Friday, October 9, 2009

parallel experiences / project

Most who come here might have had their experiences from a timespan that some practioners dominated the field of creative people working on a altruïstic way for the field as a whole ...

Fractals of the whole fundamental harmonic beyond the fields we use to observe are light, sound, colour, language, culture, calender, democracy ... and probably more fractals of fractals merging in brahces etc.

* love fibers either not being tracked or not responded/listened as being tracked
* water becoming fluid from ancient ice
* democracy systemic / powers fibers at decline at some cause / timesphere
* sounds boxing the talks of the town by having blocked phases for goog speak
* working contents without a sense for humanity and respect
* a week pattern that breaks harmonic essences
* a music standard that created that much stirr that made power systems create economy principles in a babelonic "warfair"

~ and the responding of field on that causes - frictions to become humans after all ...

* 13 moon calender
* tuning the future - music standard
* ken wilbers talk and other integrals
* dreamspell
* kweekspell - the initating blog
* legacy of love
* serpent of light
* emoto & water crystal based consiousness
* cms lucknow
* ions / intend experiences
* internet based rise for awakenings
* a learning curve in the voting system
* ...

(well, cant be complete) and as a zero/0 the start of every list from now onwards with that figure 0 - ZERO
in order to center the individuals in any groupings at charge for a go ...


namast├ę s'ace

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