Monday, December 28, 2009

Electric Storm III

this day dec28 is a 10/10 syncronicity close to 2010 ...
according to the kweak bar of 3 it seems as dec31 at the edge of the new year number 10 ...

to me it is a bit double ... on the one hand i like to be on psi and 3 days ahead ... and on the other hand i see what the flow does behind the ship - often nice to wathc the white water buubling from rotating blades ...

did it ever struck your mind that March is actually month number 1 in the popular setting? Just count back from dec. (10)

so 28 = 10 and dec is 10 => 10/10 ...

we have this TMQ article and the timestamp oracle ...

s'ace - cees de groot (14:43:40) :

2nd comment has a focus on the World Changer or ChanceGear ;-)

First let me recall the r Storm3 Days in a Trinity by having the Dates:
2008 july 26 : Moon1 Day 1
2009 april 12: Moon10 Day 9
2009 december 28: Moon6 Day 16

This also spells the Trinity for Seed4? Yes, 10.9 and 6.16 in 2010 mark 4.4.
(just a property of the cubic harmonic formed as DreamSpell)

~~~ now for the World Change(r)

i saw for this arc-he-type in the CHC V/VII manual … and quote 2 snapshots :

1) “it was i who caused the triple aspect monuments of the avatar archetype to appear in the Ancient Temple Grounds”

2) “Sent forth am i to dwell among you Calling for the Sixth Sun”

note i wrong typed 2) as “Calling foru the Sixth Sun” => for U (?)

hmmm – some debugging
1) what can the triple aspect monuments be? does it refer to the picture next to the description where 3 symbols as monuments are held by the figure (worldchanger image)? is the seer in the writer couple alive … and “kicking”?

Mark this word moment in monument and the dutch word “nu” => “now”
Then moment includes the “omen” within the M and the T …

M is also a “V” in 2 vertical lines … and it is known as the 13th character
T is character number 20 in the classic count for alphabet with 26 characters.
In the bivideotex instrument having AM=ZN-113 T gets into number 7.

An Omen is a psi-effect because it spells what in oncoming …

Then 2) speaks about “to dwell among you” on a purpose that illustrates an Omen (the 6th SUN)

Can you imagine that the SUN and the MOON are the very EARTH related LIGHT and SOUND providers lived by the LOVER COUPLE as every man in U as Pacal Votan and every woman in U as Bolon Ik?

Well, this sort of counters the Crystal Lotus theory on chakra’s although it is more merging the feminine and masculine aspect in every human being : Apropos: this is why the M has 2 vertical lines to the “VoW” … And the U is also a 2 vertical character having the bending root on the ground … (“Ancient Temple Grounds”)

Then the Hebrew Scripture has just one single character for U/V/W … so there we have a mystery trinity as the sets ABC KLM XYZ … ; lets see for the whole set and discover the breaking characters:

(from my personal insight at charge)
is this an array that fits to all nations?
Maybe on doubt is Q RST?
From the bivideotex reference card we see that both J and Q are 10 …
Does this also refer to Jesus and Quetzxalcoatl?

Anyone has a clue? Then … please signal your idea?
Together we might see more things popping up from the WorldChangeSeers



14 is always the receiving and the giving hand having a birth in the middle ...
It also is the 14th seal enchanting the essence of receptivity ...
And the tone is calculated by subtracting 13 from 14 into 1 - ONE! the Elactro Magnetic Force

:43 is the combination of 4 and 3 - the cube and the triangle ... 7 is its sum and indicates hald of that tree-angle ;-)
And yes it is the mystic Night -KIN043- while 4 is a mysterious black spot in the 11235 "PHIBOW": a very masculine force that invites the fruitile feminine ...
Dream the triangle in the FOR ZERO (4.0) fusing FIRE. BURN BURN BURN

:40 aha is the FOUR ZERO itself : remember 4.0 is the kweakspell number indicating day 28 - and we have a 28 in the ol'clendar ... 19 is the kweakdaynumber at SIRdaya.

In total 097 is the number we sum ...
And the 9 and 7 are mentioned in the 1st comment of this day ... at TMQ ...

From Tzolkin Tapestry it indicates the Rhythmic Earth : 17.6 ... WaveSpell of EB - the Magnetic Human Being Charged over 13 KIN ... Cosmic Seed as its Presence !

Ciao! S'ace

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