Friday, November 20, 2009

KIN121 11 to 11 twincolumn init

Let me first refer to the inspirational TMQ gatherer of data facilitating noospheric thought experiments where history denses into the now ...

Todaya this was by this daya KIN 121 article. Which is also the 1st of 20 seals in the mid and myth(revealing) column.

I sort of affirmed its special energy by gathering:
* 11/11/2009 11:11:11 grid 9 daya ago
* pointing this very Gregorian 11/20/20'09 into 20/20/20 20:20:20 alignment pinpoint
* by decising to visit Kopenhagen, Danmark in december on the Climate Congress

Then(Mark) : some issues important to the installation for KweekSpell on the Planet

* 9 days a week simply is an internal coherent number while 3 to 3 is 9
* 9 to 3 gives an external whole guided by number 3 and "the whole human being"

** while the thought pointer as a compass for the human being was focussed on matter and the materializing / industrial worldview ~ it pivots very fast to the accaptannce that life is much more than just "plundering the earths natural resources"
*> so, we come to the vast rooting conclusion "there is another way to fascinate our doings & togatherness / speak & peace for beauty"
*> then we need another orientation within the repetitive serial that articulates days by their names / labels
*> we agree English has token a overwhelming interest from most countries - example India where English is the Core Language next to many native local ones
*> we might ask the question: do the planet-references articulate a whole vocabulary that radiates the mind into the mindset "wished"?
*> as an example this site - origin for the kweekspell - 9 daya a week orient - narrates on how vibrations as measuring mozaic can radiate a complete base for the mindsets wondering its wanderings ...
*>> there for this topic and the next short and perhaps po√ętic narrative for the 9 daya-labels given by its "parents":

SIRdaya - refers to SIRIUS - the DOG associated star , a double or even triple star that grounds a fundamental yin/yang energy on this planet - base to all life forms

SUNdaya - simply Earth Star as Galactic Mirror serving

MOONdaya - mystic regulator for bleeding women and for all fruitful human race

FAdaya - 4th tone out of the DOREMI-octave , basement for music measures ; FA is the first phase shift within the octave affirming potential for change

NESSdaya - 5th and centerdaya of 9 that is as its heart; a NESS is as a Home , as a WOMB

KINdaya - context associated unity ; a day, a week , a year , a human being ... etc.

WINDdaya - pinpoints the SPIRITs spiral active and most active when it lays down ...

URdaya - focusses the unity where all that lives came from ... infinite source of beauty

SOULdaya - radiates our human skill to set the unity by various individuals on the planet as a final destiny that prevails all "tests we did"

then ... finally 3 rounds of 9 daya give 27 daya a 13Moon of 28.

Daya 28 centers all those 27 as if they mirror the next 27 as the other wing of the bird flying on 28 ...

again the bird ...

and its flight a part of the year:

that might be "my model to implement on Kopenhagen 2009"

;-) namasté S'ace

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