Friday, October 16, 2009

the LIMI card mystery

hmmm that card044 felt as a good experience ...

so shadowing the last 3 dayas of the Dreamspell 26 27 28 seems at charge here ...

here the LIMI card :

As the previous ALPHA narrative ... A B C are the labels for the left cards from top to bottom; they represent the first half of a year (11 years from this current 20~09/10)

Then what seals do we have together on the card?

Where we give Northsided figures top-down A B C , we see they appear at the South as C A B .

Then we see them from Center Right Left Bottom Top … here (different approach as ALPHA):




C: STORM is as THOR -sthorm- which is in THURSDAY as a GOD reference.
In Kweekspell the GODS are out as principle, simply because they are GODS they need no ICON nor iconizing linguistic approach in a "monument". One might say a natural GOD principle is in UR which is in URdaya - daya8 in a kweek.

In a narrative the storm comes over with an eye that lasers over the earth while the sun comes after that and burns the water to damp while the moon stimulates the cold night to damp the earth from the air ... the wind spreads the cleaned damp over the living elements while the eagle envisions the bigger picture - the lesson - from distance.

Mark A and B as wholes while they start and end in the same seal! NB-this is because the Moon6 seal indicates that double effect of Moon at the Rhythm Tone. why this is also happening on the Skywalker Seal below is Quest to be Responded.


Moon represents the universal water power which also constitutes the Dog body where loyalty to another being that feeds the heart of the animal sparks its trustfield which is connected by the high sky eagle messenger to the sunlight which feedbacks the moon for illuminating in cycles of about 28 days / indeed an extra about 24 hour more to make each 28th day a dynamic orientation on the cycles at charge. Being too precise on natural phenomenal would die out the effect people gathered can create with their minds in a co-creation. Red is about initiation and about the Blood Running Around the whole Vessel as a memorybox.


Given the Question at A on gives Moontone 1 6 11 as being current on this constellation.
Clue can be REED1 - Quetzalcoatl KIN053 ; REED6=KIN253 REED11=KIN193 ; possibly those 3 KIN are all represented in this card? 1+6+11=18/3=6 ? makes it rhythmic spice ...

Wakefulness by Rhythm -SKYWALKER6- is as in a musical stream open to embrace a dissonant sound. This is the opportunity spoken by the WORLDBRIDGER catalyst as an agent bridging sensoric realm and telepathic realm. The Night is nurtured by this Dissonant Spice while Abundance signals the Intuition Mode into the Starlights Elegance to handle the Creative Factor which feedbacks the Exploration Sense at the bodyvessel that pionears the Space Intelligence -Skywalker typo- Informing the Divine Factor through many principles to vibrate in words.

numbers for C A B at the right side , traveling center-right-left-bottom-top:

C: 19 0 9 2 15 : 45 in gaps (19-9-7-13) or ') (1-9-7-7)
') here the gaps are below 10, taking 0=20

A: 9 10 19 12 9 : 59 (in gaps 1-9-7-3)

B: 13 6 3 8 13 : 43 (in gaps 7-3-5-5)

sum 45 59 43 makes 147 seal Hand4 - self existing in SEED~wave

Maybe 59 and 43 are prime numbers that might be questioned on their prime position in the prime number map (where 1 is 1 of 0?)

Where the "hand of God" guides from mystery planes the gaps notation gives a clue here: where 7-3 is in both A and B serials that leaves 1955 - my birth-year as Bolin Ik, but also - year that passed "icons" as Theilhard de Chardin and Albert Einstein. 73 is matching 52 years on the planet ... . Question that arises is can more spirits enter an entity that is in the womb of a mother?

Note : this may sound selfish - excuse for that - i just have to clean up multiple spirits talking to me in "an apartheid systemic" which is just a merging process that occurs in open societies and many sounds to be filtered by the human decisive skill to maintain the clairvoyant talent. Okay? (Indeed this points to the effect of media to fill up the mind till chaos-states. As Dutch DSBank-director Scheringa today -monday october 19, Spectral Moon, NESSdaya - spoke in terms of a horror-scenario how a bank is psychological food for institutions that do not show their face when the quest for that arises. That is what it is all about, ain't it? He is CEO of the Year 2008)

45 is a clear 9 number ; it is also the whole range 0-9 summed.
It covers 4 numbers: +1, -1, 9 and 20.
If functionally weaves the 4 tribes in 5 rounds where Input - Store - Process - Output facilitate the whole "THUMB" at the Matrix - Womb for Building the Child.


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