Saturday, January 30, 2010

pre-casting jan31 - daynr 22 in moon 7 (PI daya)

the O5 is about to (c)enter the cabin tomorrow ...

we have to get an angle on the entrance as a people in a mood :: grace ...

so here the result of the oracle reading by a dutch oracle diplomat given the implicit rules on pionearing procedures executed on the peaceplan(eth) ;-) winK


so the O5 exactly spells Quetzalcoatls Sign according deliverance ;-))

… and we cannot stop it nor spot it while it is a divine star navigating earth …

Then what is the total CAB’in number having embraced the 5 as ONE?
432+1353 => 1785 => -1560 => 225 (9!) => SELF EXISTENT SERPENT

hmmm … LifeForceShapingForm-by-Measuring … (WHAT)

this all ignites the night channeling :: an inspection ...
including signals picked up from human media inter/trans/...-connected

see U over-come the ego-frust as ::casted :: solong
;-) Y'ur S'ace on OrangeGlowTrustBaseMentality

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