Friday, December 4, 2009

VOID kweek

Do you know that changes on Earth happens to be fueled from the Noosphere where anymind resides at a focus from clear and transcending thinking?

When you doubt this ~ just try to imagine how scientists can find words and pictures in your body ... ; simply rely on the law of resonance and accomplishment of the force behind it all ?(!)

In this theme of frequency we have the pivotal shift of time at charge in a very simple transformation , i.e. 7777 into 9991 from a 28daya 13moon perspective ...

This means the whole shift is in a pair , a lovely couple to be metaphorically filled by all individuals themselves ... and to be promoted in relationships.

This Topic - VOID kweek

is on the third weeklabel given in the serie of 3 kweeks of 9 daya.

The trinity-serie? LOVEkweek - LIFEkweek - VOIDkweek

And then it goes on mixed observations for what is behind this unity trinity and we will never be able what is the dominant one , simply because sender and receiver are mostly educated to be attracted to polar consciousness "icons".

Advise just hug them neither or both - let me examplify this:

LOVE - KWEEK - VOID is aligned to SPIRAL - SEQUENCE - BLINDMAN ways to express the road of the flow ...

Lets frame the sequence by ABCDEFG ... then this expresses the midway.
Having labelled hubs on the map ... how succeed the first and the last roads?

SPIRAL is about GAFBECD - can you imagine that, try the way out: DCEBFAG (GEE!)

BLINDMAN is about DAEBGCG , sort of an elevator trip ;-) based on the soundway as universe is a sound theme ').

here an article on VOID as a theme

Actually we have 3 stations more than the 7 in the "old-way" example ...

We go step by step and phase by phase ... together ... gathered, okay ;-)

This is actually whe the 3 kweeks have 3 alternative tracks that support the skill-board at all students / mature-ones. And a mature one is always a student when it pops up as a moment to listen to the "universe", mostly offered by "another one speaking/acting". Even "bosses" are open media ... you know.

Why is the VOID the third one ?

Good Question, here ...
Then ... did you experience the kweek for say 3 moons?
Yes? then you can tell your tryout motivation, do you?
No ... well, see you later ... and have a good exercise.

Right After the VOID we have the 28th daya, zero and synchonizing daya from a 2 moon interexchanging perspective.

gooddaya! S'ace

a picture how Blindman moves throught the 7 chakra mainports:

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