Monday, January 4, 2010

Spark of Life


i just was informed on a YI oracle measure where 3 and 4 speak ... it is in the comment formulated at the TMQ site - which is here uesed as a trigger speak from VVRQ - the messengears couple for the many that grow on the mass predicted.

while 3 is on position 4 in the 11235 PHIBOW we have identified the mystery number 4 and can immediately see why the Wilber Quadrants keep the scholars going on the search and never get synchronized (again) - simply because this is the tricktrack nicknack tit::tat compendium game ... to(o) follow ... in the mon'eye game for the selected lucky ones ... (i should gain on trusting them!)

here is the comment on TMQ KIN166 (a 13 numeric as 4) ...

s'ace - cees de groot (16:04:05) :

Testerday we entered the First Codon in the 1st Decade regarding the Gragorian Calendar Set Up as a Mind Influencing Program from HieroPhants within Emperor Typos … so to saya …

The Codon for Week 24 of the Self-Existing Seed Year is: “Codon 4; Listen Again: Tree Shapes Space” … is stated on the SERPENT GAP DAYA as we contemplated this all receivers from the lectures given …

Let us repeat this line:

Tree Shapes Space

Tree Shapes Space

Tree Shapes Space

And it is on iChing number 4 ~ the mystic number given by Bolon Ik MindSet …

But then when was this Bolon IK mindset set?
Is this the time and place to reveal that?
and who is it that decides that?

Too many Questions … lets listen to the UniQversal Ignition? OkaY?

here is the YI reading that might give an impulse within a time-BAR that is COSMICally given?

The combination with iChing number 3 might give the context where 4 lives a Quality …

Shortly noted … the not knowing at 4 might indicate the Spark of Life …

Keep On True Notes Tracking Ones Track as the needle of a Pick-Up …

;-) ch…ease

the oracle reading (irregular act given by the personal agenda) on timestamp


16 indicates the warrior seal, also PathFinder in CHC V/VII
it vibrates both 5 and 7 , resp. 6-1 ; 1+6.
and it is a cube having 4x4 and also 2x2x2x2 (2**4)
At the Tonal interval it vibrates 16-13=>3 the electric tone that creates magnetic overflow (4 as 1 group) => the mystic position in the 11235 PHIBOW BOX.

04 is as the 4th day in the newyeargear ...
internet free communication vibes give notion of a crucial year ...
as Dreamspellers we see the axis oncoming about july 25 and 3 moons before that as a psi-given reasoning. And the preparation entries given before that (moon 7-9).
And moon 10 is the catalyzing MooN ... PowerPet : The Dog ... Maybe Dog4 Energy?

05 is the fifth position at 11235 and it is the vow of 9 / NINE and NINO
it is the gathering postoffice in service for the navigathors command ...
together with 4 it is both 9, 1 and 20 : resp. 4+5, 5-4 and 4x5.

Summed the numbers given resonate 25 - a Mars number ...
Again the sum rises to 7 , as in 16 ;
the difference is 3 => similar to the yearnumber : 2+0+1+0=>3

about 3 to go to end 2012; and 4 "zero" as the "equalizer"

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