Thursday, December 24, 2009


SomeTimes One has to Inspect the Instruments in the Toolbox for their Condition.

This might be a habit i inherited from having served the Military Forces in a period of Serving the Nation / Crown and a mindset believing to do a good thing by that.
When you go for a thing you got to get the best out of it what has your interest - but then that is to be defined on your pathway that opens itself on the doing.

In the Kweak Theme i address the theme number here , being inspired by another one who created a very profound site that narrates his way seeing at number. It is Nick Anthony Fiorenza here.

Let me see for the bivideotex conversion at "number" itself:

13 6 13 2 5 9 => 19 29 => 48

This number directly / telepathically lnks me through at the 6 octaves added to the 64 Rune Meditations running in the 13rd year => having year 13 2nd Quarted running : hat is Rune 6x8=48 + 2 => 50; still 14 to go there ...

Then How to merge the 48 in the stream where people join their personal beams in the coordinated mixture ...?

Having the stream of Kweak at hand i thought it interesting to follow that instruction at instance ... so, the 1/48 started at Dragon 1 sychronized with Kweaks Birth and also at instance after a NooSphere Gathering in Indonesia.

But then by pionearing a thing it is not directly - in human senses - to be articulated what mission we have at hand in a scripture : we simply trust the stream that has opened itself and after a while we get the words in a form that communicates its historic entangled vectors.

So 13/48 are handled till july 22 - 2010 ... and there we have PI: 22/7 seeing the European Notation. 26/48 reaches july 22, 2011; 39/48 july 22, 2012 and at the end of the 9th moon somewhere in march 2013 the 48/48 "extra rune" is meditated upon and has brought us into the middle of the 2012 / 2013 presence.

This as a story that spr'outed out of the bivideotex'tur (Tur is German for DOOR).

Hmmm ... i am often not directly understood by other ones however they cling in when the note is put forward ... that sets the focus on clearing up what i am talking about. The arousal in the beginning calls for the interception and from that moment onwards we get on the number 2 position 3 mission where i still have the 11235 systemic as the attracthor - inherited from the fibonacci genius.

Having the PAGE at hand from Nick ... he has this intriguing picture here ...

This triggers me to set another image next to that :

So there you / we! are ...

What happened ?

The second entry gives the 2 digits doubled "once" in the Nick'ratio.
And then the white radiate numbers are faded out ... by their complementary influence ... in the 3rd row (4 and 6 fade away as black spots)

This makes 4 and 6 into the 2 most mysterious numbers here ...

And it gives a deeper insight in what the implicit FIBONACCI meaning ...

11235 mirrors into 53211 and they are given sequencenumber in:
112357891 which is still weird and asks for meanings ...
so here we change the first 1 into 0 ...
this is as the octave at numbers ... where DO is 0 - zero - the heart

Mat'ching the DOREMI... octave skips 9 ... and ends in DO - 0: zero ...

What is 9? <= key question and solution => kweakspell / time / the kweak frequency?!

but then another one says 5 is doubled so that one also fades away ...

ohohoh says Santa Claus ... that one doesnt fade away but becomes superior!

0123*3210 is that dial ...

~~~ pfff

let us see for this for some kin as hours, days ... and see what pops up ...

y'ur S'ace

sound - rhythm - melody - fadeaway - silence
might be a theme that is telling the storyline ...

overtone - rhythm - resonant - galactic - solar

So the FADEOUT numbers 4 and 6 are about the similar frequence at minds realm and thereby create a fadeout moment that just is to be passed on trust - thereby opening the double "OVERTONE" ... the STAR at both heavens

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