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kweekbar narrative

This story on kweekspell - 9 daya a week experience / dream setup - is initiated by the Dreamspell and Telektonon visionair José Arguelles ; also Academic and Classmate - in a certain period - at the side of Drunvalo Melchizedek. I, s'ace, advisor for worldunity and peace education - read communication - at the Lucknow School initiated and lead by mr. Jagdish Gandhi , a legate of the non-violence acts performed and honored by the many by Bapu - Mahatma Gandhi, ... bind together in a Trinity Focus "). And at each trinity expandure many more visionairs merge on the simultaneous effort that radiates the human being at its greater performance attuning the Planets Intelligence from Outer Space.

I guide this by some Images that were inspired by Padmasambhava's Legacy by 7 sayings ... that emerged into 7 spheric seals ... at the departure station that gathers "souls" for the flight at a moment nearing ... faster day by day.

To the 7 seals from Valum Votan (as Vice Versa Messenger) in 2009 3 seals were added; actually just 2 while 1 of them is just the opposite figure from the 7th - SILIO, and that one can be pronounced as SILIA ... or SILIAH {which includes the german phenomenon we vibrate by the "AH-erlebnis" - the bigger picture/idea(L) }

the lineup

I label the new number first and link it to the number it has in the bar-formation
(this as the chozen method to settle for the new idea at the arrival station)
The presented method for the order is done by the BlindMansKeyBoard ') ...

0 at 1 BIVID
biovoids a common ground for sharing centralized speaks by any member that pledged that vow

))) ~ b i o v o i d ~ (((

4 at 7 LIMI
has achieved the emotional stages into clear responds at relations side - AH - experience germinized both grounds for existence

))) ~ l i m i m a h ~ (((

1 at 6 ALPHA
phoenix arose from historic chronicle accomplished in a sync temple by surrender/exhausted effort

))) ~ a l p h o e n (IX) ~ (((

5 at 2 DALI
germinized at the throat - "adamsapple" - focus for articulation while choreographical beautifying speak - grammar ~ retoric ~ dialectic vocation : an ocean ("das Mèr" - also the Mother at elemental Water Basin)

))) ~ d a l i m è r ~ (((

2 at 3 SELI
shows the 3 in wavespells that merge light sound humanlanguage from the sacral interval which records the learning curve in the pelvis ~ fundamental source for noosphere experiences at Water Ions suplying the Temple

))) ~ s e l i n o o ~ (((

6 at 4 GAMMA
merges the Mayan Calendar Prophesy in each Human Opened by Awakening Consciousness Navigations Followed; the Third eye was all the time observing the True Scene

))) ~ g a m m a y a ~ (((

3 at 8 SILIO
was a search for the galactic interval at departure station; having aligned to that it switches from the Heart into the Solar Plexus at arrival station - Journey TouchDown and Holydaya Radiates ... OHM as the HOME & DOME

))) ~ s i l i o h m ~ (((

7 at 5 KALI
communicates the central sun beams capturing the planet as a whole living being; a creature that took its time to communicate keys to fill vocabularies anmd dictionaries as well as encyclopedia as references in an attuned sphere

))) ~ k a l i k e y ~ (((

8 at 9 SILIA
communicates the other one who has accepted the contact from some trigger - not to be mentioned - that fascinated as an embracing huGGG }}}*|*{{{

))) ~ s i l i a u m ~ (((

9 at 10 KAMU
merges Ka and Mu at the temples wisdom'inance reigning its decisions on the path honoring the articulations at the learning curve token
in Kweekspell this is guided by having 3 strokes of 9 unique methods stimulating the dynamic stages needed for clear visions on situations that happen

))) ~ k a m u t h - Y ~ (((

this article goes on KIN081 which vibrates 3 ** 4 : 3x3x3x3 = 81 (9)

it aligns to kweekdaya and - elemental - : winddaya in deermoon

s'ace , a bivid biovoiding on bolon ik - impulsed wings

') BlindMansKeyBoard is the travelling of the octave DOREMI through the chakra "universes" that create a harmonic inside (re)verberating the world(viewed)

") both hon. man Barack Obama & Jagdish Gandhi are openly/public invited to join the WALK in the SPIRIT of Mahatma Gandhi ... ; the walk continues to january 2 , 2010

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