Monday, November 30, 2009

triangle knowledges

Since 2 years i often see those clips from rysa5

Here is one of them which handles the phenomenon of triangles , i point at the formula where triangles are in triangles having the 9 as setting for number of unities - days - in a setting - a week of 9: a kweek - :

moon = 3 kweeks + 1 synchronization daya as radiating / alerting celebration

28 = 3 x ( 3x3 ) + 1 ...

~~~ another theme that holds this trinity story is on atoms!

here 3 articles where dogon invests a lotta words to describe what the cooperation does
* prime number language
* talking atoms
* advanced atom talk

Having read those article made me think how to link the 13moon calender to the atoms?

Maybe this is in the last 2 books?

Or is this the thing we as timetravellers are bringing up from below the ocean, so to say ?

A 1st thought on that gave:

Hydrogen is the SUN representative

Helium is the DRAGON

Lithium is the WINDSPIRIT


i have to see for that ... remember the stories are on PRIME numbers only as the talk of the Ancients.

This is the period of the MONKEY Genesis, day 1 out of 78, see the TMQ announcement

"What a mesh we have here? All those wirings, are they simply asking for a Cut? i.e. aNooThere Vision as NooSphere Forseers Wrote quite some Tzolkin cycles ago ... : aha "but" then time does not exist , our acting is the time itself - attempting to reach for the collective normative we dream ,,,

Good Mon Ki, S'ace

BUT translated from French to English gets us to a simply sol-u~t-ion:
Goal ~ Intention ~ Eye Mark ~ TarGet

Tar is related to TARRA : difference between Gross (d:Bruto) and Net / Nett / Clear / REAL ; Getting that is kind of Trade - adding Value - Profit - PackageStuff ~ also Logistical Marketing

(well just having an orientation to what is seems all about - from ancient knowledge)

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  1. HA i saw this number 139022 pass on the screen ...

    playfully links me through by a noospheric dial to

    1+3x9 Oh2 2

    kind of saying we are 2 water drops having a dance on 3 to 9 adding 1 idea to it all ... at any moment ...

    Gives me a chance to share this clip ...