Sunday, December 6, 2009


Ha , (T)here in the Netherlands we have a traditional celebration day ... labelled "Sinterklaas" and i changed it a little bit in the title here ... with a cause (and that is not a reason!)

The cause actually is simply "i love myself because of its origin resource reverberating life" ... and this does not call for a wordpress in any vibration ...

The only purge for typing this is that i simply love to express from my bones through my flesh and what ever articulates that bond into a timestamp oracle reading after giving clearance for 1 comment on a medium that vibrated "something else that just anything" ...

it may be pointed at as the resonance for a kin - say unity as a 24 hour period (period as continious realm or as a sync - U decide)

here the 2nd column of the day:

s'ace - cees de groot (14:59:51) :

2nd co**enth ;-)

in the 1st ONE i influenced attention onto the last GAP …
then here i urge attention to the 1st GAP oncoming:

White Electric World-Bridger
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Cardinal Clan- Blood
Galactic Activation Portal

I activate in order to equalize
Bonding opportunity
I seal the store of death
With the electric tone of service
I am guided by the power of heart
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

Why do i pull/push/pulse/purge attention to that GAP?

anecdôte of my mo(u)rning: today in the Netherlands we have a celebration day for “SinterKlaas” who is said to be the pre-SantaClaus Celebrity …
By having his Birthday Celebration we “all” are educated to honor that Santa and buy presents for one another intimates on december 5. And december 6 is “his” worldorder birthday in our Dutch Minds Set. The Holly Man is surrounded by Black Knights who are all serving Santa.
This was affecting my personal standing up this morning writing the 1st comment; after that i felt so liberated that i longed for another sleepy hour with my lover YaniQ – Eb13 (also suspected as Chuen12). After some minutes she prepared Breakfast and i claimed some dreamy minutes to be waked up by sandwiches in the oven ~ can you smell that?
This all was the sphere that awakened my thought on the 1st comment and what it alerted: the 17 seal in the 7th column is also the 22nd kin in the range of 30! … and then it is also the 9th from the other side … !

So … this got me into seeing it from the “South” (Stephanie?) …

Anyway we have both number 22 and number 9 meeting one another on this “Santa~daya” … And Resonant Earth is about the Heath on the Planet on a pivotal moment … as the Omega accomplishing the AlphA … where the A is about the KaliKey Plasmic Symbol … Reverberated by 6 other ones in a Womb as the Kuxan Suum intercommunicates this as a Galactic Wire(set).

And communication purges 2 other plasmic seals whereever they come from – it simply fuses in both stations in contact … of whatever quality in words describing the fusing merge. 1+6+2 => 9

~~~ KIN074 can be accomplish-set by 2 other numbers

Having said this makes any number available to join with another one to fuse in an 074 frequency …

Why 074?

My Story here: 022 + 052 => 074 ~ White Solar Wizard
and White is popular Transparent as Crystal is meant for that …

Its Wave is Worldbridger as the next GAP …
And then Resonant Earth here is its 9th “introspective portal” within the serial of 30 kin preparing that GAP + 9 following that one … (theme “death” & “giving oppor-T-unity”)

While the first co**menth is the Bolon Ik Catalysing one … this Worldbridger can be seen as the one from the “Awakeneth Pacal Votan” morphing Galactic Species in a Healing Weave … .

Let us be patient without feeling as a patient but as a worshipper … having a laydown and stand laying down our missions “ion” …


‘) on Omega this Insight: Mega is from Wega (aka Vega) and is a Lyra Spice in Lyric Phenomenons

“) destiny? dedicated goal? hmmm … “let us write another Christmesh Story in the remains for the days serving all generations te come …”

so the randomizer gives (14:59:51)

14 as the 1 4 all credo of the 3 musceteers ...
and shadowed planetary realm by 41 ... the interval of G O D
In dreamspell we know this as either the Wizard or the 1 Dragon while 14 minus 13 : 1

59 is also 14 numerically spoken and then also 5
In dreamspell we know that figure as Storm7 - Resonant Storm attuning Realm Chaotic Behaviour into an Evening ...
Beware of the Magic Square where Storm is merchandizing with Wind : KIN 42 202 219 and 59 go in the 522 as sum (always a 261+261 X as crossing over)
Interesting is being aware of the 4 Dynamics at this Magic Oneness: resp. Electric Resonant Spectral Resonant (3 7 11 7)

51 (3x17) is the only trinity here at 17: the Earth Seal (today, the Navigattor - Jupiter)
In dreamspell this goes with the MonKi animal as anymeal ... a magic paradigm that sttles the self as KingKong , the silverback(gammon)

As a sum oracle numbear ... 124 sounds ...
and this strikes whole 124 is the companion of 137 seen from a magic carpet ride perspective ...

Have a Dream!
Y'ur Sace

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