Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3K IX2 -> combines IMIX12 & BEN3

the title is given by a cab'IN of 5 human beings (1+4 & 4+1)
who share a daily affirmation that is uniQ although a compound from 2 TimeSpelling Agencies : DreamSpell and LongCount. The latter is the Ancient One; the other is a remedy for humankind into the original time program which is given to the planet and the plainnet. Plainnet is a pointer to the original energetic supplier at the human specie as a cosmic phenomenon.

then this ...

"Argüelles claims that the Thirteen Moon Calendar is synchronized with the calendar round. Clearly, it is not."[8]"

Let me state my vision here, as a genius diplomat or a you are me, and i am as you.

1. The word "CLEARLY" is a claiming statement from a speaker and from a formula (belief/system).
1a. What is the belief system?
1b. Which formula is active?
1c. When the Dreamspell is a remedy is it clear that it takes a little bit of the behavior from the to be corrected system to heal it into a whole system (healed from the ol')

2. A system can only be labelled as a system when it guarantees its for-said outcome.
2a. a thing called a system that does not work could never have been labeled as a system. When it was, then it is to be corrected in a better label: a game
2b. when a thing is a game we promote the idea to have mutual players at the table and a rule-set that respects some limits considering the fact each one is a human being learning how to play the game.

3. The Dreamspell Vision of Arguelles can be seen in a formula when it refrains from the 7777 ratio in the 13 Moon - said boldly: get into the 9991 ratio:
3a. KWEAK is the term that points to a week of 9 days - daya - and instaslls the 3 kweak moon within the 13moon calender.
3b. the extended label to this formula is

1 Time / 4 Years / 13 Moon / 3 Kweak / 1 DôME

3c. 1 DôME is a pointer to the sky, to the heaven, to the cosmic guardian ... and it can be seen as a code for "Daya of Moon Experience" - this is the Emotional Intelligence Realm that binds all human beings, all virtual polar types.

3d. 1 Time is in the formula the LEAPYEAR phenomenon that actually binds the whole as a celebration daya given by ... / provided by circumstance & gratitude (Daya of Time Experience - DôTE)

3e 4 Years are simply manifested by 4 DooT days in ol' 13Moon setup - in the new formula it perfectly goes with the DôTE and DôME ... Daya of "YearCycle Experience"

4. installing KWEAK saves the planet from quite some buzz / bizz without a learning.

5. KWEAK is a gift from DS022, LC220, 3K242 - Coöperationing Waves: Wizard, Moon, Eagle ; resp. Receptivity, Flow, Mind on the powers of Timelessness, Universal-Water - Vision.

S'ace aka Cees de G'root living near the North S'ea

pionearing / integral director Waternet Foundation
hon. advisor World Unity & Peace Education

tributing IX2 - Lunar Wizard, 3K perspective in Time

CIMI - the worldbridger: signals the opportunity at charge and edge
guiding the KIN centered

CHICCHAN - the serpent: is in harmony with the seed - antipode and year seal at :: (4 - the ultimate mystery number)

KAN - the seed: targets the flowering power which wields awareness in all our hearts

MANIK - the HAND: is the AVATAR archetype that heals from within, from every new cell that grows in the body itself as a messanger of love - life - void ...

WIZARD is enchanting in a ZEN state of being - timeless quality at a CRYSTAL CLEAR HAND ')

') while CIMI CHICCHAN KAN are all TONE 2 ... HAND is 12 - according the DreamSpell rule-set: that one is synchrone with IMIX12 ... the BIRD and BIRTH "affirmed"

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