Wednesday, November 4, 2009

posting 22

Kind of Celebration Here at "Death" , the challenging LUNAR BRIDGE KIN 106

i found this image on twin thumbs thumbling fate ...

may this lead to a goodDaya reflecting on that vibration ...

dream the hands ~ as merging 14's into 27 & 28 ...

Why posting 22 ~ well , it vibrates KIN022 ~ white solar wind "as my trippleading star", so to saya ;-))

~~~ i proceed this 22 with TMQ19

In the TMQ article "the white Horse" pops up as an image - i suppose a white horse on a hill in England?

Anyway it actually is one of my first responding acts to the world of "make belief":

In 1991 i happened to be attacked by several business forces - most evidently because of the quality of my talk being asked for right that responding on "a Masterplan" to be underscribed by the workers themselves mentally.

In a short time - about 2 hours - i produced a tape recording with some narratives in songs put jamming together on a tape with a label:

"Green Horse on the Move" Mr. & Mrs. Knowbody ...

A few months later i shared it with mr. Eckart J. Wintzen, my entrepreneural boss & jestermind sensitive. It got a nice image with the origin 12 black rectangles replaced by colorful eggs in a holistic constellation: the 3 characters B S O were changed into N E P - Non-fiction Egolution Productions .

A mouth had a pencil in the mouth in the RU corner with the text: "Beware of Overdosis" ...

Eckart died unfortunately on March 21, 2008

The last meet i had with Ecky was in 2005 in Leiden, the Netherlands. The 2 day gathering was on the theme "Moed Moet" - "Courage (A)Rouses".

Guess this fits the WorldBridger Seal here which is empowered by the Power/Force of Death ... It gives Opportunity ... to the many. Lunar spiced it is upmost on Courage!

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