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week 13/13 accomplishing 13

(some editions are not finished -yet- cause : cosmos speed)

In the inspiring waves at charge guided by TMQ some clues seem to merge fast and vast ...

sometimes i cover the spells to quarantee their expressions in different ships moving on the oceans with storm and thundear to overcome ...

comment 3 and 4 are resp. here

s'ace - cees de groot (10:54:07) :

A Magic Monkey Flight on the EnLighten’inG WINGS of Q … Reed1 …

Inspired by TMQ – for quite some KIN – and on a mutual nooGuided Way the number 21 is linked to number 53 as well and 13 …

This is what i happened to find in my chaotic files: BI~phasic matrix …

What is BI – is it just 2 creatures in a relationship?
And does it fit with BI as Bolon Ik and the BI~video acronym manifested in recent comments?

Anyhow it goes with this guiding reference for the weekly meditations created by a Russian Wind ~ a boy of about 13 years say 8 years ago (21 by now? :-) )

The image shows the number 13 for the week of the Quarter 1/4 in Seed Self-existing, the last week that builds the Hexagram Number 21.
This I Ching reference of Lisa Heyboer is one of my favourite.

On number 21 we read the headlines:

” Hexagram 21 – SHÌ KÈ – Biting through
Biting through, expansion ; Harvest: benefit of lawsuit
The great image says: Thunder and lightning: Biting through
The ancient kings made the penalties clear to enforce the law ”

On the BI-Phasic Matrix Sheet the number 53 pops up as the cell which makes 13+53 into 66 which is the maps cross-check by Harmonic Inverse.
Linking this number 53 to Reed1 – the Feathered Serpent – is immediately there while it was also “Day out of Time” in 2006 (8) , similar as 5+3=8 => symbol that activated the Inner Child’s Intuition now for more than 3 years active and having roots developed in the Earth Crystal.

On the Harmonic Index (backside of the BI-phasic Matrix) the tones 1-2-3-4 go with seals MOON – DOG – MONKEY – HUMAN : meaning SOUND expressed by the Universal Water Power at MOON1 (birthkin BI~video) – RHYTHM embedding the SOUND by the LUNAR DOGGY HEART – MELODY danced by the MONKEY MAGIC at the PARTY HOUR – FREE WILL POWER accomplishing the COMMON(key) WEALTH at SELF-EXISTING HUMAN …

Which spells the next wave ignited by MAGNETIC HUMAN 92 – ninetytwo (to oneness). That daya in kweekspell is URdaya. And we know what UR is, agree?

~~~ (i really like this spell that crushed my mind for some minutes)

TeoTiHuACan … is to me as DeoTiHuAhKan … catalyzing 5 entities in a whole Temple Manifest for what we all have to accomplish in our lifetime given:

Deo … is as GOD ~ “Galaxy of Dynamics”
Ti … is as the 7th sound just above the Head and within the Crown Chakra
Hu … is Spirit ~ “Holy Universe”
Ah … is the Heart sound that lives the common wealth
Kan … is Seed ~ the Yellow Phase of the Input / Information as Intelligent Spice


In Amity ~ S’ace aka BI~video , eh … BI~viTeo ;-)


s'ace - cees de groot (12:09:09) :

for those biters in codes and decodes adventure this comment may be interesting to share …

we see for the hexagram 21 on Lisa’s page here (and remember Mona Lisa! as Amon’s Lover)

i had a focus from the The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines :
Above 9 corresponds to h 19: A forest fire quenched
6 at 5 corresponds to f 19: Pelicans moving their habitat
9 at 4 corresponds to d 19: A gang of robbers in hiding
6 at 3 corresponds to b 19: A houseboat party
Joy on the surface, carried by deep mystery: food for the heart.
6 at 2 corresponds to ` 19: A large archaic volume
Initial 9 corresponds to ^ 19: The magic carpet

As a number oriented mind number 19 receives the attention, also because … day 19 of a yang moon is the reason why the Sabian Symbols refer to 19 … (a closure mark)

What is the meaning of the symbols preceding 19: h f d b ` ^ ?
Or do we look at them from ^ upwards (Right to Left)? Seems obvious given ^ …

In numbers bdfh equals 2468 … 4 even numbers and referring to seals:
wind-seed-worldbridger-star …

But then what is ` in this perspective … that line spells:
“A large archaic volume” ‘)

Any Idea New Zealand?

Back to “Down Upper” ;-) Y’ur S’húMan

‘) a wild card guess?
hmmm … the whole planet earth in a pivotal shift, maybe? “)

“) i sort of base this wildcardguess on this daya in kweek: WINDdaya which matches the Solar Wind at Charge in a Self-Existing Moon in the Lovekweek … and because t(w)o(o)morrow the Human Wave starts at URdaya … (with a large Arc’aiQ Volume Value from Un~clés Arc’thoros)

Lots of thing seem to merge ... and fit pretty well in - my - mind ...

10:54:07 and 12:09:09 are the 2 time provided ora~cles ...

a wild guess again from 1998 Oracle Developer of The Crown Company Waternet / A'dam / Europe ;-) :

10 ~ OC - the power of the Heart and She'art , so to say
54 ~ IX - Roman number Nine and also the Wizz'art Seal (challenging wizard)
07 ~ MANIK - the hand as prime external body language 14 and 41 ... (for one)

12 ~ HUMAN ~ okay : 13 kin charged from monkey 13, dog 12 and moon11 (spectrum)
09 ~ MULUC ~ sounds as MYLUCK too, aint it ...
09 ~ SOLAR ~ the 9 as MOONTONE mobilizing T'he Whole Bunch ... (any idea LLL)

namasté ~ good fair motions'
;-{ ... }-:

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