Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good Night

The TMQ reading of the Day is a Crystal Night memorial.

103 is its number - KIN.

i wrote a comment and quote it here, incl. a -fat- correction:

"Today’s G-Force is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign: Spectral Serpent."

In Book V/VII -CHC Book of the TimeSpace- on page 224 (which number is in the whole serial N. S. it narrates on the importance of the 3 animals Serpent, Jaguar & Eagle; resp. Coatl/Chichan, Ix/Jaguar, Cauhtli/Eagle.

The Trinity they represent reflect to Water, Earth & Air as in Love, Life & Void they work together in various receipts, one of them i like to articulate is the trinity spiral, sequence & vision. Why? Well i see the Spiral as the Vertical Way to near Themes, the Sequence is the Horizontal River that flows & the Vision is the crossing of diagonals as in X ("ix") and Y ("why").

The 3 are the 3 elements represented by the 3 toes on the foot that have 3 bones ...

The Ability to "decide" upon a token way to partake in "the Dream" is the passionate spice of life we refer to as The Fire. That one is represented by the tiny toe , a "thumb" typo with 2 bones. Fire at hand has become 1 of the fingears where a gear is at hand to regulate ones speed in a stream (it even has a mode to get/fly back!). The 4 fingears at Hand represent the 4 Elements.

The "left" 4 Thumbs represent the Ether, the Field coördinating the whole vessel as in Tzolkin the last 4 seals Earth, Mirror, Storm & Sun represent that "Radar Love, Affection & Gratitude" to be receptive to that what is brought by any New Day in Abundance.

Whole Hands Joined represent the Glory to Surrender into Liberation ; the 4 elements all are as the fingers on the Hand - both Hands are as Wings passing the Time.

224 is a clear Bolon Ik signature by the 22 number which is here affirmed by its sum into 4 - the signature of self-existing triumph from self-generation having digested the bigger picture into creations and the fulfilling of a true pledge where Pacal Votan & Bolon Ik walk together & talk to gather : always having the feet on the ground respecting the Y which represents the Trinity Factor and Opening Hands offering the X - the Intelligence Factor at Passionate Charge when the Situation is at Hand to Act upon That.

Apart from 224 "N. S." vibrates the 1 as Oneness.
16 as the cube of 4 (which is a cube) - 16 is also the number of seals that work together from the 3 Navigation Towers -Earth, Mirror, Storm- at "the Thumbs" where the Sun articulates the overall motion - mostly just a regular breathing while change appears & radiates.

16 is also the number of years where Planetary Art Networkers envision the 64 D.N.A. codons in 4 Quarters a Year. Right now we are in the second week of 13 where Quarter 2 in the 13th Year at the 13th Table is performed & transformed.

Its label is (translated from Dutch into English) the Heart-Moon Crystal (see it is "CrystalNight" todaya!) and its pointer is "Space Circulates Cosmic Awareness" empowered by the Bridge Transformed Rune Triplet. Its I Ching number is 29 in the whole year serial 21-29-37-45. So the 4th Quarter is number 45 - the number that results from the sum of all 10 numbers 0-1-2-3...-9 ... . Its spell is "Ocean of Presence" with the outcome "Dynamic Structuring Liberates in Time".

Here a way to see for I Ching number 29/64. (Lisa Heyboer is 1 of 4/5 wifes married to the late Artist Anton Heyboer)

Good "N'eight Zaigone" :-)

november 2, 2009 - in kweekspell SÌRdaya - first daya of week 3, the VOIDkweek, (also

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