Thursday, November 19, 2009

we three at tree walk together ... ;-)

Having Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik together side by side immediately delivers a third one on their path "their vision worshipper" ... on the board this is the YELLOW WARRIOR ...

So here you are: the game has changed and this is always the most challenging intention from each game designer - here suspected by José "Argueless" and Lloydine - an o'22 twin to the author narrating his foundings ... guided with the many free-ends that pop up every Know and Then ... : T'hen is as the Peacocks PeaHen ;-) She nurtures the eggs, with her charming heath burned from whatever the cock offers for the fire.

Here is the comment on the TMQ120 and you'ld better invest on that one ... having 20 days of twins ahead:

s'ace - cees de groot (15:51:53) :

(later i pick up this Linda & the Dog)

I handle this Precious Electric Sun with another document which includes many spices in the cauldron active in burning One Hunahpu to a born & living thing inthe heart of potentially all human individuals aboard. The key chi that matches in the “keylock” offered by TMQ is in the PRINT mode of that page : at my station here with its instruments as cockpit(fallseeker) it gives 37 pages at a density i propably use 70 percent at the Mozilla Print Function, so to detail.

And 37 was here recently setting focus on number 9: 9 trinities on a row by having 37 , 3 and a factor Y travelling One to Nine in a formula: Yx3×37.

Then the many valuable narratives on that 37 page printout give XIBALBA BE as another KEY at CHI … here discovered by your “free-end” S’ace from Holland as a down to sealevel place to live … because of dunes and dikes and poldering (big heart pondering).

The bivideotext decoding procedure from that vibration gives:
3 9 21122125 => 37 (sorry to have skipped some spaces here :-) )

3 9 heads for 27, agree?
and the outcome ends on 25 : todays focus having 25 at the other side and on many boards pacal walking with bolon ik again on cell 5 … where the warrior beadhead goes on number 8 – URdaya in kweek …

Electrifying the warrior ahead – the beadhead – we might use a label that sprouts its meaning; considering s/he has to be a twin – a galactic twin – i offer the label One Hunahpu …

Let me here – live on the screen – discover its bivideotext’UR:

12 12 5 ~ 8 6 13 1 811 6 => 29 27+26 => 81+1 (82/10)
Tzolkinwise it spells WIND4 – the selfexisting One FormGiver to the New Era.

In the Magic Square 82 goes with 162 – 179 – 99 (galactic storm)

The midpath for that magic square is about to enter on KIN121 …
So here is another great moment within the birthing calendar itself …
where 120 hands over 120 cells by 20 in the 7th column into the other 120 cells … Consider each cell in that center column as a pure twin where the mouth of both the jaguar and the serpent speak as an eagleseye …

Have a good night passing this BRIDGE / TUNNEL / Fa(i)rY ;-)

as "a bead habit" i look for the timestamp given by a randomizer:


ah: 53 is a reed1-indication
and 15 is shadowed by 51 having a 6 (1+5) as the whole and 4 (5-1) the bar
total they reverberate 20 : the sunseal SUN at charge todaya ...

its kweekspell signat'ur? UR~dayah !

and "ah" is my ;-) / winK to HunAHpu ~ 1 ...
and U know why ... , GoodLuckNow S'ace

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