Monday, January 11, 2010

4 fine-gears enter the cab'in

A signal from TMQ of today at DS KIN 173 passed over a signal to gather 4 entities from human births at the 3K oracle rea'chings ...

173 071 244 Beatrix
171 102 013 Claus (passed 121/071/192)
184 125 049 Willem Alexander
104 046 150 Maxima

Deep Digging the Starroot delivers 3 MOON years for the last 3 (and a SEED10 year for the first entity) examined.

Resp. tone 12 - 13 & 4 are charged and give 29 -> 3 as their merged spice.

29 always indicvates : the new daya / the future density that is spoken by facts

3 is pointing the dream, the dreamer and the electricity tone - also kweaks prime spice ...

(well, the kweak'all speaker is mostly focussed on manifestating its essence ...)

When we look at the 3 spells we find those seals on a row:

DS: Skywalker - Monkey - Seed - Seed

LC: Hand - Wind - Serpent - Worldbridger

3K: Seed - Skywalker - Moon - Dog

This is very interesting to get it in a narrative ...

Seed is the trinity here ... activated in the SEED4 year by the Mexican Visit by the 3 SEED Entities guided by 3K Skywalker "daddy cool", the 4th musketeer typo inspired by AfreeCan Inheritance and Nazi remedy from practiced awareness exercises (Claus).
The Young Ones were also at the Aztec Stone Visit to feel and listen to the Universe as a Musical Chord ...

Having the LC Serpent on the Dutch Oncoming King alignes with the story of Alexandria which is in his destiny by his 2nd name - probably a choice addicted to him because of his Father will and Wisdom Call. Will-i-am is a Traditional INheritance from William of Orange, the tribes keyholder from the ancient where Mary Stuart practiced her feminine will on his feelings.

Good to see they both, WA & Maxima, are on Moon and Dog in the 3K ...

As a matter of fact your pretty agent here works in the Dutch/World Water Affairs to realize the Human Factor at the Awakening Planetary Consciousness level aimed by the F'light workers Alliancee (although not everyone might be in-formed - due to telepath obvious reasonings)

So here the Noo'Sphere is as Quick as Possible on the Disposal of the M'any :-))


  1. as a mini timestamp oracle:

    6 refers to the 6th seal: worldbridger

    28 is the 13Moon Frequency Lane that Facilitates all human brains at the hearth interval ...

    AM is indicating 1 and 13 as the WAVE uniQfall in www'intervals ;-))

  2. let us now see for the cab'in value for the 4?

    then do we have to count just the 3K values?
    and/or also count the whole bunch of 4x3 numbers into "13"?

    just do them both, agree ?

    3K: 456 => 196 => 1WARRIOR1 / magnetic

    all: 632 + 344 + 456 => 1432 => 5HUMAN2 / lunar

    so what Questions pop up at first/intuitive glance?

    3K: is human arising to its 4th density => 4th yellow seal at fire?

    all: is the human mass challenged to the overtone (5) sound from the uniQverse moment that arose to us ... all?

    ;-{ s'ace