Monday, October 26, 2009

9 days a week practical benefit #0001

a way to see the implecation/effect of changing to kweek , 9 daya "a week" here:

consider a habit of having 5 workdays and 2 days of leisure
we can see the 1 day of leisure as get down from the workweek and the other day as loadup for the next workweek as a rhythm ... that does not provide and guarantee the space a man needs to have its speak with intimates ... its speak given interval by time and space and origin human speak.

does this make sense?

so having 7777 as the frequency rate for a 13moon of 28 days is totallyt different from 9991 , okay?

(last ones meaning 3 kweeks a moon of 27 days + an extra leisure day - to fill)

"calculating the measure" gives

4x5 workdays relate by then to 3x6 workdays in a planetary ratio for what work contents : time, life, learning, speak and awareness?

from 20 days as a maximum to 18 days as a maximum delivers organisational space to divide the work in the people as a mass wanting to share energy ...

here a clue comes that we go from 4x2 to 3x3+1 leisure days a 13moon: 8 => 10 that is 25 percent growth and potentially over 20 percent decline in moving from a to be considering both weekend and leisure spot - pied a terre ...

in service of capital public affairs & crowns destiny

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