Wednesday, October 28, 2009

nov 5, 2008 calling kweekspell

just by a reading and a focus opened to merging frequencies as true spells
i discovered that last nov. 5 psi'ed the kweekspell dispensation ...

and it is weird to see no one has yet mediated on the issue - which is a sign of the time we live in ... - to put is straight forward.

"The 5th of November was kin 1, 1 Dragon, the first day of a new 260-day galactic cycle. The last day of the new cycle will occur on 22 July 2009, when it will be 13 Sun once again. On that day will occur the last full solar eclipse prior to 21 December 2012. That day will be the definitive moment of the total eclipse of the old order - and the beginning ascent of the New."

is a snapshot in a greater writing from Valum Votan here which forsees 2009 happenings "). In that regard JULY 23, 2009 is also a DRAGON 1 spice in Dreamspell and is followed on 9/9/9 by the LongCount Magnetic Dragon ...

Then july23 is preceeded by july 18-22 the NooSphere Congress ending at 7/22 (a PI signal! for 22/7 nears PI )
InitiDaya for Kweek: 18-Kin 19-Wind 20-Ur 21-Soul 22-DôME & GloryDaya nr.0-zero
They resonate to the previous 5 resp. Ness-Fa-Moon-Sun-Sir ...
=> SirDaya as GloryDaya guarantee! (or 3xSir guarantees Glory)

The 3 Magnetic Dragons are merged in the KweekSpell Calendric NewSTage that sneakily pulsed itself in the bedrooms of the many dreaming exactly that ...

To me it also relates to a friend of VV who wrote on the Serpent of Light, Drunvalo. I read the book - advento-ur! again - with my lover here in Holland at the Hol'Mes Cutting Spiritual Materialism through all Bank & Insurance Businesses as "ING" does.

It is really happen'ING right now in our timesphere at the peoples goodwill from a given crown - which brings in the Oranges who might be willing to purify the whole scene with "the NEW STage". Mr. Obama might have clarified this scenario with the Prince of the Crown and his mrs. Maxima in a T'ching Party, so to say. Probably with AfreeCan Chocolates.

So a year after nov11, 2008 we have 2 anchors merging in 7 days : nov5 and nov11

In DreamSpell they get : White Lunar Worldbridger for 11/5 , which has a focus on Death (of the OLD) and Opportunity (for the NEW).

11/11 brings up YELLOW SOLAR HUMAN, the mobilizing human factor that affirms its spell by navigating the planets vast goodwill ... by entangled minds in refreshed mindsets.


then kweekspell is on 11/11 on a DôME day : Daya of Moon Experience nr. 10
its code is : ... which sort of vibrates the 144 fractal at TMQ - as a referencial match (dutch "lucifer"). is FAdaya in the VOIDkweek - 3th week out of 3 that form the kweekmoon of 27 days excl. the DôME.

Elemental Expression for that KweekDaya is ( which vibrates a countdown :)

~~~ GoodDaya s'ace ~ bivideos'

") a sound that reverberates its origin at "2009, Year of the Great Divide" is "2009, Year of the Great bivid~eo" :-)) HaHaHaH

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  1. jasmuheen is interesting vibration to see for its bividdecoded number:

    10 1 8 13 6 8 5 5 1 => 19 19 19 => 57

    jas - mu - heen

    it sort of spells 27 by the 3 9's ...
    and 3 1's fuse in 1: 28 as a zero ...

    as mindmagicmeandering watercrystals inside as PraNa