Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yantra as Healers Mantra

being open for a transmission at the YantrA symbol ...
can be experienced here in some clips in a serial ...

to me this YantrA symbol vibrates 4+5 triangles ...
also 4 to 5 => 20 as Tzolkin seals in a formation and in a structure ...

then 4**4 is as 16 to 16 giving 256 entries + the 5th 4 makes 260 - exactly the number also given by 13 to 20: 260

Each Yantra is as a Whole Human being - the + 1 factor delivering the change as a contribution that sparks the human being from the deep inside integer.

(this arose today and i accept it by having shared it here)

9 triangles give 9 to 3 perceptions at the sharp arrow as bow ...

))) s'ace


  1. on the bow & arrow ... this text (link):

    The Bow and Arrow of Skillful Means and Wisdom

    The warrior’s third tool is actually a weapon. It is represented by the analogy of a bow and arrow, which is connected with developing skillful means and wisdom. The arrow, the wisdom of discriminating awareness, is experiencing the sharpness of sense perceptions and developing psychological accuracy. Here, you are wielding your intelligence as a weapon of awareness. You can’t develop this kind of sharpness unless some experience of egolessness has manifested in your mind. Otherwise, your mind will be preoccupied, full of its own ego. But when you have made a connection with basic goodness, you can relate with both the sharpness of the arrow and with the skillful means provided by the bow. The bow allows you to harness or execute the sharpness of your perceptions

    From “The Tools of Bravery, ” pages 65 and 66, in Smile at Fear: Awakening the True Heart of Bravery.

  2. Howww F'unny here to have this timestamp(le):

    December 10, 2009 11:39 AM

    recently we had kin 139 ...
    and now on the edge of 11th tone it repeats ...
    (sort of God's comic)

    :-) smile