Sunday, November 1, 2009


today is 2.11 - a 22 vibration radiates this responding peace on TMQlane ..

i pinpoint it here while i forsee some details have to be declared more intensive right here (later) ...

s'ace - cees de groot (11:28:27) :

2nd comment on 11/1/2009 ~ ( 2.11 ~ KIN102

in kweekspell we have a SOULdaya ~ 9th & final daya of a kweek
its number is ; elemental identification:

this last approach may need the systemic area (map) where the element is a part of, simply while 4 can be sliced into 2×2 where 9 is sliced into 3×3 …
in kweek i consider it of crucial function to have the both expressions and next to one another; the first one moderates speaking language and the world at a ratio level; the elemental approach facilitates the seeing inside that accomodates the memorylane as an integrity base for decision making – that what life is all about (most preferable on a spontaneous -intellectual teamwork- stream).

In a systemic map the number can look as:

1/260 represents the cycle of the tzolkin based on 20×13, clear here
4/13 represents the 4th moon out of 13; ‘) remark here is this is a kind of manitou weaving which may need a layout to accomodate the presentation of that complex multiplex. => then having the kweek at charge we see the Quarters disappear from the scene in a setting of 39 kweeks : by then we have 3 Triplets of 13 kweeks ! (i – as bivideo in KIN022 kinethical suvuya – would toggle the word “tripleads” for that!)

this part "disapeared:

2/3 indicates the current kweek out of 3 kweektypes; 1/3 indicates the lovekweek; 2/3 the lifekweek and 3/3 the voidkweek : MARK each has a principle at work interconnecting the "tones" and the "keyboard" as a body, a medium interconnected.

3/3 and 3/3 indicate the kwell at charge having combinations interfusing universal sounds ... as if louis armstrongs breath plays together with just 3 buttons to press in a string and on parallel combis. See the cubes below here ...

(in the meantime i changed the title from TripLeads into TripPLeads; simply while that is what is at charge ... the triplead, so to say, leaded into that spell "tripPLeads").

What about the complex - multiplex?

What is the difference in complex and multiplex?

A complex is a compounded theme/topic that needs a narrative in a methodic way to explain its actions, powers & essences in the whole systemic observed. Crucial might be the judgemental core which decides what is relevant and a real working element for "the board as a team" that is decisive and of decisive factor for the outcome.

A multiplex is as a mega theater where a single source experience parallel worlds.

The combination can be horrible for a single person when all listeners "play dummy" - which is as a cartel, a trust.But then it is good to consider your position as active player in the cartel which is a trusted base(ment) for community.

Here the magic box how 123 and 123 work in the combo of multiplex and complex ...

here we focus on the presentation of nessdaya and winddaya in elemental form:

While the rhythm and rhyme is disturbed in the presentation of the cube on the bottom, that one is harder to listen to ... by a listener or observer begetting the story narrated on. But then, a trained listener that applies the skills still can listen to the story told while the memory lane is working its workload on the job, so to say.

This is a given thing for a professional hired to do a job; which characterizes them from amateurs ... ; but then amateurs on spontaneous intelligence still can perform better than professionals who can be "framed" in other networking interests at "a charge" in their economic "egoic?/carreer?/influent?" multiplex; active in complexifying the whole scene for "the one trippleading".

hmmm ~ might help us ...

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