Friday, December 25, 2009

weird 9:27 clip

somehow some sender reached me with a clip ...

and i saw two focus "birds":

... which is a moment in the clip ... that gives "the bird" as narrated on by the kweak

and the length of the clip: 9:27 which vibrates the formula of the bird

3 x (3x3) + 1 + (3x3) x 3

having 27 feathers a wing 3 layers of 9 at both sides ... of the body! t-i-me?

hmmm ...

and this is what the illuminaty do and achieve at my vessel?

well, anyhow it might strike you as well dear co'reader of what chi - is ...


we have to exchange and anchant this ...

on trust

o'kay? S'ace ~ as S'UR-rendering Ace ...

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