Wednesday, December 9, 2009

GLORYdaya 140 : "One Fo(U)r Zero"

In kweekspell - the revelating topic lived on this *logspot, we have:

daya 28 of the 5th moon ... projected from DreamSpell its 25 plus the UR-measure of 3 as a psi-bar agreed upon , which synchronizes by telepathic art on number 28.

Functionally spoken we have the DôMEdaya as current ...
where DôME is fully described as Daya of Moon Experience.
Its function is to trans pass and make transparent all energy handled in One Moon into the Other One - see the one Moon as a Wing with information that dies in the other wing and leaves the receiving wing for the New Moon. The whole moon Info as Intelligent Vibration did thereby materialize the Moon that LEft Us All.
In the DôME each of 27 daya - 3x9 daya - centers its densed charge.

Technically spoken we mark this Current Daya as (and a more detail one to explain later ...) and the more human commontalk vibration GLORYdaya.
While we have KIN140 - Planetary Sun - we see the rhyme in both 40 & 4.0 !

~~~ Questions ? Does this make sense?

1 4 0 - : One For Zero" is a good sound which makes this a Peoples GoodDaya.
Then i should excuse myself for not acting in Copenhagen , DenMark, Europe according the self-generative dialogues i could have there with all people having their best effort in settling an -interdependent- agreement which expresses simultaneous moves at country levels regarding all themes that weave our peoples interests as today and currency as Current See(r).

"Then Mark!" is the sound that is parallel to the Scandinavian County that organizes the gathering which is a succeeding one considering Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South Americ and Kyoto, Japan, Asia .

From this station i send with all my heart the sound which is guiding the 4.0 GLORYdaya and that is )))* KAMUTHY *(((

May i ask readers here to express that sound 3 times?
I am also your ListenEar ~ on telepathic trust.

Tzolkin gives Dragon as Seal for 1 ...
i sense the first 1 (1-4) seals are all addressed by the SUN ... as a catalyzer from the Hunab'Ku - the Cosmis Central SUN - which makes me address them as SUNDRAGON SUNWIND SUNNIGHT & SUNSEED ... and at the same time the comic address arises by regarding S'UNDRAGON S'UNWIND S'UNNIGHT & S'UNSEED as their "4 musceteers" {the 3 actually were 4 - pinpointing 4 as the 4th DIMENSION: TIME (element FIRE)}.

Let us address this into the 4 kin coming - in Dreamspell 26-27-28 & 29 (the new ONE in MOON 6 as 6th SUN psi-address). see for the TMQ article of the day 140.

I hint at the possibility to take 9 kin above and 9 kin below as our mega-lens:
this can be token as a Magna Magic Square:

above 101-121-141
below 120-140-160

then above as 2 columns: 102-103-104 and 142-143-144
below as 2 column: 117-118-119 and 157-158-159

In total we have a formation of 18 kin worshipers guigin the last 5 kin into GAPdaya of DEATH as an ultimate opportunity at the ELECTRIC WORLDBRIDGER KIN146 ...

(the serpent in between has its own way to survive at instinct talents)

In La'kech ala KIN
Bolon Ik - Ix9 - MuLucK1 }}*|*{{ (lets vow)

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  1. this daya my sequence handling TMQ and this *LOG was the other way around - that is why we have the time-oracle reading here:


    12 is both EB/Human as well as 1 & 2 Dragon and Wind

    27 has fused from 3 kweeks having 9 daya : 3x9
    and it fuses with the other side at 0 (28) as memory stick ...

    22 is both SOLAR WIND as well as 2 spiritual beings swimming together as S'wans ...

    ;-) GOODdaya