied – :
3xY+1 where Y is an integer from the range 0 – 9.

It gives: 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25 28 as the spiritual guiding serial through every moon where 1 is the opening seal and 28 its portal – as a G.A.P. – Galactic Activation Portal from the Blue Galactic Spectrum (planet Earth – VelaTropa 24.3)

Please All Readers Here , will you express with me the SOUND that guides each DôME day?

))) ~ K A M U T H ~ (((

Having accomplished the flight from Departure to Arrival …
then i promote the TouchDown at that alternative way of formulating 25 in:

))) ~ K A M U T H Y ~ (((

That is how pivoted vessel “water” their Being Born Again as a baptizer !
Rhythm is the tone that affirms the essence of Equality

s'ace - cees de groot (10:40:28) :

Thanks TMQ for “Day 13 of Moon 13 ( July 9th, 2009)”

it made me realize a notation for Quarters, Week & Day …
Q4.12.4 speaks on day 4 in week 12 of Quarter 4 …
and this day is Gregorian known as Quatorze Juiliet in France because of the BastiLLe , a liberation from a prison memorial!

And this coïncidence is here at charge ToDay:

today is Q1.12.4 KALIK – catalytic agent day for historic centuries

When we count this day of 1789, july 14 in years and weeks … then we discover 2 centuries, 20 years and 13 weeks exactly … pfff

How about that , dear TMQ, on the day we found this Bolon Ik formula as an offer to Pacal Votan and his disciples Valum Votan and Red Queen. May it be that you Mystery Queen are the Catalytic Human igniting the Red Queen; so what can be my Humble Part in a Rôle?

KALIK is pivoted to the ))) ~ KALIKEY ~ ((( sound in kweekspell which shows affirmation on moondaya:2 – 17 – 26 where the breaking numbers are 15 and 9 (resp 17-2 and 26-17): 3 to 5 and 3 to 3 …

Vive La France, Vive La republique, Liberty … )

s'ace - cees de groot (11:41:38) :

After a feedback C’ur-ve from the Quarter Notation Sharing we might compare 2 Realms for notation:

*.13.18 notates TzolKin Label for a Day-out-of-Time and Moon13 and day 18 – KALI which makes MIRROR2 the SOUL spirit for last years STORM3.

This year KIN004 is ensouled by KIN003 – Kin 3 Tone 3 (3×3=9) in a 20-09 Gregorian year which encapsulates even 3 9′ers in summary 9+9+9=27 and in product much more: 9×9x9=729 sliced into the TzolKin itself that becomes 729 minus 520 makes 209: MOON1 – AHA!

MOON1 is DreamSpell YearKIN for current BOLON IK – me, myself i
And then its “feminine” soul gound and spirit for existence aka legacy is Universal Water at Magnetic Interval.


Q4.12.4 = 158.13.18 = Quatorze Juilliet 2009 = 14 july 1789 = BasTiLLe
(158 is “the 9″ in the 159 map as systemic)
To make the last notion clear in the formulae we may better write
Q4.12.4 = 158+1.13.18 where the mapping as a higher realm is illustrated by the +1 notation – a Bolon Ik legacy from the 7th century while Pacal Votan was on the Planet in a SPhere

The YEARs between 1789 and 2009 now represent the number 220 …
Is this the Volt’age number in many countries for Electricity?
220 is in fact also the Long Count Kin for 1955 born Bolon Ik which is spelled by the Sound Name as a Label: Yellow Crystal Sun …
This Sun spells … from the german language site:

KIN 220 – Gelbe Kristalle Sonne
Mein LICHT-Körper erfaßt die solare Fülle, die planetare Vielfalt unseres Heliokosmos.
Meine Aufmerksamkeit ist auf meine Sonnenkräfte gerichtet.
~ Erleuchtungskräfte durchfluten ganzheitlich das Leben; Feuerkraft! ~
Ich widme um zu erleuchten
Leben all-umfassend
Ich präge das Grundmuster des universellen Feuers
Mit dem Kristallen Ton der Zusammenarbeit
Ich bin geführt durch die Kraft des freien Willens

in English this translates to:

Yellow Crystal Sun
Green Central Castle of Enchantment
Earth family- Polar Clan- Fire

I dedicate in order to enlighten
Universalizing life
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the crystal tone of cooperation
I am guided by the power of free will
Celebrate the Weavings Wisdom!

