Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today we have number 139 and a sort of remembrance to Diana & Dodi - see how TMQ articulates this within the storyline that her articles target:

Exploring the 13:20 codes so we may prepare for 2013 Synchronization

s'ace - cees de groot (14:47:00) :

Another Alternative Vision arises from another Game that is within the Telektonon Game as a Perfect Design from 11 & 22 ArcheThypes.

Maybe it is in the mood for the Olympic Games on the Mind level. This Mind level is the popular theme for where we here at the DreamSpellStation accept 3 Plasma Seals in the Telepathic Realm: Alpha – Limi – Silio.

What does the Alternative 2009BornBaby purge?

Crucial Board positions are the Lovers on position 24 (4×6 & 3×8)
Then the Warrior Turtle is on 27 – 3 positions ahead as Pionears know their Offer by fulfilling a mission as a Whole Team Purging.
And we introduced the Venus Shells ( 2 contra formed shells that match the Dome of the mollusc ‘) ) at the opposite number 5 – the House of Shang.

Then we can see better(?) -on a new way- what is on the Alternative – slightly creative friction arousing – Field of Power.

Seeing 1 turtle on 27 and 2 turtles on 24 symbolize the Dragon and the Wind that are in the 1st Chromatic with Night and Seed , 3 & 4, as a whole spice representing both number 4, number 10 and number … 3

Why 3 , well see for the form which represents a 3angle / triangle that holds all transmissions in a flightposition … and this is the only day that this triangle happens (when will this happen again? in 28 days, yes but not at number 139)

While we have encountered this special gift from the House of Shang we may request for a wish to express … this wish is in the beginning of this comment as number 3 and 8 … because they also symbolize the day of 24 hours at a trinity experience. It also matches very well with the bird at position 27 while that number holds 1×3x9 =the product= in itself …

This all is a postbirthdaya offer to Diana & also to her Lover Dodi.

Then what does the bivideotex conversion from their names give?
Diana => 4 9 1 13 1 => 28
Dodi => 4 12 4 9 => 29

From a kweek’all perspective this makes Diana as the Protector for day 28 as a Planetary Gathering on a Grid Intention Field (binding Time as Joining 2 MoonPeriods)
Dodi is as the SEED which is always Tomorrow and here the Day we long for to come … and because we long for it ~ it suddenly happens and fuses all that purges at “sudden death” / “instance”.

the myth building venus shells

‘) mollust in dutch is “weekdier” – translating that would be “weekanimal”
see this wonderfull composition

Then as an "anymeal" flying over this mosaic of powers working together ... i land in the timestamp oracle as a final break:


14 is as the hand receiving left and passing it over right ...
it is also the wizard - see its seal:

it expresses 3 and the chakra colors and a THIRD EYE "BULL at the BLUE SKY" (U2)

Then we have 47 (11) which vibrates 7777 (28)
Anecdote: my mother used this brand "4711" (a history recall by perfume)
47 is at HAND (14) as Tzolkin pinpoints it as Galactic Hand (of Hunab'Ku)

then 28 is also expressing 7 chromatic of 4 seals as a whole team bond.

00 is not in the Tzolkin at vision ... (some say it is 260 - cosmic sun)
maybe this symbolizes the unity of two EGGS as the story above is about Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik walking the field of honor exchanging what is (to be) transmitted

from my insight given by my godgiven life i'ld say 00 expresses 261 - every new day as we wish this world as a synchronized timecycle at pace and peace.



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