Wednesday, October 21, 2009

carreering catch022

s'ace - cees de groot (15:21:09) :

well, maybe time to tell a little bit of my life on Earth and the work i am given to accomplish by the Oranges , so to k’eye …

in 1975 i was called to Breda to Serve & Save the Queen …
in 1977 i jobbed in “The Value Transports”
in 1979 i flew in the pionearing airline company here in Europe
in 1985 i switched into deeper investigations spying various societies
in 1990 i was entering the political groundwater affairs next to “the Origin”
in 1992 i – pretty lunatiQ – achieved some Sabbathical Years working the Home
in 1995 i finished some studies in the Environmental Curare
in 1998 i entered the Public Pride of Dutch Wateraffairs in the Capital City
in 2000 i was called and honored by the Democratic Procedures to (Re)Present
in 2003 the nominee for Managear of the Year honored me by Feathers
in 2003 the Dr-ea-M~spell crew arrested me for having Pleasûr at Catch022
in 2006 the Lucknow Mission on “Awakening Planetary Consciousness” ignited
in 2008 the Central Justice Affairs pulls my hammers and teeth at T’ching 21
in 2009 a Jewish YitZhaQ flamed my Bride & by that my Bright Mind
in … (the coming yEArs) i’m off duty ~ maybe i finish an ur~tide ;-) )

so why this legenDa?

hmmm , i have not the slightest idea … although … I MAG INE does …

gooDdaya s’ace ~ BI~video biovoid’inG

This clip linked in the stuff popped up by my friend Yitzhaq who wrote a book on the switch in history recalls on Jesus and Judas. It gathers information that clarifies on a mass hypnosis in religion affairs and organising builders (Magnus Opus & Agnus Dei Rooms in Light & Bright Conscious States consulting 13Moon permutation table on intratime connected events ; which is a memory lane/ref. for all free people)

The above clip is on my behalf about the 8th chakra which i label by SILIAh ... which is the SILIO Plasmic Seal 180 degrees turnaround to make clear communication is a mutual affairs having goodwill from both sides to see one anothers position from a clear speak lending ones ears to listen "on a void mood"; i.e. loosing ego and thereby egoic protective tendencies enduring the process alive.
This SILIAh spot is according my state of the inspectation resided at "the hara" which is the bodily centerpoint where all natural strength gathers and has its root interconnected with the planet as a whole. It is just below the navel - between sacral and solar plexus chakra centres. SSSo thaqt differs from the clip given.
Still i like the clip as a appetizer ;-)

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