Let us see for the line: "Earth family- Polar Clan- Fire"

This i relate to the pivotal change issue which i listened from a saying by Drunvalo Melchizedek: "polar earth pivots into unified earth paradigm" which i allow myself to label and baptize that as the current noodigm ... a s'ilent daily (r)evolution by acting on the stand that illustrates a spirit at the station deciding itself in a collaborate mission charged by the many ones ... (maybe some nobel prize winners / nominates among them?)

live life void merge in glorydaya
;-{ ... }-:
bolon ik / ix9 / moon1 / sun12

))) ~ K A M U T H Y ~ (((

Y is replacing dualistic X
while it represents individual freedom for speak from the heart

') "geestgronden" is a dutch word/vibration that points at grounds near to the dunes where bulbs grow for beautiful flowers!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WIND watch omega point

(here a narrative arises ~ within 72 hours from now in fractal portions)

souldaya 17:02 : given a gradual measure for a circle we have 360 degrees to slice into fractals ... where a quarter is 45 degrees (4x5=20'4+5=9 5-4=1)

in the time ornament that shows 1/3 of 3 circles - 1 circle 24 hours = 1440 minutes (mark 144 as a 9'er) a quarter is about 15 minutes while 8 hours form a circle for the 1/3 daytime. Those 60x15 seconds a quarter make 900 seconds that get fractal on 20x45 ... where we leave the measure for a minute ... Quite a Change - but for what reason/at what cost/profit/good to humanity as a whole?

s'ace a.k.a. bolon ik

Sunday, October 11, 2009

kweekbar narrative

This story on kweekspell - 9 daya a week experience / dream setup - is initiated by the Dreamspell and Telektonon visionair José Arguelles ; also Academic and Classmate - in a certain period - at the side of Drunvalo Melchizedek. I, s'ace, advisor for worldunity and peace education - read communication - at the Lucknow School initiated and lead by mr. Jagdish Gandhi , a legate of the non-violence acts performed and honored by the many by Bapu - Mahatma Gandhi, ... bind together in a Trinity Focus "). And at each trinity expandure many more visionairs merge on the simultaneous effort that radiates the human being at its greater performance attuning the Planets Intelligence from Outer Space.

I guide this by some Images that were inspired by Padmasambhava's Legacy by 7 sayings ... that emerged into 7 spheric seals ... at the departure station that gathers "souls" for the flight at a moment nearing ... faster day by day.

To the 7 seals from Valum Votan (as Vice Versa Messenger) in 2009 3 seals were added; actually just 2 while 1 of them is just the opposite figure from the 7th - SILIO, and that one can be pronounced as SILIA ... or SILIAH {which includes the german phenomenon we vibrate by the "AH-erlebnis" - the bigger picture/idea(L) }

the lineup

I label the new number first and link it to the number it has in the bar-formation
(this as the chozen method to settle for the new idea at the arrival station)
The presented method for the order is done by the BlindMansKeyBoard ') ...

0 at 1 BIVID
biovoids a common ground for sharing centralized speaks by any member that pledged that vow

))) ~ b i o v o i d ~ (((

4 at 7 LIMI
has achieved the emotional stages into clear responds at relations side - AH - experience germinized both grounds for existence

))) ~ l i m i m a h ~ (((

1 at 6 ALPHA
phoenix arose from historic chronicle accomplished in a sync temple by surrender/exhausted effort

))) ~ a l p h o e n (IX) ~ (((

5 at 2 DALI
germinized at the throat - "adamsapple" - focus for articulation while choreographical beautifying speak - grammar ~ retoric ~ dialectic vocation : an ocean ("das Mèr" - also the Mother at elemental Water Basin)

))) ~ d a l i m è r ~ (((

2 at 3 SELI
shows the 3 in wavespells that merge light sound humanlanguage from the sacral interval which records the learning curve in the pelvis ~ fundamental source for noosphere experiences at Water Ions suplying the Temple

))) ~ s e l i n o o ~ (((

6 at 4 GAMMA
merges the Mayan Calendar Prophesy in each Human Opened by Awakening Consciousness Navigations Followed; the Third eye was all the time observing the True Scene

))) ~ g a m m a y a ~ (((

3 at 8 SILIO
was a search for the galactic interval at departure station; having aligned to that it switches from the Heart into the Solar Plexus at arrival station - Journey TouchDown and Holydaya Radiates ... OHM as the HOME & DOME

))) ~ s i l i o h m ~ (((

7 at 5 KALI
communicates the central sun beams capturing the planet as a whole living being; a creature that took its time to communicate keys to fill vocabularies anmd dictionaries as well as encyclopedia as references in an attuned sphere

))) ~ k a l i k e y ~ (((

8 at 9 SILIA
communicates the other one who has accepted the contact from some trigger - not to be mentioned - that fascinated as an embracing huGGG }}}*|*{{{

))) ~ s i l i a u m ~ (((

9 at 10 KAMU
merges Ka and Mu at the temples wisdom'inance reigning its decisions on the path honoring the articulations at the learning curve token
in Kweekspell this is guided by having 3 strokes of 9 unique methods stimulating the dynamic stages needed for clear visions on situations that happen

))) ~ k a m u t h - Y ~ (((

this article goes on KIN081 which vibrates 3 ** 4 : 3x3x3x3 = 81 (9)

it aligns to kweekdaya and - elemental - : winddaya in deermoon

s'ace , a bivid biovoiding on bolon ik - impulsed wings

') BlindMansKeyBoard is the travelling of the octave DOREMI through the chakra "universes" that create a harmonic inside (re)verberating the world(viewed)

") both hon. man Barack Obama & Jagdish Gandhi are openly/public invited to join the WALK in the SPIRIT of Mahatma Gandhi ... ; the walk continues to january 2 , 2010

Friday, October 9, 2009

parallel experiences / project

Most who come here might have had their experiences from a timespan that some practioners dominated the field of creative people working on a altruïstic way for the field as a whole ...

