Sunday, December 13, 2009

50: triple See~~~D

This is the 50th edition on this blog wielding the Kweek as NewDayaFrequency for TimeSpaceWeaving ...

The Base Orient here is the DreamSpell Orient designed from Deep Meditations by Valum Votan and Lloydine as 011 and 022 KIN bond ... Since some years VV goes with Red Queen in the VVRQ vibration that i myself see...D as 559+10=>29 ... and this is day 29 seen from the 5th MOON as 5th SUN pilot. Mark-up 29 also expresses 11 and 7 and 2 o o 9 <= the worldwide marker for the year - 3 years apart from 2012, said to be crucial for both planet and its life forces as human conscientious beings. 3 is the bar used as psi-measure from the kweek'all warriors that serve the wholly new idea as a (great) potential to align our individual talents into kin~ethical abundant communities - interdependent holistic oriented cells of a panetary organ alive and pulsing permanent purification.

What is Triple SeeD here?
well the KIN of the day is Magnetic Seed as performed by TMQ here ... another beginning :: but beware also a succession to the 5th moons day 28 ... so it is also 29 - in a perception, a viewpoint.
Then the guide for MoonTones 1,6 & 11 are Doubled by its own seal and we also have the Dreamspell year Seed4 at stage.

This all even carries a 4th Seed from the Kweek'all Pionear ... while Kweek promotes 261 as the whole day energetic field to experience as space ... This actually means all KIN expressed in the Tzolkin are at stage: 260 ... and the one current as an extra. This means the current Seal & Tone (a KIN) is always doubled ... and on Tone 1 - 6 - 11 it is at instance either Tripled or Doubled aGain (2x2=4).

Who decides what is the right perception?

Anecdote: yesterday the designer for Tuning the Future was my Guest and he explained how the Root3 and Root5 experiences have got us human beings from the natural Root2 harmonic.

Using this trustworthy information can be applied in our dilemma above ... while the doubling can be "Rooted" back in to the holon (self) at instance ... So there the interior and the exterior grow from living the life at both equivalent and integrity qualities. And one can say by then the "ego-trap" doenst get at stage ...

The 1st doubling, 2nd doubling and 3rd doubling are just exercises to see the bigger pictures from the bodily vessel on intelligence layers charged. One expand through 2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-... and still returns to the One Single Current.

Here Character D both vibrates the 4th character and the 3rd consonant.

Nice word to contemplate - i offer: consonant or do you prefer co*sonant .

Anyway consonant goes with reverberating the whole as perfect solar kin (unity).

here one of the comments on TMQ today to give it a shine in the timestamp oracle

s'ace - cees de groot (13:45:44) :

144 | 441 … is a very powerful couple – as the Lovers Couple is as that.

indeed 144 is the 9 to 16 measure that expresses the 16 years Rune Meditation: we have year 13 running and delivered hexagram 30 yesterday at day 28. Now 5 runes to go into 29 (back) again. Resp. 56 50 64 4 59 in 7 days each form milestones into 29 in the 13th week of the Quarter.

The Mystery Revelating Quarter number 50 out of 64 ..
50 is the number that goes above 7×7 Quarter 49 (13) .. we are in unknown timespace seeing for what comes to our cleaned minds as potentials to weave the kin-ethical as planetary artists nethwielding …

144~441 has 5 4-giving symbols wiring two ones …

having said this it brings the Kuxan Suum to my mind … as the tube we use while morphing our numbers and exchanging frequential similarities without any “boxes” that keep us from sharing …

273 is the summed number from the 5 x 7 days …
TzolkinWise this is 273 – 260 = 13 …
It also seems to express 2×73 communicating 2 ELDERS in 73 Tzolkin Rounds (52 years) ~ (aha) it expresses humanity getting in the mature meant modus!


i picked the 2nd out of 3 : (13:45:44)

13 ~ wellknown as cosmic and skywalkers presence
mirrored by 31 it also expresses the 3 musceteers: "one for all ... all for one"
and they mark the Trinity that is also expressed at the Roerich Peace Banner ...
(let us have that on the DanMark Climate Tables!)

45 - marks a Rhythmic Serpent as we see that swing and meandering the soil ...
45 expresses +/-1, 9 and 20 too from math-functions
as it is the product from 5 and 9 it also sums all numbers 1 to 9 as a whole

44 - is in the kin of the day ... it expresses 4 - the 4th dimension Time and also number 11 ... which is in the gregorian 2009 historic margin but also in the november 11 grid gathered telepathic wish from lots of hearts - minded.

the sum here 102 is at the spirits spectral spice that interwaves in Human Wave at 92 (11 and expressing the 29 as a mirror).

may we grow by doubling our senses at a learning curve and applying the root in timepulsed circles in multiple relationships on the oceans nature.

AHAU-KAN! (sunseed)

i saw the bivideotex for BUDDHA as 2-6-4-4-8-1 => 25
so 50 is a doubled BUDDHA number where root49 gives 7 as its (interior) heaven

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