Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the 29 in year 2 00 9

ahau dear ONE's ...

there is a special thing to me in the 29 number ...
and it is already a whole year so visible in the yearnumber that carried us along 363 dyas yet ... and to me it was made visible by being active in the TMQ site that brings together a lot of weavings and actual happenings on the planet.

So here it is 2.9 is seal 2 tone 9 - its my seal WIND and tone SOLAR, 9th tone in the WIZARD wave (2nd wave). While wave 1 carries 13 tones ... 9 added makes number 022.
Indeed quite simple ...

Anyway we are getting to other numbers that "schedule the mindset" ...

here my comment of the day with the timestamp oracle reading that is attracked by the kweakspell rhythm (Pascal Triangles)

s'ace - cees de groot (16:44:41) :

When we speak of Law we also speak of the Wall …

did you actually know this “tricktrack” in vibrations that get in the Bones as a memory realm?

Point is that Law and “Wal” have the same characters … the 2nd L in Wall hides the synchronous manifestation in our skulls …

From the traditional charaterset it gets the numbers 23 1 12 => 36
36 + 2nd L => 48
They are both based on 12 (3×4); x3=36 / x4=48
How the British arranged their Language is a fantastic program delivered to the world; dont you think so?

How can we articulate the LawofTime better and in our UR-vibration interconnecting to the noosphere at even more ease and direct linking through …

Can this be a Chapter of Channel in book VI and VII, dear José and Stephanie?

My 1st draw should be a thing as SenseFromTime … and it is close to ChanceFromTime in the sound it procuces ; do you agree?

How to free ourselves from the Laws Set?
And wouldnt it be a great idea for all partakers in the media to engage such a planetary project … Isn’t this what the TMQ site actually is about … Wielding our bodies into the 6th Sun … liberating historic pages?

Isnt it funny that the 4th sun is the mystery tone (as 6 and 13) at EARTH wavespell? The 6th tone here is the spirit symbol WIND … that sets the Rhythm and Blues … and tyhat WIND is 162 (9×18) … a bird with tipping points at mirror and worldbridger …

~~~ the rune week 64

I saw for the last 14 Quarters where the 64 Runes are meditated on … and code 64 paired to 63 is the most frequent span in the serial … So i call all aboard to see for their oracle readings here 63 and there. 64 .

“63 Already Across and 64 Not Yet Across”

Maybe it is funny to see those “ol i ching” codes in a “harmoniq friction” with the 48 Harmonic Runes of the IInd Creation added … In this 6th Moon the Lizard … Octave of Infinity Mind Wave ; we have this chance to act from the centers we “fire” … and scatter in the NooSphere.

64 and 46 are both numbers that communicate “the black spot error” … while the 4 is the first number not shown in the 11235 “phibow” – a label to point into the Fibonacci Serial Overflow Program. 6 is just the shadow to 4 at the other side of 5 : “the attuning mirror” (just vow the hand and feel that!)

~~~ This december day is signified by 29 …

know that 9 to 29 is 261 … the number that carries each kin as 1 plus a whole tzolkin cycle !

Having this in “the pocket” achieves endless love strings !

AHAU (“four” the planet)

so we have (16:44:41) as a serendipity trigger ... that (ahafun) raises 3 4's

15 - indicates tiny and thumb finger also 11235 as 1***5 "PHIBOW" that leaves 3 fingers up as a famous greeting.
From the Seals we have the EAGLE Seal which is the SEER - "three gates of five" it says on 15-SEER page in the manual CHC V/VII. The the Tone is set on 2 having 51-13=>2 ... the LUNAR tone ... Hey we have a FULL MOON tomorrow - is that right? (i got an invitation from a celebrating group in Holland/Europe)

:44 - is SEED tont 5 ...
and it vibrates 4x11 as the Spectral Rainbow Tone in a SELF-Existing Mood as SEEd - the INNOCENT "pure inner child".

:41 - is the mirror of 14 and it is labelled by TMQ as Gods Interval.
Maybe here InterVal is also InnerWall ...
In dutch "val" is as "thumble"; and it is also pinpointing to "a trap" ...

Altogether ... number 100 is givn by the timestamp ...
and this relates to KIN100 the 9th SUN ~ which reminds me to SKY ~ a Lady who wends me lots of beautiful pictures and "tobees" on the ning networks.


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