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now the 5th ion from kweekspell considering GLORYdaya 3 daya ago ...
the GLORYdaya Happening is Born "from SKY" as a Mother of Invention

i cannot illustrate the details here but this is how the noosphere works ...
and the most valuable acts are - as i observe - illustrated by the women on Earth, but beware "the women" are the "very special women" that go often one step further than a man ... this is actually why babies are born from all woman.

GLORYdaya is both interconnected to number 28 as to the center of 55 (28).
This illustrates the bird flying that illustrates what time actually does ...

See the 2 x 27 kin at here body as wings with tipping points that function as radar love to the space it slices ...

again the bird with circles as feathers:

At this very celebration the bird exchanges the left wings information to the right side as history - the patterns of the old fade away in the left wing however some memory narrates the story for the future ...

This is how the 27 formation includes both the interior as the exterior ...

The interior is the 3x3 formula in each kweek (9) as the exterior formulates as 2x3x9 cells as a densed formation giving a memory lane for the exterior world contemplating the solar ion when it arises ... by natural exposure.

here the TMQ of the day , including the Starry Starry Night from Vincent (a true knight) ...

One of the Comments:

s'ace - cees de groot (03:49:47) : As a Dutchman it is Entangling to see the Painting of “Our Painter” Vincent van Gogh. I didn’t know he is an Activation Portal … and see he is “sort of psi-on” at the KweekSpellBird that works with a wingspan of 9 seals bruto, 7 days netto (the outer 2 are (Dutch) “tarra” – (English) tare – “tareget” <= tradewind.

From Wind seen WorldBridger is the RightTipping Point ; 1 seal further it is in the range of the 7 seals content – the packaged energetic body of today. Storm "at" Hand "are" the "taregot" tippingpoints.

Did you know a famous artist here in Holland was related to the Van Gogh family and was shot on november 2, 2004?

That day was Mirror7:

White Resonant Mirror
White Northern Castle of Crossing
Earth family- Signal Clan- Sky

I channel in order to reflect
Inspiring order
I seal the matrix of endlessness
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of heart

I think it good to show his birthday too, here – it is pretty aligned to the Kweekspell i sense while that one started last KIN001 – same as Theo:

Red Magnetic Dragon
Red Eastern Castle of Turning
Earth family- Cardinal Clan- Fire
Galactic Activation Portal

I unify in order to nurture
Attracting being
I seal the input of birth
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

While my own seal is KIN022 it is related to MIRROR while that is my Guide (at 9 – Intention). And then TMQ is MIRROR too at 8 – Integrity. I spice those two with the Purpose expressed by the DRAGON1 – "the ultimate Baby of this Whole".

Quoting Elisabeth Sahtouris:

Intelligence means
being able to see the many levels of the whole
in space and time
and taking them into account
when making a decision …

It's all about context.

The larger your context is,
the more intelligent your decisions will be.
It's about being able to think
at different levels of reality
at the same time."

I see this is exactly the thing on stage by TMQ giving some structure of the journey at NooSphere "vocabulary".

Have a Good Night, Knights ;-)

That marks (03:49:47) for the timestamp oracle reading:

03 ~ is both Nights Abundance as the Server "Ion" electrifying the bodymind ...

49 ~ always fuses 13 and 7 to 7
but then it also includes the MOON while that is Planetary Universal Water Power ...

47 ~ vibrates number 11 as well as the Tzolkin Hand at Galactic Tone ...

alltogether they sum into 105 , the Magnetic Serpent : purpose power pet for the wholly operation ... now on 1212 grid exercising the ultimate 1221 mirrorfall ...

Gooddaya, S'ace

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