Thursday, January 14, 2010


Here 2 forms of illustrating the TZOLKIN

The KWEAK provides a serial of 9 TZOLKIN rounds as a UNIQversal Method to Mature each Being ... where the KWEAKspell runs as its freQuency as a "week of 9 kin" within a 13Moon setup. Each Moon provides 3 bio-vital approaches within a variance of kweaks considering the Melodies that Attract Us Human Beings.

In this way the kweak refines the 260 KIN into 2340 KIN as UNIQ birds refined into Homo NooSpericus as targetted by DreamSpell and LongCount visions. They both are sort of merged as fruitile concepts in Kweak Solutions serving Mankind on planet Earth, VelaTropa 24.3.

S'ace ~ Avatar and a Prophet


the 9 rounds by the tzolkincycle behold the inner strenght from the double trinity as 3x3 spells and maintains just that as the inner integrity modus. The outer integrity modus is guaranteed by the outer integrity modus 3x9=27 ... which perfectly signals the 13Moon Experience which is meditated upon the 28th day, also the zero daya that weaves 2 Moons as wielding the mystery survival act.

In this way 55 symbolizes 2x27 days and the zero day => 27+27+1 => 55;
and 57 symbolizes the trinity span of 3 zero-daya ... where the outer ones function as tipping points for the bird itself ... time and human specie; where the human is a tipping point for evolutions and the God / Divine Spark ...

In 57 both the Christ and the Muhammad fuse their Buddha Avatar as seen by Pacal Votan: 3x19 => 57
Pacal Votan is completed by the act of Bolon Ik, who's number is there: 3+19=> 22

While 22 is the Fool it is also the Buddha Tree => 0 as 1

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