Sunday, October 18, 2009

the SILIO card mystery

this page is linked to day 28 of moon3 (although it is 1 in moon4 already)

i also link it to a phenomenon that gives 27 petroglyph photos to view. i sort of owe this to my telefriend fred, at least to his auric field that radiates a spell, maybe american human spell - so to say.

i will deliver the card here (later)

anyhow i connect it already to this part 14/16 which we prepare on collective mode right now ... while we are in a bi/tri/multi-lateral convers(n)ation ... . It is about 0, 8 and then 9 ...

bivid, 8 plasmic seals and a ninth ... as heaven on earth ...


i will deliver the card here (still later while life current takes time)

~~~ october26 update
still this silio card is pending to be narrated on; i just have it now on the home base so the cards formation is not at hand ...

today is october26 - Warrior5 - 96 ; Moondaya ~ SELINOO ; SILIOHM is tomorrow at FAdaya and then i have 4 days retraîte in HellenDoorn.
I will see what is at stage ...

11-11-2009 seems to be 5+11=16 days away: 6+9+1 which means:
6 daya for this kweek - the lifekweek;
9 daya for the 3rd kweek - the voidkweek;
1 daya for DôME daya 11-11-2009 , the 4th DôME daya from july 23 when kweekspell was ignited from pivotal channels gethered ...

Also GLORYdaya is a pointer to this 28th day of a 13Moon , it is the axis daya which holds 2 wings of 27 daya : 3x9 ... outer and inner bondings attached and affirmed ...

january 31 is 81 days later: 28 + 28 + 25 make a WINDdaya on januari 31;
that one vertically aligns DôMEdaya number 7 on february 3, 2010.
intermediate are : december 9, 2009 & january 6, 2010 (3kingsday)

the intend of january 31 is that over 20 million warriors on the planet practice kweekspell as the better slice through time and space by human attuning spell / believer of the androgyn talent aboard ... . Androgyn as a reference to attune both given talents as brain hemispheres and chest board (R-hear True; L-heart)


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