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collaborating on CHC VI/VII ~ LIMI

This adventure with TMQ leads to a burning wire in the noosp'here ... (and i see the comment number is 280 <= mark that frequency!)

here is my 2nd comment of the daya that is pretty uncovering and pointing at the greater mission we aligned one can experience this eve and all days after as a rehearsal(e).

(i also looked for some small misticks! the pretty ones will not be changed.)

s'ace - cees de groot (12:17:33) :

I read the double Votan/South and then i experience a twisting ion that gets me in a mood!

Wouldnt that be either Arguëlles/South or Votan/Queen , agree TMQ?

Anyway the twist has always been an attraction for me personally to see for its “secret”.

Here i ask you first to see for the LIMI symbol (3rd one from right above) while i am pretty aware of the fact that this VI/VII Book of The Cosmic History Chronicle is written NOW. Why look for LIMI ? Anyone who has a responding line to that , please come in and share that Sirius’ly ;-) My initiating (BI, 2.9) vision?

LIMI is Solar Plexus positioned in the Padmasambhava 7 at the departure and gathering training center for “the WorldShift on Human MindSet”. Looking at the symbol you see the chord above 2 vertical slightly bending lines : aka U and me . So there is the suggestion to be a part of the mission that the 2 partnear writers are “executing” right now.
The 2nd idea here is added by the fulfilling of the pledge by Bolon Ik: "shea" forsees the alignment of the plasm'ik seals at the arrival/destiny station. And there we see how the LIMI and SILIO seal changed position. LIMI is by then at the heart and many warriors can be telepathically at the heart where the writers accomplish their high needed work fulfilling their once in a universal time mission …

But then here the play that sort of fuses what BI forsees …

Getting the reference for Votan/South better can bring up 2 shorties:

JA/SS & VV/RQ (RQ is Red Queen)

no clue yet ~ but then i executed my bivideotex ') conversion to that:
10-1/8-8 & 5-5/9-10 => 27 & 29 …
so what makes 29 & 27 relate?
see this in 28+1/28-1 … and 28 is the number of a Moon as Full Moon tonight sort of burns this into out collaborating Hearts.

27 is about 3 Kweeks a Moon : 3×9 or 3x(3×3)
28 is about the Moonly Griddaya that celebrates our beloved planet Earth/Ki/Gaya – Velatropa 24.3
29 is about the hope we each moment express in all our doings / acts / words, you name is “God is a Verb”.

9 to 29 => 261 as the frequency for each daya : 260+1 : expression where all kin matter each daya and the current one doubles itself. This also means the expression at Tone 1, 6, 11 that a Seals Power Triples itself (or even Quadruples when it is experienced as 2×2 iso 2+1)

I will radiate the current full moon to knights :-)

the timestamp oracle read: 12:17:33

12 vibrates EB/Human seal while 17 is on CABAN/Earth ...
Human and Earth ... that is quite a combo, aint it?
Then what gives 33 (a God number?) from the similar reference card: Resonant Skywalker; Ha that is pretty in line with the current daya: BEN3
Skywalker Explores Space pulsing Wakefulness as ite essentiality ... to manifest from each living creat'ur.

Then mark this: 12 is in Dragon Wave - Tone Crystal; 17 is in Wizard Wave - Tone Self-Existing; 33 is in Hand-wave - Tone 7: Resonant "Healing Weaver" ...

Altogether the number 62 pops up at WIND10 - the Planetary Communication Ion - which simply indicates the return of the spirit at all stations open for that in-come.

When you are a frequent reader of this "BI-spells", will you assign yourself as a "True" Follower? I am looking forward to many more Human Followers of "the Ring": anyone matters ... In that sense i got this clip yesterday:

Namasté , In La'kech ala kin, i am another you as you are me ... S'ace

') bivideotex claims the 26 character and popular alphabet as a VOW ...
this means it is not just a sequence but more a harmonic ... (exercise beyond the script)
numerically we know the positions of the characters as 1-26 but then the value of the characters can have other numbers! in this videotex the author simply uses the formula A-M=Z-N=1-13 ... (allow simplicity in all the U-turns!)

~~~ here the 3rd comment this special 133:

s'ace - cees de groot (13:54:55) :

Readers here might be interested in how i shadowww this TMQ force at another wire – they can go here where i narrate on this “collaboration” …

In that intertranstwining function i practice the teachings which i often inhale as T’chings … T as a symbol for the T-shell that spirals by body as a corkscrew does opening a bottle of wine … “good wine doesn’t need a crown” they say here in my country partly below sealevel – as here behind the dunes.

In the reference card i weaved by instant mission i’m-possible another frequency for dealing with a moon of 28 days came in my sighT:

this delivered 9 different labels for referring to the days in a week, or what i point at as a kweek for it has 9 days … as the body has 7 chakra’s plus an upper crown and a beneath root … interconnected to … noosphere alliance.

In that KweekSpell we have 3 days ahead of the DreamSpell Weaving that is today on number 18 : N.S. 1. 22. 5. 18 /12 Kin 133
This implies Kweek is on daya 18+3 => 21 … which vibrates as MOONdaya.

Pretty Good Spell at this december 2 , 2009 where 2.9 = white solar wind aka bolon ik ~ Pacal Votans lover/parTnear all the year that is now in its last moon. But then – hey- i say we have 2 months longer at least into february 15 while … December is pointing at 10 , January is 11 and February is 12 and that moon is also to be considered as the SEEDMOON 0 – ZERO . Realize that february 15 is just over half that moon while it is the time-keeper on our planet.

its spell from a dreamspell reference card:

Yellow Cosmic Star
Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
Earth family- Signal Clan- Blood

I endure in order to beautify
Transcending art
I seal the store of elegance
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of free will

its KIN is 208 – exacty 4/5 th of the 260 kin!
in notation is gives 8.13 as well as 16.13 (warrior waves presence)

this all means MOON1 is at pinpointwizzartry at february 16 …
(MULUCK1 is my birthyear – spiced about 3+ years ago ;-)

“Lucknow” is my base for a role as advisor for world unity and peace education – the City Montessori School over there is executing the 10th Global Justice Conference and parallel the 6th Global Democracy Symposium. I probably should have been there – but some spirits simply said to stay at home … so this is why i promote that gathering from here. Maybe next year the 7th Global Democracy Event would fit better (by then the LIMI book is available!)


another timestamp oracle reading?

13:54:55 - 13 is this seals position within 20 sunseals: skywalker
54 is the lunar "wizzart" destiny for 53 - REED1 : QuetZalCoatL
55 is "my birthyear" - but then it is also the Electric Eagle giving the Vision

:-{ ... }-:

total? 122 : ONE ... twentytwo ;-))

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