Saturday, November 28, 2009

Moon Walk in G

The lead of TMQ leads to some heights by having Situations on the Telektonon Board that did not happen before ...

maybe first have of slight updates in TMKQ Moon12 on my sleepwalkinf comment (also i make my human errors) - th updates will be put in italic script:

s'ace - cees de groot (09:56:30) :

kin 1 2 9 is the key number where MooN elegantly weaves its tapestry as a harmonic Mandala …

1 is the source for a doing, an act, each decision … it represents each human being who is aware of its membership of Mother Gaia, Ki, Earth …

May it strike here that KI is the similar sound as Key and also CHI – enerGY …

2 is the number that represents relationships to You and also to him of her … 2 kind of relationships both 9

while also 9 is the representataion for a wholly “me” , we all -THREE OF A KIND- represent the number 27 … (number of space)

we all go through a passage (a lock?) that is number 28 – number for time

and then we arrive at the Arrival station which is represented by number 29 (11) …

Do these steps make sense to you ?

Then try to get a focus on the second 11/11 this month – tomorrow 11-29?

See also that 2 9 is pretty similar as the 3rd 11: 2009 …

May we align to a Divine Providence as a real Telepathic Dance weaving the Lover Couples Tapestery at the center of the Taolkin Calendar at both number 130 and 131 (the ultimate magic square – vibrating the number for all magic squares 522)

NS 1 22 5 14 / 8 Kin 129

Actually you might say to TMQ occured a smalle error noting 128 for this KIN while the serendipity factor was illustrating its effect in this coöperation – or as i “tease” it in the creative friction word : co-opeerraTion … while we often make contact in a peer-to-peer eye contact … So, when there is no other eye at all we telepathically imagine lovers eyes in our peer-to-peer communication with the world / a timecycle (closing).

in La’kech ala kin, S’ace ~ bolon ik 2.9 at ix9 & muluc1 mission; parallel to LongCount AHAU12 – crystal sun burning portals as a laser

the timestamp oracle 09:56:30
09 : Seal9 Moon and also vibrated in the 9th Tone that mobilizes "the whole thing"
56 : Warrior Seal in REED1 wave - the Self-Existing One setting its Measures
30 : indicates a DOG at Heart barking in the Full Moon it even suggests the SteppenWolf longing for its Love at Quite some Dicstance

~~~ then the issue on the Telektonon Board ...

Note that we have at KWEEK two extra tools replacing the old Bolon Ik and the Warrior in a Prison16Cube. The Bolon Ik is represented by a VENUS SHELL and it walks with the Lover Couple at the Parrallel Stroke ...; Then the Warrior is replaced by a STONE / say a PEBBLE ("Pebbles" my Lucky FlintStone)

Then by now the VENUS is at cube 9 where it meets the couple on cube 8!

Some tension HERE!

They meet one another on the nightwalk!

Mystery EVE at the Telektonon Boards that are aligned ...? Sure!

Lets also see the couple on the DALI SEAL while the Yellow Warriro here is at cube 11 - at the KALI symbol at the KWEEK spell interval where KALI is a sound : KALIKEY ...

In Kweek DALI is at the THROAT chakra spiced on the sound )))~DALIMÈR~(((

While KALI is the CATALYTIC AGENT at the Dreamspell Interval ... we have an intersting CROSSROAD here at a charge pinpointing 11/29/2009 ...

Thjen the Crystasl Settin gis on the MOON where we have an OMEGA Symbol Attracting Sabian Riders on a Storm ... agree?

GoodEve, S'ace

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