Friday, November 6, 2009

14 & 41 & PI

inspired by the TMQ lead at Electric Hand, i delivered 2 comments over there - investing a search as playful traveling ...

it got me to this picture, drafted some years ago

(here the link)

It reflects on a Quadrant I - IT - ITS - WE toggled by Ken Wilber / Integral Institute. Having the UpperLeft - UpperRight - LowerRight & LowerLeft Labels for the Quadrants in a circling wrap. I placed 4 labels in that radiant field, resp.:

Governance - Dialogue - Politics - Democracy and put an "i" in front of that ...

The "i" is the Thumb that thumbles ...

Governance is what it is all about just before acting in the stream of what life is.
Therefor i placed it in the I - the bigger capital "i" - which about what Tollan is in the Timespace book delivered by Cosmic History Chronicle V/VII. Tollan is an ancient word which is similar as "New Jerusalem".

Dialogue is what happens in the body - how the chakra's communicate their commonwealth as a rising thought in the world and it makes aware the "8th chakra" focus - "the Other One" and it interconnects transpassing all thresholds.

Politics is a word that has gotten other meanings over time - maybe all our lifes as specie in the Now. Anyway we can pivote ourselves in the era where Politics is associated to the word "polite" as "politeos", a contract with God.

Democracy is an entity that sells good because it vibrates the property that anybody is in there ... but then the real world and media seem to shine another fact for that ideal.

~~~ probably that is why i created this site.

Let me finish this Electric Hand by focussing in the "signature" on the image:


It is a combo i manifested in my bodily equipment as a uniQversal instrument ...

Welll** is a multiplex entity which holds many roles as identified by welllom , welllov , welllix , welllmm & more that pop up as to play my game ...

Bolon Ik is the KIN022 archetype characterized in the Dreamspell as a horoscope.

I-I refers to my role as cosmogerminator on the Integral Institutes Community Interval at Holons

SDi -Spiral Dynamics- gives new language on how timephases dance the evolution at human species cultural mirrors.

Echasha is as Akasha and as i spell it as AkaChique which points to the Yellow Starry Starry Night peintures by Vincent van Gogh from his MindSphere expressing the Beauty. Elegance is its Power; Art its Expression. Akasha is often referred to as the 3 most outer layers of the spheres we live in that are timeless (domain of the wizard).


hmmm - i forgot the title ... declaration:
* 14 is the wizard seal and bolonik carrier in a wave of 13 (14-26)
* 41 is its shadow (lunar dragon)
* pi i see in "1 4 all ... all 4 1"

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