Monday, December 7, 2009

KIN daya

todaya - URdaya - we have the 8th day in kweekmoon 5 - 3 kin frontier of dreamspell at 23 - kweek at 26 (8th daya of 3rd kweek - the voidkweek)

and TMQ has kinday with Vernadsky !

s'ace - cees de groot (22:56:09) :

on topic at this special day remembring Vernadsky – one of the NooSphere Pioneers – is this spice to me: “… the entire radially infinite Mirror universe of infinite Galactic Brains and World Systems.’

then i see it electrified / ignited by number 23 here ( .5.23 )

this because it fuses with its complementary DREAM theme from the North at the South – the 2nd day of the last 7 days of the 20th week still having 7 days a week from the ancient or do we have to say modern way of thinking?

what is the difference in modern and ancient … is this resp. cultural and natural?

~~~ the meandering …

ignites the Question … what kweek number is this “actually”?
well it is the last kweek of the 5th moon and tomorrow is “daya 24+3=27″ … which gives SOULdaya – last daya in 15th kweek …

And 15 resonates on 30 … here the i-ching number for rune meditation …
(factor 2 refers to both challenging tone 2 and spiritual sealing wind)

let me see to the 29/30 theme again with the ones interested in that “study” … – rich illustation i sense …

then … digesting the reading at 29/30 orient … the next “star” gets my focus(glass):

“The meanings of li include both dependent and independent. The fire depends on the wood. But when it burns, it makes your mind independent. Shining far beyond its reach, or kindling new fires in others.”


Well i was unaware of the vibration “li” for quite some time and now it pops up as a mushroom that enchants my lineration for mighty cosmo … simply while it is a syllable in KAliKEY … the sound of the daya from kweek perspective …
(a sync?)

Last weekend i had some conversations with a chinese woman born n indonesia living in the Netherlands , quite a merge … who wrote a book on interdependent economy … and there you are … dependent, independent and interdependent … a trinity and how to classify in normatives that germinate in minds and mindsets linked~in.

a first draw initiative on that classification as a cosmopolitan?

hmmm … crucuf~Y me on sensoric – telepathic – agency !

“Li: a bird and a bird net” and a “networ~shipper” ;-)

Having said enough on the TMQ comments ... i stick to my dream for the night oncoming switching to my complentary STHORM ... by a timestamp oracle read ...


22 ... what to say about this - those 2 swans?

56 is double 28 indicating the D^ME days on wednessday - GLORYdaya
And 56 indiccates 11 as the numerical 2 within each human being from the 2 hemispheres at the head intracommunicating our beauty spark ... as each artist
(welcome to the artist joining the blog !)

09 is about deal moon - birthyear moon1 at this 22's side and in-sight
it is also the SOLAR Tone and the Ultimate Number from 9th Lord of Time Jardin ...

together they sum into 87 (15) ... 3x29 ~how elegant while 9x29 trembles at 261 the Tzolkin number Bolon Ik assigned to each daya in kweek dream interval ...

i will sleep as Thorn Rosario - the sleeping Beauty ...
GoodNeight |-{

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