Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"unity in variety" link

here the linked article/site in dutch

with all respect to the writers / authors over there ...

a parallel discovery ...


the artificial Dreamspell combined with the LongCount Clendar ,,, give a Educatonal Friction that Orients Men / Human Beings in the Whole of What it means to be Human ...

That Co*POUND is ts labelled here as the 3K: TreeKweak ...
which is base on 3 KWEAK an MOON and a Day out of Moon similar as the Artificial DooT - Day out of Time ... which actually is a YearCycle Tribute ...

Giving Experience status to at least 3 special dates we formulate Time for what it is meaning in the Natural Frequency ...

Daya of Moon Experi3ence

Daya of YearCycle Experience

Dayan of Time Experience

all three bound one another in each Moon Experience as a factor of 3x9 = 3x3x3

that simplicity is illustrated by this symbol ... (and other ones)

this spoken on IK13 - IX4 - CIB4 - :: (the mystery number as 13)


here another fig'ur on motion ... showing "TIME as KWEAK":

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