Thursday, December 10, 2009

why 10 is 9 ...

we just left the tzolkin 7th -midway- column of myth arriving at 141 Reed Spectreal Dragon (including 2 comic e's as add-ons)

this sort of challenges the 10 / tenth : both seal and tone :
planetary doggy as The Heart of Perfection ...

let us see for this image at Both Hand(s):

:{ suggest'ion: imagine a lemniscate among the thumbs ?! }:

We see the 14 & 41 formations as the whole circle from thumb through the fingers to thumb again ... 10 stations ...

and to that thought we simply get the thumbs to getter as a luck-crossing gesture to the worldcycle as closure and 6sun as a phoenix - ix11 in about 13 days - an intermediate wave from CRYSTAL WIND as a dynamic starter having this Dragon as the 0-zero. Can you reader - known with the tzolkin knowledge book and its hidden message arising - project this in your dream? as a focus having december 23 as the high SOLSTice KIN at HAND ... See how tiny finger and thumb show 3 fingers in the mid (the 2 - 3 formation centering the manytheme a kin can hand'le)

here the affirmation:

White Spectral Wizard ~ KIN154
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Gateway Clan- Truth
Galactic Activation Portal

I dissolve in order to enchant
Releasing receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the spectral tone of liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

154 is formally 10 ... and on a creative view it is also 1 9 (4+5) - ONE NINE

this is the wizz'art talk fusing things and keep on the values at charge ...

on can then understand 9 1 as 1 too ...
one situation shamanically fusing all people into one thought (at 911)

why this is linked to this figure of 141 may become visable when we see the three digits in a circle - getting a step out of the centre does pop up the 4 behind the middle number ... AHA ... we have here


which is a pretty familiar number intertwining 144 and 441 ...

this is a gift from the Norwegian Breen as a Planetary Brain, i'ld say

namasté S'ace


  1. Ha! when i joked on ReeD Spectreal ... i suddenly "bugged into a read here at REED2:

    "the lesson of REED is to be as a Garden Hose, not a steel pipe"

    F'unny aint it?

    this is SÌRdaya at KweekSpell Reference Card Linguistical Vibrations as Words are just that ...

    ;-) say cheeze

  2. hmmm weird .. where is ee 7:45 and 8:45 in a glimpse

    timestamp and timespan illustrations KKK "NOW" ...

    preponing 9:45 ?

    hmm what is 945 from numerical debugging?

    18? 2.9 as wind on solar motion?

    while it is a 9'er lets slice it down in the fractal (s) : 105 (x 9 + 105 = 1050)

    what is 105 ?

    is it the famous 104 + 1 experience?

    Tzolkin says it is about Red Magnetic Serpent - just before the 1st 10 GAPS at 6th column in a sparring event with Cosmic Warrior in the Magic Square vibrating 522 ... is this what the Majan Majix speaks from origin to the cultural re-generation ? Hey Jupiter, Hey Valum Votan ~ at Red Queens Bosom ? What do you Saya as Speak?

    Is 5-22 the center of Bolon Ik addressing 9-22?

    :{speaking from intellectual origins ocean}: