Wednesday, December 16, 2009

AVATAR & Healer

Today again a nice article guide me through the mystery that seems to synchronize its spell ... here the context delivered by TMQ

my timespell comment here:

s'ace - cees de groot (08:30:01) :

signal from the V/VII “healer” on seal 9 – the Moon : HEALER

quote: “Seal 7, also known by the Archetype of ”Healer” correlates to Earth and the precious Circuit Three we share with Uranus.”

has to be shifted into another articulation … simply while the archetype of Seal Hand is changed into the AVATAR … and the HEALER is “mined” by the MOON

This is a very significant illustration for the acceptance of the vocabulary and power systemic the DreamSpell and the Ultimate Synchronization (2013) resonate from the souls awakening within the Humans Potential at the Organic “Waterbag” provided. Remember Moon is the Ultimate Purifier from Universal Water as its PowerPill.

Then it is also significant that the KweekSpell activates the DreamSpell in to an Initiation to be Weaved from all Agents the Align on this UniQversal PowerPill.

I use the pinpointing vibration for “PILL” where i place behind that the “PULL” (sound similar “POOL”). The Old system is – clear to observe – based on poisoning the human body and mind while “they” use that as their spin-off function to create economic flows … spin-on dynamics for “governments”, organizations that mediate different than the act (P’act).

Having the Healer shifted from 7 to 9 also indicates – from my point of view – the necessity to accept the alternative freQuency for the week of 9 days – daya. Inner Integrity is aligned by the 3×3 formula and the Outer Integrity by the 3×9 holon. 28 is as the common flight – the mid of 55 (28 having 2 wings of 27).

How simple can the move of the Lover Couple Writers be token by the Humans Contemplating what is “between the lines” … and here is my Role as 22 – KuXaN Suum … bivideotex: 11 6 3 1 13 – 8 6 6 13 : 34 + 25 => 59 (14)

59 expresses 5 and 9 : the Captain and his Navigathor

~~~ TFI
HAND – the Avatar has TFI 291 (#12)
MOON – the Healer has TFI 306 (#9)
is TFI – Telepathic Frequency Index?
anyway the KUXAN SUUM is set on TFI 3 – a very subtle one … probably the WOMB as continuous HEALER that pendles between minus 3 and + 3 …
Considering the cooperation of the AVATAR and the HEALER we have 5×3 Index Points “at Work” … that is slightly more than half a Moon Period having 28 or 29 as its measure.

In practice i see 2 birds of 9 seals cooperating this measure of 15.
When we have the 144th seal in the stream of 4.4 then the 140th-148th represent 1 bird and the next one is on the 153rd seal that covers 149th – 157th : in KIN we have to add 3 to the 4 numbers: KIN143-151 as bir”th” 1 and KIN152-KIN160 as bird 2 …

Concluding NIGHT13-MONKEY8 and HUMAN9-SUN4 …
This is as True as i send this into the NooSphere as my Instrument(al) Skill.


the timestamp oracle reading is on (08:30:01)

08 has 3 circles ... 1 clear one and the other perhaps by having twisted an O as the Torso ... does this make sense?

then 08 is both STAR as archetyp2 and Galactic Tone
8 is the ARTIST archetype in the 2009-setting ...

:30 again communicates a 3 ...
KIN030 is DOG4 ... which refers to the worldcafé here

what about this beauty:
sort of a YinYang doggy ;-)

:01 refers to the digital system that runs those machines ...
(i also worked in this branche of information systems)
01 also points a 1.1 as seal DRAGON tone MAGNETIC (purpose or purepose?)

SUMMED we have 8+30+1=> 39 and that number was in the TMQ article ...

about the last line:

Today’s Gregorian date adds up to 39: 16+12+2+9=39:
Postulate 19.13 states:

“All is number.
God is a number.
God is in all."

( Quite a Clos'UR , Aye )

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