Saturday, December 19, 2009

posting 53

we are in the middle of 10 GAP days ...
which is a good day for an excursion ...

and this day is on number 29 which was given by a picture that entered maspace, here it is ...:

well this is a sort of study ... seeing how the 11235 agreement fits in this formula where arab figures guide.

the serial at head virates : 1111174-13=>16+13=>29
the details for 7 4 13 are:
1-6 1.2-1 5-6.1.1
lets be off the character strings and meanings , just focus the 11235 in this ...

what is the origin and meaning for number 6?
(while we dont have that in the 11235 as a basic number)

"no idea" or lets see for the image again ...
while 6 refers 2 times to a DOT; and another time at splitting "Sin" it refers wht a number 1 to a similar DOT.

How come? Is this an ambigious observation?
The DOT has no word as a label ...

Out of the Vacuum (from the MindBlow) ...
i'ld offer the suggestion 6 is as 2x3 in the 11235 worldview, it is the LoversCouplesFruit - the child - the innerchild in all of us.

Having the Child as the outcome it refers to 8 from my reference cards ...
probably the 2x2x2 or 2 powered by 3 ... ELECTRIC FORCE at MAYAN TONES

And the 8 is on resonant terms with the 6 ... so we have Tone 6 Rhythmic and Tone 8 Galactic expressing their fusing habits having 7 as their field to attune peace and the settlement to maintain the uniQ identity at both sides.

Having said this resets the 3 to 3 agreement at 6 from a harmonic ... simply while 1 and 5 also lead to 6 ... and that is from the single individual in the whole worldview as a setting ... and the other way around.

Contemplating this in a dreaminterval may bring up recognitions ... to share ...

Interesting it is that number 5 refers to Ra as number 1 does also ...
This affirms the idea the single source is in the whole world as a whole origin that matters.

1 is a number that has multiple symbols and labels that suit.

AHAU! S'ace

29 triples in 7 11 and 18 - quadruples in 81 (9**2)
also see for this

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