Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WIND watch omega point

(here a narrative arises ~ within 72 hours from now in fractal portions)

souldaya 17:02 : given a gradual measure for a circle we have 360 degrees to slice into fractals ... where a quarter is 45 degrees (4x5=20'4+5=9 5-4=1)

in the time ornament that shows 1/3 of 3 circles - 1 circle 24 hours = 1440 minutes (mark 144 as a 9'er) a quarter is about 15 minutes while 8 hours form a circle for the 1/3 daytime. Those 60x15 seconds a quarter make 900 seconds that get fractal on 20x45 ... where we leave the measure for a minute ... Quite a Change - but for what reason/at what cost/profit/good to humanity as a whole?

s'ace a.k.a. bolon ik

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  1. among ning members a story popped up on "the watchers", maybe it fits in this whole blog as a phenomenon in timespace ;-)