Monday, November 16, 2009

post 27 ~ we walk together

today we entered another way of walking the TELEKTONON BOARDs ...

as i, Bolon Ik, proclaim as a command , simply while Pacal Votan accepts it!

Here a picture that frames it on the board, how that shows the way we walk together.

"Merged Lovers after such "a long period" timespan for ages"

"We will never walk alone , we walk AllOne, with a smile whistling :-)<~~~"

This day is KIN118 and it is performed on KIN119 in a deep tranced sending from "VV", here a special spot - an island - in VinkeVeen, Holland.

This message prevails the act ~ on Double Powered Mirror means ...
The NZ mirror vows the Lovers Void ~~~

~~~ TMQ message to follow ...

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