Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Galactic Serpent Streams LifeForce

The Vacancy Trip by Bolon Ik on our Planet is giving so much Joy : it sort of inspires all the union DreamSpellers to take another perception at number 1 in a Tzolkin Tapestry ...

They all were prepared and all the time focussing on 1 singular KIN; but recently this changed into 261 SEALS a daya!

Red Galactic Serpent ~ KIN125 (5 triple-cubed)
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Polar Clan- Blood

I harmonize in order to survive
Modeling instinct
I seal the store of life force doubled <== while each daya = 261 seals / kin
With the galactic tone of integrity
I am guided by the power of universal water

Con yu imagine that this "overwhelms" and at the same time is so logical that this is the clue from a trinity peception?

here is the TMQ incl. comments from the "batman" at peacocks feathers ;-)

then we set here the image at that site next to the image lately drafted from a download:

1) Did the week change from 7 to 9 dayas ?
2) Do we have 3 weeks of 7 days a moon where special days are inserted for humanity ?

Which Question arises at a regular DreamSpellTrainee ?
... at the Teacher(s)?

As a Bolon Ik Kalik one might understand i just walk 3 cells in front of the lovercouple Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik ~ and i prefer the situation this is not covered in the media ~ matter of style perhaps?

Q 1) leads to the answer "well, why not while it blends our mutual communions?"

Q 2) Calls to label the 7 special days.

** So let in 3 days that prevail a week in a meditational moment at 261 (/9=29=>11); i put a sound next to that which is mirroring itself in lower case: "biovoid"

** Also imagine each week is ended up in a meditational destiny : YOU / U / the Other One; it actually is the 180 degree rotation at the SILIO seal presenting SILIA, sounded by SILIAUM ~ the hara connaction facilitated by the Earth Crystal(leY)!

** The 7th extra daya is actually the centerpoint of those 3 week-serials incl. the 2 extra special daya; it is the fire element - the 4th element that is always there to alchemistically illustrate the God Spirit by Spontaneous Radiance.

From my personal almanack i would nickname that green symbol as "the Green Horse on the Move" , simply while a storyline fits in there ...; i won't care and even stimulate other kin to nickname it at there convenience - Green Kermit ?

Indeed that Green One also communicates the SERPENT inside as the Kundalini traveling Crystallines into Heaven at Bliss.

PleaSure! S'ace

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