Thursday, October 15, 2009

the ALPHA card mystery

(Updated Monday October 19 12:00 +2GMT)

~ Lately i was invited to see for the daily gathered fractals from quite a story related to the Mayan Calendar and a messenger. This is today pointing to TMQ's day 26 in Moon3 which is also announced as a Galactic Activation Portal. (52 out of 260 cells are GAP weavers)

So today, being sirdaya - day 1 of 1st kweek - lovekweek - out of 3 in kweekspell, this day in dreamspell is spiced with ALPHA. Which is also my Birthday Plasmic Seal from Telektonon Perspectives. Missing the 7 Plasma cards for a while, i found them yesterdaya ~ Glorydaya ~ and took an extra focused glimps on that today - just as the task i had to accomplish today ...

Here is the card which at the other side shows the heptagonon of mind (7 plasma seals in a cube formation - SILIO at hearth position) and the text below:

"fifth lost generation : white electric mirror"

is this moon 4 the mirror of number 3 ? is my thought

i worked this out in a description and put in some pop-ups ...

here we see for the ALPHA cards BackBone
- a Telektonon OracleCard

First let us read the Header in 2 columns N/S (North / South Planet Halves)
N to S spells “Victory Releases”
S to N spells “A Cosmic Race Once Again”

The first half goes from 13Moon1.1 which alignes to Gregorian july 26 1997 – KIN044 – Overtone Seed

The second half starts at 13Moon7.15 – Gregorian january 24, 1998 (AD – KIN 226 – Overtone Worldbridger)

Densed North Seed spells flowering awareness where South Worldbridger spells the death and opportunity.

Flowering is a plants way to survive its eternal death; it is a way to prepare the seeds and give opportunity to the dynamic and sower to sow the unknown race to rise from that germinator. The opportunity is there given by serendipitious dynamics working in an accomplishing dance to end it as elegant as can be. The artist dream fulfilled.

Overtone Doubled here on the (364/2=)182 cells further alignment at january 24 is exactly moon7 cell 15 which is in line with 14 for all moondays double in themselves as a 29 summary (1-28, 2-27, … 13-16, 14-15).

Mark: from this perspective 13MOON-1.1 - KIN004 , july 26, 2009 - is covered / doubled by 13MOON-13.28, KIN107 july 24, 2010. Electric HAND3 is exercised in MOON4 ; this is a standard measure in 13MOON setup: the KIN target from a VOW is Day20 in MOON4. In the figures 20 and 4 both 5 and 16 are visable. 104 is the number where 364 and 260 break, siply while 364-104=260 a whole tzolkin wrap.

Then what seals do we have together on the card?

Where we give Northsided figures top-down A B C , we see they appear at the South as C A B .

Then we see them from Center Down Left Right Above … here:




“C is the leader where the South takes over from the North”
(right half of the card shows sequence C A B)

This makes the MIRROR the style figure leading the way where WIND is the GUIDE, DRAGON Analogue, STAR Antipode and NIGHT (the dream) the OCCULT Partner.

They are validated as the NEW SOUND to be DIGESTED at the SOULS aligned for the LIFE FORCE at CHARGE.

A) shows that the crystal (earth pulsar) is still on the seal of HUMAN being, the action of influence that is charged by Free Will into a vibration of WISDOM that can germinate in all beings here, now, and in a knowledge quantum that sparks as a bright star leading all the way … beyond the nagging and ignoring selves as “shellfish”.

The second weaving –A- at the South – ARRIVAL station – the Right side shows how the SEED has received the SOUND (C) and can get it in its equalizing RHYTHM – a new frequency (?!) – with the occult power of EARTH – (evolve) navigation for synchronicity – guided by the antipodal WIZARD’s spice – (enchant) timelessness for receptivity; the analogue EAGLE’s spice – (create) Vision for a Minded Body; the guide as a guarantee for HUMAN’s outcome by (Influencing) Free-Will into the Wisdom Dynamics. That is why the crystal is here; that is also why this spell/narrative is created right now:

4th Moon is started in KweekSpell which spells a GloryDaya on November 11 2009 (“a 9 11 doubled”) - KIN112 (84+28) is Day25 in 13Moon4 KALIK - the agent catalyzing.

The third weaving –B- at the South, the Right side, spells the STAR’s elegance at charge while the rhythm achieved the fertilizing ions to the SEED and it got rooted in the earth as a catalyser for new breed. It has help by grouped force at various talents: SKYWALKER at the Occult Powered side which Explores Space as a Alert and Wakelful State; MIRROR (2nd appearance in the whole setting) delivers Antipodal references Reflecting Endlessness to Settle Order; MONKEY plays the Magic Tunes that weave the Illusions to a U topic Wish; all guided in the WARRIOR’s pace at peace Questioning Intelligence without Fear on a Mood string for Walktalk at Courageous Effort.

When this Warrior sings and whistles the joyfull tunes …. then we all are in a pleasure state as a dynamic energy illustrating its outcome from the seeds cosmic weaving … wondering why this all excites the senses on nerves.

then what do the seals gathered tell by number?

A 4-17-14-15-12 make 62 by summary ;
the gaps make 13-3-1-3 : 20

B 8-13-18-11-16 make 66 by summary ;
the gaps make 5-5-7-5 : 22

C 18-3-8-1-2 make 32 by summary ;
the gaps make 15-5-7-1 : 28

Getting labels to A B C from the blind deliver from the kweekweek names as labels LOVE-LIFE-VOID

so we get:

Then from kweekspell sounds those spell "):
at A : ))) ~ K a l i K e y ~ ((
at B : ))) ~ d a l i m è r ~ ((
at C : ))) ~ K a m u t h y ~ ((

and then get that - this Soundmap - to the sphere where you are right now ?!

The 3 K’s of the KweeKspell Soundmap merge into one choir ')

Does this final outcome make sense to you, reader?
Can you sleep on it – some nights- as a knight?

in peace at a pace, S'ace

') 3 K’s of the KweeKspell => resonates 11:11 11:11:11 while K=11th character
i note this here because of a UCS call from dogon

") 20 is 2nd daya sound in voidkweek; 22 is 4th daya sound in voidkweek; 28 indicastes DôME daya = Glorydaya with the accomplishing sound KamuthY ...; so actually the void label at that spot is "from void" which indicates divine order synchronizing "the bird/birth"

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  1. Question may arise for tone 13 COSMIC when we have 20-22-28 as given numbers that sum up into 70 (2x5x7)

    20 might refer to the whole serial of seals relecting the suns elemental 4x5 formation that expresses from hands and feet.

    22 is familiar for being the bilateral partner of 11 and 33; 11 as the individual growing up and maturing by mirroring efforts at the temple itself; 33 as the collective grown from all individuals at the "catch22" table where all eyes meet in holistic realms ...

    22 is as 2 swans swimming parrallel ...

    it is BOLON IK number in TzolKin Calendric Order


    then 28 is referring according kweekspell weavings too the COSMIC level where the collective spheres of Planetary, Spectral and Crystal meet ... at KAMUTHY sound that cherishes GLORYDAYA - DôME day for Daya of Moon Expieriences ...