Fractals of the whole fundamental harmonic beyond the fields we use to observe are light, sound, colour, language, culture, calender, democracy ... and probably more fractals of fractals merging in brahces etc.

* love fibers either not being tracked or not responded/listened as being tracked
* water becoming fluid from ancient ice
* democracy systemic / powers fibers at decline at some cause / timesphere
* sounds boxing the talks of the town by having blocked phases for goog speak
* working contents without a sense for humanity and respect
* a week pattern that breaks harmonic essences
* a music standard that created that much stirr that made power systems create economy principles in a babelonic "warfair"

~ and the responding of field on that causes - frictions to become humans after all ...

* 13 moon calender
* tuning the future - music standard
* ken wilbers talk and other integrals
* dreamspell
* kweekspell - the initating blog
* legacy of love
* serpent of light
* emoto & water crystal based consiousness
* cms lucknow
* ions / intend experiences
* internet based rise for awakenings
* a learning curve in the voting system
* ...

(well, cant be complete) and as a zero/0 the start of every list from now onwards with that figure 0 - ZERO
in order to center the individuals in any groupings at charge for a go ...


namasté s'ace


After a pionearing periode blogging here today is the 20th day in moon3 of the Dragon1/Seed4 year ').

This creation - blogspot Kweekspell - may be psi'ed - pulsed / triggered / prepared - by many things where i share 9 :

* this talk by Ken Wilber et all seems to be in line with the mission from maya 1985

* this mysterious however welltimed (!) communication line with a female partner in New Zealand - just at the other side of the planet as a whole : the Blue Magnetic Storm wave which as the Self-Generative Outcome on Wind 4 - Self-Existing

* a good afternoon talk with my buddy Solar Monkey as "Mon Key", Stef in Beemte at an old, devastating farmhouse and the last hour in a GER - a Mongolian Tent <= Good Natural Atmosphere (and try catastrophe as a natural phenomenon that evolves!)

* the home coming in Zwolle where my lover YaniQ lives and cooks and smiles all the time see looks at me ... - it transinterconnects the many as here narrated so russian friendly ... maybe "silentific" having digested that message!

* surely Wim and Roelof co-directors of the Waternet Foundation throw their best coins in my Spell: they give me manymany hours for studying the depth and have my narratives on creations, Chapeau ! And realize EAU is WATER ;-))

* the relation built with Stephen Engelking from England, living in germany so log already and whom i met in Lucknow, India ... He is a trustee at the side of Hugh and Helene Schönfield, you know and ... He trusted me in guiding the Arun Gandhi Tour, which also lead to a wonderfull afternoon in The Hague last Friday, october 2 - his 140 year birthday memorial! Steve took care of the Arun Gandhi site , theme non-violence.

* Jeroen and his game that connected me to the DreamSpell of José Arguelles, Lloydine & Stephanie - the Red Queen "Crystal Clear Planetary Journalist"; and -most of all- hope to get in the learning curve where it concerns us to the whole human factor at charge

* the act of Veronica - Constance & Starr - that gave us - YaniQ and Me - a TahiriH medal ; design from behind the Central Sun => thereby intertransconnective tool with Hunab Ku (!)

* all the serendipitious things that either just happen or express the love of all the "gone" partnears in bringing up "Atlantis" or kundalini experience.


What is the pure pose of Kweekspell?

Simply said it gives all religions and people and cultures a cleansed ground for starting eiter all over again or merging it all in a fusion ... which we label Second Creation or another native pointer ... with the similar intend, integer intend as 1-ness

We count 9 days as unities that measure and matter for, at and to us all - man and woman including children and even the fruit at the trees ... as wombs.

Then each Moon will carry 3 kweeks - where a kweek is a week of 9 days = daya.

Each year has 13 Moons + 1 day ...
and each Moon has 3x9 + 1 extra day : Day of Moon Experience as a commonwealth GloryDaya.

More at this place would overwhelm - just see when to take in more at each station aligned ... felt and sensed noospherically ... (where the biosphere is the plane where all our bodies reside, the noosphere is the plane where all our minds attune electrically)

This all written on - KweekSpellWise - NessDaya

S'ace ~ as bivid biovoiding

') Actually this twin spanning Dreamspell and Kweekspell - this pivoting partnear of Valum Votan simply by prophesy itself Bolon Ik type - bridges 4 kin as a primal whole: in Dreamspell Archetypes Dragon 1-magnetic, Wind 2-Lunar, Night 3-Electric & Seed 4-Self-Existing including many ather verbs as a whole Existing phenomenon, eg. try Self-Generative & Self-Speaking